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img- Bb&T ApplicationBranch Banking and Trust (BB&T) has had a long tradition of customer faith in financial institutions.  BB&T is one of the largest banks in the United States operating in 12 states with over 1,824 financial locations. BB&T offers customers a full range of banking services.  For careers in banking, click on the link below and fill out a BB&T Application and apply online.

Along with the rest of the South, the Civil War had decimated the small town of Wilson, North Carolina. The townspeople could not trust anyone after the onslaught of carpetbaggers and profiteers. Alpheus Branch and his partner Thomas Jefferson Hadley started Branch and Hadley Bank in 1872.

The financial institution became a reliable place that people could put their money and faith.  They accepted timed deposits and loaned money for small farms. With reliable financial banking, farmers began to experiment in tobacco crops. Financially successful, Branch bought out Hadley’s share and became Branch and Company, Bankers.

Even though, the bank has gone through several name changes; Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) is still one of the consistently top rated banks in customer satisfaction according J.D. Powers and Associates. The Fortune 500 Company has over 33,647 employees and continues to expand.  Not far from their roots, their headquarters is in Salem-Winston, North Carolina.

BB&T Careers

Looking to expand your career, then BB&T careers may have what you are looking for in the banking industry.  You can advance in banking with opportunities like Wealth Personal Trust Specialist, Private Advisor and Financial Planning Strategist, Operations Support Manager and Project Analyst, and Finance Manager.

New to the banking industry, then this company would be a great places to start a new career. There are plenty of job opportunities to begin in banking. Your prospects in banking begin with BB&T jobs such as a Teller, Teller Supervisor, Community Bank Manager, Loan Manager, and Applications Specialist.

How old do you have to be to work at BB&T? In order to fill out a BB&T application, you will need to be 18 years and have your high school diploma or GED equivalent.  Some positions may require more customer service experience. Ask for the details when you fill out a direct application.

BB&T Jobs offer generous benefits to eligible employees such as medical, vision, dental, life, and disability insurance.  They offer vacations, paid time off, and holidays.  If you want to develop your career, they have continuing education and formal degree programs.  As an employee, you can enjoy discounted financial banking such as  mortgage loans, retail loans, and credit card loans.

Hours of Operation for banking locations are Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00m.  The banks are closed on Sundays.  You will get time off on Federal Holidays.  Every location is different so check local bank hours when you fill out an online application.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Teller-As a teller your responsibilities include all cash and monetary transactions, receive checking and savings deposits, issue money orders and cashier’s checks.  You will open and close accounts and receive loan payments. You will adhere to all the procedures and policies of the bank.  Your wage is about $13.00 an hour.

Teller Supervisor-You will supervise tellers for accuracy and assist any difficult transactions.  You will offer routine coaching and counseling. You will be responsible for recruiting and interviewing new tellers. You will give timely performance reviews and ensure all procedures and policies of the company are followed. Your salary is about $35,000 a year.

Mortgage Loan Officer-Your job will be to help clients through the process of applying for a loan application. With your guidance and expertise, you will guide your clients on how much “home” they can afford. You will educate your clients on repaying a loan. Your salary is about $35,000.

Branch Manager-Your job description will be to handle basic teller functions and follow all procedure and policies of the banking institute.  You will address account reconciliation, address changes, stop payments, and process check orders.  Your job will be to address any client problems and resolve any issues that may come up. Your salary is around $62,000.

BB&T Interview Questions

When you apply for BB&T jobs online, this will be the time to research the company and think about interview questions as you fill out an application form. Unfortunately, they do not have a printable application form.

Why choose BB&T? There are so many banks to choose from, in your research answer why are you applying for this bank. What made them stand out from the others?

Tell me about one situation in your job when your integrity was involved.  Banking is an honest business, and your values will be put to the test.  Explain a situation where you stood up for your values of honesty against a boss or peer pressure.

Please describe a time when you experienced a difficult customer, and how you handled it. Customer service is their main focus, and every company has a dissatisfied customer at times. Explain a previous customer who had a problem and what were the steps you took to solve the situation.

Where do you see yourself a year from now? You can expand your career with this bank, and you are an investment for them. Where do you see yourself a year from now, as teller supervisor and eventually bank manager?   Lay out your plans for your career.

What does customer service mean to you? Write down your reasons for good customer service is and even experiences where you have received a good customer experience. When you walked away, what made you feel good about the experience?

Advice for Application Process

How to apply for BB&T online? To apply for jobs at BB&T, you will click on the link below and a page will come up with a list of all jobs that BB&T offers with filters for your specific area and type of job. After you have found a job that fits your interest and qualifications, you will then click on the link.

After reading the qualifications and job description, you will hit the “Apply Now” button.  It will bring you to a screen where you will create your profile and password.  When then has been accomplished, you will fill out a Gateway Questionnaire.  After the questionnaire, you will fill out your free application or upload your resume.  Unfortunately, there is no printable application for BB&T or download application form.

Most people find that it takes about two weeks for the hiring process to begin. You will receive a telephone interview first and if all goes well then a one-on-one interview.  Tellers may have to take an assessment test for employment. Applicants found success with a prepared script, arrived early for the interview, and dressed professionally in business attire for the job.

When the manager has done asking questions, this will be the opportunity for you to reiterate your qualifications.  You will ask any questions you may have about working for the bank.  Thank them for the opportunity to meet. The manager may see many applications and a “thank you” may be what sets you apart from the rest.
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