Bennigan’s Application & Careers


Bennigan’s is a world renown hospitality industry spread across the world. It has a variety of food chains. It serve both American and Irish dishes. It serves several types of foods and drinks. Its a preferred eating and socializing zone for many people.

Bennigan’s has a long history. It was started in USA in 1976. It has existed for more than 40 years, serving many people across the world. It has expanded to many places across the world. It has food chains in Cyprus, South Korea, Mexico among many other places. It prides in serving good quality innovative dishes. It has very good standards of hospitality.

The world Franchise Network has honored Bennigan’s. In 2003, it was selected among top 50 Franchise for Veterans. Bennigan’s works tirelessly to enhance the well being of veterans. Both serving and retired.

Bennigan’s is one of the best employers in hospitality industry. It employs people from all backgrounds. It has several benefits to the employees. Employees enjoy various discounts. They are given commuter discount, legal assistance, company social events among others, Employees enjoy paid vocational, maternity and paternity leave, adoption assistance and family medical leave. The welfare of employees is well catered for. All employees are given health insurance. When sick the insurance company pay the medical bills. They also enjoy a retirement benefit plan.

How old do you have to be to work at Bennigan’s?

To work at Bennigan’s, one must be an adult. He should be employable according to the law of the country and posses minimum academic requirements. He or she must be above 18 years. Have knowledge of the work and some experience in that field.

Bennigan’s Careers:

Delivery Officers; The duties and responsibility include delivering food and drinks to various places within the city. He or she must have previous experience, at least a diploma in supplies and a minimum of two years with a busy hospitality industry. He Must Have a valid driving license.

Chefs: Qualified and experienced chefs are required. He or she must know how to prepare various dishes. He must have a wide range of recipes. He must be able to follow instructions keenly. Ability to prepare both local and international foods is an added advantage.

Accountant: Individual with past experience in a busy organization is required. He must have a university degree and five years experience. Should have served in the same capacity in another organization. Must have a deeper and wider knowledge of accounting.

Waiters: Preferably between 21 and 40 years old. Must be smart, decent and humble. Previous experience is needed. He or she must be a very mature person. He must be honest and serve diligently.

Other vacancies available or might be available soon are cashiers, guards, cleaners and maintainers. Experienced and qualified individuals are encouraged to apply for the above post.

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