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A&W Restaurant is a chain fast-food restaurant which serves all American foods like hotdogs, French fries and hamburgers. It was first made famous because of its root beer and frosty mugs.

It was founded in 1923 by founder Roy W. Allen in Lodi, California. Allen partnered with his employee Frank Wright, where the company’s name was derived from their initials, Allen and Wright.

The restaurant has more than 1,200 locations in 16 different countries and its franchise operations are considered a success. They also have drive-in restaurants with carhops.

Benefit programs are offered by the company for its employees. They are provided with decent health care benefits and a pension plan to help them during retirement. Also, they give their employees 50% food discount.

People love working at this restaurant because of the good workplace environment and work ethics of the co-workers and management. A lot of skills can be learned, like multitasking and social interaction.

How old do you have to be to work at A&W Restaurant?

You can apply at A&W Restaurant at the minimum age of sixteen years old. What the company is looking for on potential young candidates are their willingness to be trained and dedication for the job.

A&W Restaurant Careers

The company offers many career opportunities for the fast-food restaurant operations. From common jobs like cooks and cashiers to shift supervisor and restaurant managers, the company provides employment for each applicant who has passed their recruitment process.

Cook: The cook’s responsibility to prepare and serve quality food that is in accordance with the restaurant’s high standards and menu. Their job also includes handling kitchen utensils and also, keeping the kitchen neat in order to maintain a clean and orderly environment to work with.

Cashier: The cashier’s duty is to handle the cash registration operation and they must be able to withstand long hours of standing. They are required to be energetic and greet people with eagerness so that the customers will experience great satisfaction with their service.

Shift Supervisor: The shift supervisor’s duty is monitoring the orders and dealing the issues that the customers may raise. They must also motivate and train team members. The restaurants operations with regards to food costs, food safety and labor costs are also one of the duties of the shift supervisor.

Assistant Manager: The assistant manager’s duty is to make sure that the brand integrity and proper execution of the restaurant’s operations are maintained. The restaurant’s profit must also be managed by the assistant manager through cost controls and shift management. They must be able to support the development of the shift leaders and their crew.

Team Member: The team member’s duty is providing quality service and food by serving the customers with a positive attitude. They must also ensure that restaurant is maintained with a clean atmosphere, prepare the food/products and attend to the needs of the customers.

Distribution Coordinator: The distribution coordinator is responsible for handling the supply chain issues and ensures that distribution systems of must effectively operate. If there are restaurant activities, the distribution coordinator prepares and analyzes data from different sources and submits written reports to be utilized for decision making.

Kitchen Supervisor: The kitchen supervisor manages the food orders, maintains records and makes sure that quality food and service is delivered. They report to Restaurant Manager with regards to the operation of the restaurant and ensure that it is running efficiently. Kitchen supervisors also monitor the health and safety regulations of the restaurant.

Kitchen Helper: The kitchen helper’s duties are keeping the kitchen including its equipments and dispose the kitchen garbage. They mop the floors, wash the dishes and handle the cleaning products. The kitchen helpers also receive, unpack and keep kitchen food or supplies in the refrigerators.

Restaurant Manager: The restaurant manager is responsible for balancing the cash, monitor the performance of the restaurant employees, set work schedules and organize the daily restaurant operations. If there are marketing plans and implementations, the restaurant manager participates and contributes by submitting reports from his evaluations.

Food assembler: The food assembler is responsible for recording and notifying the kitchen staff of the customer’s orders. They make beverages and assemble food items on serving tray or in takeout bag. Cleaning the dining areas and other facilities used by the guests are also one of the duties of the food assembler.

A&W Restaurant Application

In applying at A&W Restaurant, the aspiring candidates are required to submit their resume and fill out the necessary application forms. The hiring managers will then contact you via phone or email.

There are two ways which the applicant can submit their application: through an online application that is posted on their website or through an in store application.

In filling the application form or online application, make sure that you provide the correct and relevant information that is needed. Your application form will be a big factor in your evaluation.

Keep for resume neat and simple. Do not add any unnecessary information and identify your accomplishments. Also, cater your resume for the industry you are applying for.

For the interview process, make sure you research on your employer and prepare you answers. Be authentic and remain focused. Arrive 15 minutes early and dress appropriately.

Things to Know About A&W Restaurant

A&W Restaurant’s culture is striving for excellence in everything they do in order to provide world class service that they offer in and out of their stores. Giving respect to each individual and accepting diversity of cultures and beliefs.

A multilocation pact was signed by the company in order to put eight restaurants in Northwest Ohio in 2024. This pact will strengthen their brand by serving more communities and increasing their sales.

The “frosty mugs” that were kept in their freezer to be served to the customers with their own root beer are what made the fast food chain famous. And they have been doing this for nearly 100 years.

Social efforts are one of their priorities in delivering service outside of their stores. The world famous fast food chain has donated $5 million for the construction of the Livestock and Food Building dedicated for livestock and food research.

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