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Books-A-Million is a retail store that sells books, collectibles, toys, and gift items. It is the second largest book retailer in the United States. Most retail chain of the company also feature a coffee and espresso café.

Clyde W. Anderson started the company as a newsstand at Florence, Alabama in 1917. Then in 1950, Charles C. Anderson expanded the store into a book retail chain.

In 2017, Retail TouchPoints recognized the company as the Silver Winner for the Customer Engagement Award for Mobile Innovation. The company has over 250 stores across the United States and employs more than 5,400 employees.

The company offers competitive pay and comprehensive training for its employees. Qualified workers also enjoy different benefits such as 401k plan, medical insurance, and vacation holidays. In addition, workers can avail discounts on books and other merchandise of the company.

Books-A-Million promotes a collaborative and lively environment for its employees. It also values feedback from its associates and encourages mutual respect from everyone in the organization.

How old do you have to be to work at Books-A-Million?

The company is open for interested applicants who are 18 years old and above. Anyone who satisfies that age condition can apply and find work at the company.

Books-A-Million Careers

Books-A-Million offers various job opportunities for entry-level workers and professionals. Applicants can choose to work in the retail store, corporate office, or the distribution center of the company.

Bookseller: The Bookseller is responsible for helping and assisting customers at the store. They receive shipments and provide support to other departments of the company. They arrange books and other merchandise in the store. They also assist with the inventory of products and help in maintaining the sanitation of the workplace.

Store Book Buyer: The Store Book Buyer is responsible for maintaining the merchandising standards of the company. They promote all of the company initiatives and interact with the customers. They research and place product as well as customer information into the company system. They also ensure the efficient processing and evaluation of products at the company.

Barista: The Barista is responsible for operating the equipment in the café. They prepare specialty drinks, coffee, and baked goods. They stock and organize the café according to the policies of the company. They also promote company programs such as discount cards, pre-sale vouchers, and magazine sales to customers.

Café Lead: The Café Lead is responsible for ensuring the success of café operation at the company. They create Joe Muggs Beverages and offer prompt service to customers. They ensure the use of Café Communication Binder in the daily operation of the shop. They also prepare the weekly inventory sheet and complete the supply order of the café.

Assistant General Manager: The Assistant General Manager is responsible for managing the daily operation of the store. They work with the management team to maximize the sales of the company. They ensure efficient store operation and handle customer complaints. They develop and train associates through training programs. They also facilitate daily briefings and monthly meetings with all store associates.

Non-Book Lead: The Non-Book Lead is responsible for overseeing all non-book departments at the company. They review key metrics and reports to identify training opportunities for associates. They also ensure the accurate merchandising of products and the completeness of Front-End checklist.

Warehouse Associate – Shipping: The Shipping Warehouse Associate is responsible for all the shipping operation of the company. They stack and move products from the conveyor belts to the skids. They sort, scan, and load products into the truck trailers. They ensure the accurate and timely delivery of products to customers. They also verify products and shipments before delivery.

Benefits Manager: The Benefits Manager is responsible for providing support and direction to the Benefits Coordinator of the company. They administer employee benefits programs and maintain the competitive position of the company in the labor market. They also ensure the compliance of the company to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act.

Inventory Manager: The Inventory Manager is responsible for leading the analysis and report on the brands inventory of the company. They provide the sales analysis to the merchant team and the Senior Management. They also collaborate with the store, warehouse, finance, and merchant team to increase the sales of the company.

Payroll Accountant: The Payroll Accountant is responsible for processing the payroll of employees in the company. They balance PR reports, print checks, and remit taxes. They file all the year-end reports and balance annual withholdings of the company. They verify and process pay cards for new hires of the company. They also process the withdrawal and savings requests of employees.

Books-A-Million Application

The company uses its official website to announce current job vacancies. Applicants should fill-up an application form and submit it to the company for possible work opportunity.

Interested applicants can apply online or visit any store outlet of the company for possible employment. Applicants can also sign up at the company website for notifications regarding future job openings.

Interested applicants should provide accurate and concise information in the application form of the company. The application form should include all the personal information, educational achievement, and the previous work experience of the applicants.

Hopeful jobseekers should highlight communication skills, customer service experience, and leadership capabilities in the resume to increase the chance of employment at Books-A-Million. Involvement in the retail industry and computer skills can also improve the job application of applicants.

The company prefers honest and clear answers during the application and interview process. Familiarity and knowledge on the basic products of the company can also act as an advantage for applicants during the interview.

Facts about Books-A-Million

The company promotes a friendly environment for its associates and guests. The employees and the management also work together as a team to bring excellent service to its customers.

In 2015, the company exceeded the donation goal of $1 million for its Annual Holiday Book and Toy Drive. The company has also collaborated with different charities to provide books and literary sources for children in the United States.

The company is popular for its wide selection of books for children and adult. It also offers collectibles as well as gift items based from popular TV series, movies, and comic books.

The company spearheaded the Books for Troops initiative that allows customers to send books to military troops, veterans, and children of service members. In 2013, this program has distributed over 35000 books to military troops around the world.

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