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Fancy an American sub? Try the Blimpie! ~ The American sub shop. Founded in 1964, in Hoboken, New Jersey, they have various outlets, stores and gas stations where they operate. In 1999 they founded the Past Central so that they could market Italian style pasta and pizza to dominate the market. Blimpie also acquired another brand called Maui Tacos which demonstrated a fast food Mexican restaurant with a Hawaiian flavour.

The American sub shop offers food that is fresh, with a selection to include a BLT, Ham, Veggie and Cheese and Salami. You can enjoy a regular sub and drink and get free sub on offer. Delicious subs are available with all sorts of fillings such as deli, hot and paninis also.

Subs include a Blimpie best which has cured ham, salami, capicola and prosciuittini, along with lettuce and tomatoes with some onion, vinegar, oil and oregano for a mouth-watering combination. Hot subs on offer include the meatball parmigiana which has a divine marinara sauce for the beef and pork blended meatballs which are a delightful bite.

It doesn’t have to be a sub. There is an option to have a panini or a wrap with fillings of your choice. There are meals available for kids and a range of salads. Meals normally come with a side and a beverage such as a soda or bottled water. Sides include chips and cookies which are gourmet standard.

Ingredients are all freshly prepared and sliced. There is a wide range of meats and cheeses available with complimentary salads such as tomatoes and lettuce and an array of sauces for topping. Product allergen data is available on their website for those with allergies / food intolerances / specific dietary needs. This means that Blimbies can be suitable for all people of different tastes. There is even a Blimbie EClub so that rewards can be signed up for and coupons are available.

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