Allied Barton Application & Careers

Allied Barton company is a leading security officer company based in the United States. They are poised to create security solutions and professional staffing (security guards, Janitor, and other related staffs) for their client.

Allied Universal was founded in 1957. SpectaGuard bought Allied to become Allied Security to become the fourth largest security company in the US.  Allied also bought

Professional Security Bureau, Security Systems Inc., and Barton Protective Services to form the Allied Barton Security Services in 2004 thereby creating the Largest security service company in the US.  They also acquired Initial Security for a whopping $73.6million. In 2015, a Paris Private firm acquired Allied Barton for $1.67billion. Allied Barton merged with Universal Service America in 2016 to become the largest security company in North America. The company is situated in Conshohocken, Santa Ana, California and USA Pennsylvania. The CEO of the business is Steve Jones.

The company made the Forbes List for largest staff in 2017 where they are ranked 474 out of 500 and also the biggest security force in North America. They were also the Forbes’ third annual Best Employers of 2017. Allied Universal has about 150,000 employees.

Allied Universal provides different benefits for their staff such as health insurance and life insurance including other insurances, job training, vacation and also Paid Time off. People Like working for them majorly because of their pay and also because of the added benefits ingrained in the Job.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Allied Universal?

To work at Allied Universal, you must be above the legal age of 21. The company cherishes experience and certification and would not want to engage an unqualified or inexperienced person.

Allied Universal Careers

Allied Universal provides employment for thousands of people yearly, in other to keep up with security demands and keeping your company safe. They help you in designing the best security systems for your enterprise and get you the best security officials.

Allied Universal provides jobs in a wide range of service including Janitorial post, Security as well as professional staffing solutions for your companies. Posts available at Allied Barton include:

Professional Security Shift Supervisor: This position is open for someone who has both intellectual and physical skill. The job involves having interpersonal skill to be able to communicate with other workers and also keep them at bay. The suitable candidate must also acquire a valid Guard License as stated in the state law. The job is meant for someone who could speak fluent English.

Professional Security Officer: A Professional Security Officer is held responsible for the safety and security of the facilities they protect. Their duty entails the constant use of eyes, runs and should be able to report safety concerns, security breaches and identify malicious activity. The security officer must also be able to answer questions and assist employees as well as guests.

Facility Coordinator:  A facility coordinator Should be able to create a ticket for all issue and get it to the appropriate quarter for the solution. He or she also engages in every issue and work on behalf of a customer in other to get the issues resolved.

Enthusiastic Trainer:  A security trainer is a person who could provide day to day human resource support for branch employees. The trainer is also responsible for conducting license guard training, fingerprinting, and also conducts orientation for new hires by teaching them the routine of the company.

Receptionist: A receptionist is a person who can oversee front desk operation, it also includes answering and receiving calls, directing and greeting visitors as well as performing general administrative duties. The receptionist should be able to maintain supplies for the office and also assist with data entry and file maintenance.  Excellent verbal and written communication skill is also essential. 

Security Patrol Driver: A security patrol driver is responsible for ensuring security services at designated locations. The duties include vehicle and foot patrol of both the interior and exterior area of the assigned locations. The job also entails enforcing policies, rules, procedures and is also able to respond to situations needing security assistance.  Having a valid driver’s license is also a norm for this job.

Administrative Support Assistant: The general responsibilities of a support assistant include; Organization skills and also attention to detail, must possess an ability to multitask and must also be familiar with Microsoft Office and SharePoint. The applicant should also have the enthusiasm to learn the new skill and more importantly should be able to work with others.

Service Coordinator: A service coordinator possesses basic data entry skills and can troubleshoot reports and mail out the problem report. Should be able to organize work order notes and also schedules appointments with clients. Applicant should also own the ability to work and make explicit decisions as well as take instruction gratefully from superiors.

Assistant Account Manager: The major roles are to identify personal problem occurring at job post as well as address pry role issues, employee relation complaint, forwarding complaints to Account Manager, and also responsible for supervising, coaching, training and motivating staff. Also, evaluates the performance of security offices and make the recommendation regarding their assignment. 

Company Police: A company police operate independently, or with force, a company police are expected to have basic law enforcement certification, and also undergo regular training to improve their skills.

Allied Universal Applications

To submit an application for a post in this company, the first thing to do is to check for job listing you can find vacant posts of this organization by searching for them online or visit their office.

The online application is available for Allied Barton, and you can also submit an application to their offices around the US.

When filling your application, you should note the criteria for selection such as appropriate certifications and licenses among others. You should also be sure to read all the instructions before to fill out the application. Negative answers should be avoided and give the best answers to all questions.

Fill out all relevant information and ensure that your resume is well formatted and it’s free of grammatical errors. It is also preferable to be concise with your answers as it’s not good to submit an ambiguous resume. Your work experience should be listed according to how recent they are. Focus on your accomplishment in the job not what your job was. Ensure your resume caters for the requirement of Allied Barton. Do not forget to put in a career summary in your resume as this helps you stand out from other candidates and also ensures your employers take less time to know much about you.

To pass your interview with Allied Barton, you should be well prepared. You can check through online for the frequently asked question, ensure you look good and be well composed. Good luck! 

Things To Know About Allied Barton

Working in a serene and safe environment with a security minded workplace is the culture of Allied Barton. Allied is known for scrutinizing and training every employee before employing them and certification is their top priority. Allied Universal provides jobs in a wide range of service including Janitorial post, Security as well as professional staffing solutions for your companies

Allied Barton merged with  another security giant Universal Service America in 2016 to become the largest security  company in North America, and also one of the biggest merge of all time.

Allied Barton is known for providing security personnel with world-class skills about tackling any issue relating to security are also known to be the best security agency in North America. They also provide personnel for different companies and also help them create security force within their organization.

Allied Barton tries to reach out to the public through some social media platforms, and also they are keen to ensure everywhere is a haven.