American Airlines Application & Careers

American Airlines is a U.S. airline based in Fort Worth, Texas. It is considered to be the world’s largest airline based on the size of its fleet, number of passengers it has carried, the kilometers it has flown and the number of destinations it services. It is part of the Oneworld Alliance.

The first flight of American Airlines was in 1926 by Charles Lindberg. He carried US mail from Missouri to Illinois. After 8 years, C.R. Smith and Donald Douglas created DC-3, a kind of airplane that transformed the airline industry from simply transporting mail to passengers.

The company currently has a fleet size of over 960 planes and employs over 120,000 people. To date, the company can handle more than 50 million passengers yearly, averaging about 140,000 daily.

The employees are offered a great benefits package, which even includes travel incentives. Employment benefits include medical, dental and vision insurance, life and disability insurance, 401K retirement plan, and career development trainings. Interested employees are also offered profit-sharing options.

Aside from the generous benefits the employees receive, people like working with the company because of the culture of teamwork and camaraderie practiced by the company. The management is always ready to support its staff. Also, the free travel incentive received by the employees can even extend to their family and friends.

How old do you have to be to work at American Airlines?

Interested job seekers need to be at least 18 years old or above, and have a high school diploma or equivalent GED to apply and be accepted by the company.

American Airlines Careers

From customer service and support roles to engineers to flight crew, American Airlines offers lots of opportunities for job seekers to choose from. The company looks for individuals who are people-oriented and motivated.

Ticket Sales Agent: A Ticket Sales Agent attends to customers in promoting and selling air travel tickets. They propose travel itineraries, provide computed fares, issue tickets and assist with refund requests. Ticket sales agents are also involved in the company’s audit with cash receivables, vouchers released and calculation of total revenue received for a period of time.

Customer Service Agent: A Customer Service Agent makes sure that customers experience the best. He assists passengers in the Check-in and Security gates and in the Transfer and Arrival areas. The customer service agent may also promote and sell company products and services to customers.

Flight Service Coordinator: A Flight Service Coordinator provides administrative support to flight attendants and flight service management and crew. He assists all flight crew with their reimbursement requests and in handling their mails and FEDEX packages. The flight service coordinator also makes sure that supplies are properly maintained in the office and crew room.

Fleet Service Clerk: A Flight Service Clerk handles items on and off the aircrafts and to and from carts, containers and trucks. They are responsible for the transportation of all items between terminals and the aircraft. Fleet service clerks also make sure that there is no item left in the aircraft once passengers leave the plane.

Ramp Service Lead: The Ramp Service Lead monitors the handling and transportation of items from the aircraft to terminals or vice versa. He makes sure that all items have been handled properly. The ramp service lead also directs the workflow of other members of the service team.

Cargo Service Agent: A Cargo Service Agent supervises ground handling activities such as cargo document handling and cargo manifest making. He also monitors warehouse activities like freight tendering. A cargo service agent is responsible in the tracing and rescue of lost cargos.

Aircraft Mechanic: An Aircraft Mechanic is responsible for checking if the aircraft is airworthy before takeoff. He also maintains, cleans, and adjust aircraft parts based on the requirement. The aircraft mechanic makes sure that the aircraft is always within the company and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) standards.

Flight Simulator Pilot Instructor: A Flight Simulator Pilot Instructor handles the simulator phase of pilot flight instructions. He makes sure that the training is according to the company and FAA policy and regulations. The instructor also gives inputs for the development of program trainings for flight safety.

Aircraft Records Specialist: An Aircraft Records Specialist processes and cross checks records to ensure that the aircraft Time Control System is accurate and complete. He coordinates closely with the Engineering and Research departments to makes sure that all time data are synchronized and accurate.

Store Supervisor: A Store Supervisor monitors and arranges the workflow and schedule of store personnel. He is also responsible in training new staff and for orienting them with the company’s rules and regulations. The supervisor also works with the management and may provide worker evaluations and may also provide promotion recommendations.

American Airlines Application

American Airlines processes applications online through the company’s official website. Some job search engine can also help an interested job seeker to view job opportunities available with the company.

While a job seeker can personally visit the airline’s offices, it is still best to register with the company’s website to initiate the application process. The applicants should also take note that airline ticketing offices do not accept resumes.

When filling an online application with the company, an applicant must input the correct information requested, especially their contact details. As the application process might take a while, it is best to send an email to the hiring team to follow-up about the application and check if any additional requirement is needed.

To write a successful resume, an applicant must make sure that all pertinent information, such as name, contact details and experiences, are easily seen by the employer. Also, it is best to include only the experiences and training related and relevant to the position applied.

Once scheduled for an interview, the applicant must be on time for the appointment, dress appropriately and act confident. He must also research and learn about the background, products and services of the company. Also, it is important that the applicant knows and is knowledgeable about the position applied for.

Things To Know About American Airlines

American Airlines is a company committed to forming a team where everyone feels welcomed. The company believes in a culture of inclusion and diversity where people of all genders, religions, races and generation are given importance.

Recently, a celebration was held to honor the contributions of women to the company and the community. One of the featured staff is Captain Tan Hao, a Chinese pilot who, amidst all the trials she faced, was able to fulfill her dreams and live her passion of flying for the company.

In 2016, the company has been named as one of the best places to work by the American Association of People with Disabilities and the US Business Leadership Network. In 2017, the company was again honored with the same recognition by the LGBT community. These awards are for the company’s efforts to maintain an equal and diverse employment process.

Volunteer programs were also initiated as a way for the employees to help with the community. Charitable events and community outreach programs are regularly done. Last 2017, around 125,000 volunteer hours have been dedicated by the employees to help with charities. 

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