ampm Application & Careers


ampm is a food chain store located mostly at BP or Arco gas station in USA. It serves fast foods, drinks and other foods. It offers catering to the whole family. It gives a a conducive place for small meetings and parties.

ampm was started in 1978. It was founded by BP filling station. There was need to have a place where people could fill their car tanks and eat. It has spread to more than 1000 outlets in the USA. It serves millions of people every year. It gets its revenue from sale of fast foods and other hospitality services.

ampm employs many people across USA. It absorbs people in hospitality industry. It employs chefs, waiters, accountant among others. It has a very large work force. With more than 1000 outlets it has several careers in various fields.

Employees at ampm are treated very well. They are offered a medical cover and are in a family pension scheme. They enjoy paid vacation leave. They have maternity and paternity leave. They are in various loyal clubs. They are given accident and disability cover too.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At ampm?

ampm employs adults of above 18 years. They must posses minimum qualification requirement. They must demonstrate good leadership. Having worked at same environment is an added advantage. There are however some careers that might require different age and experience.

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