Bob Evans Application & Careers

Bob Evans is a restaurant chain company, previously owned by Bob Evans Farms Inc. It is now owned by Golden Gate Capital, a private equity firm that focuses on acquiring restaurants, such as California Pizza Kitchen and Red Lobster.

The company was founded in Deer, Pennsylvania and named after founder Bob Evans in 1948. It started as a diner for truck drivers in 1946. The restaurants were known for its sausages, made by Bob Evans himself.

It currently has more than 46,800 employees, in over 600 locations — upper southern, midwestern, and mid-Atlantic states. It has received multiple Key LEED Category Point Awards: Energy and Atmosphere, Sustainable Sites, and Indoor Environmental Quality to name a few.

The company gives store discounts; for staff employees, 50% discounts are given; for managers, 100% discounts. When it comes to 401(k), it is automatically deducted from paychecks. Employees also have vacation, dental, and medical coverage.

People like to work at Bob Evans because of the work environment. People are pleasant, and if you are looking for long hours of work, then this is the right place for you.

How old do you have to be to work at Bob Evans?

The minimum age that the company allows is 16. You can fill any position in the company, except for corporate posts at a young age. However, people with experience in the industry are prioritized when it comes to hiring.

Bob Evans Careers

Most of the job opportunities in the company are entry level. Entry level positions’ workplace is one of many restaurants of the company. To get hired, it is important that you are physically fit, have good communication skills, and accountable.

Server: As a server, you must take orders from customers. As you take up orders, you are also required to sell additional menu items and provide recommendations. Once the order was taken and prepared, you need to deliver the items to the customer in a timely manner.

Sanitation Technician: You will be assigned in areas you need to clean frequently. Also, you will need to know the chemicals and products that you will use during your sanitation job. Other duties include disassembling, assembling, and maintaining restaurant equipment.

Dishwasher: You are in-charge of cleaning used and soiled dishes. In addition, you are responsible in stocking and cleaning restrooms at a fixed interval. You are also considered as an all-rounder and expect that you will be called for assistance by other employees.

Grill Cook: You will be primarily process the food ordered by guests. It is crucial that you can follow instructions, storyboards, and recipes. You need to follow sanitation and health standards imposed by the restaurant and the law.

Cashier/Host: You are the first point of contact in the restaurant. Your job entails greeting and escorting customers to their table. At the end of their meal, you must ensure that the guests had a good dining experience.

Carryout: You are the liaison front and back end operations and carry out stations. You’ll take phone orders and assist customer in navigating through the menu. You’ll make recommendations and ensure good customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Technician: As the maintenance technician, you are tasked to perform reactive and preventive maintenance in store equipment. Aside from technical knowledge in refrigeration, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, and electrical components, you are expected to have a flexible working schedule.

Transportation Driver: You are responsible in delivering and unloading goods requested by customers or facilities. You are to document reports and logs required by the company, state, and other federal agencies. You will be mainly working wit fork trucks and pallet jacks.

Production Worker: The position requires the employee to box, package, stuff, and slice sausage product. You will perform this job manually or with the help of a machine if available. Once finished, you are expected to unload and load materials from pallets and/or racks.

Utility Person: You have multiple job roles to fulfill, depending on the location. You will primarily switch on between roles such as dishwasher and sanitation technician, but you are not limited on those jobs. The duties that will be assigned to you depends on the needs of the store.

Bob Evans Application

There are multiple ways to apply in the company. The primary method is to go to its website and go to its career page. In there, you will check out its list of vacant positions needed to be filled in. Just use the filter function to exactly see what jobs are available near you.

Mostly, all the job vacancies can be found online. Submit your application on its website and expect that you will be called in for an interview. The callback may take one to five business days.

There is no special thing you need to do when filling up the online application form when applying in this company. Just make sure to truthfully provide all the details that they require.

If you do not have any past job experience, you should at least add any volunteering experience you have. Even if there is no job experience needed to apply, it is a bonus and makes them shortlist your application.

The interview in the company is easy. It does not even take a lot of time, and you will be able to answer most of the questions without getting stressed too much. Usually, the interview is a two-part process. You will talk with the assistant manager first, and then you will need to talk to the general manager.

Facts About Bob Evans

The company’s main belief is to treat strangers like friends and friends like family. It is an employee friendly company.

After Bob Evans Restaurants was acquired by Golden Gate Capital, its parent company, which was Bob Evans Farm, has been acquired by Post Holdings Inc for $1.5 billion.

The company is known for its sausages and its all-day breakfast menu.

A few years ago, Bob Evans has raised more than $100,000 and used it to fight Type 1 Diabetes with JDRF.

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