Advantage Resourcing Application & Careers

Advantage Resourcing is a company group of Hire Thinking that provides workforce and help in recruitment solution for Engineering, IT companies, Automotive, manufacturing professional, candidate as well as supply chain client. They deliver professional staffs as well as satisfying services to clients.

The company, founded in 1995, and the name of the CEO is Hitoshi Motohara. The company is a private subsidiary of Recruit Co. Ltd. The company is situated in Norwood Massachusetts USA. Advantage has $958.6 in revenue.

The advantage is a leading global staff provider in the world. They are named the Inavero’s 2017 best staffing client and talent list. Forbes best America’s professional search firm 2017, 2017 best of customer service satisfaction, best of staffing talent satisfaction are some of the awards they’ve received this year. They have an estimated employee of 1000 people, and their companies run across the US. UK, Australia and offers service globally to all parts of the world.

The companies resourcing employees gets a 401k offer. The employees also have the ability to purchase medical, dental, insurances in a group based on the details of their assignment.

Most people like working at Advantage Resourcing because of their pay and also because of the added benefit and bonuses accorded to them.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Advantage Resourcing?

The company does not necessarily favor any age group, but the company is not set up to engage children below the age of 13. So much you’re above the legal age, and you have the required skills you are going to get hired.

Advantage Resourcing Careers

The Advantage Resourcing team will create a workforce solution for your company that is truly designed for you. Suggested by those that understands your culture and the language of your industry.

There are different career choices and opportunity available at the company. They offer services in a broad range of aspects. The company streamlines people into various positions within the Engineering, Manufacturing, Professional, Automotive and Supply chain industry.  Different categories have different jobs available. Post available at Advantage resources are:

Mechanical Engineer:  This position is available for professional who are good with machine parts, component and engines. They are hired by companies who need professionals to handle their automotive, manufacturing or engineering machinery.

Software Engineer: This post is available for people with a passion to design and create software for the need of their prospective companies and also maintain, analyze, develop software or anything relating to it.

Web Developer: The post involves maintaining websites, network connections, distributed network applications. A specialty in the development of World Wide Web Application, understanding of web development languages is necessary for this post. The position is available across all the available industries without restrictions to any one of them.

System Analyst: A system analyst is expected to be able to use design techniques and analysis to solve problems relating to IT. The post offers the candidate the abilities to serve as agent in companies that identifies improvement needed, and also be able to design and put in place the suggestions discovered. They can also act as trainers and motivators for others to use the system.

Design Engineer: The post of a design engineer is readily available for people who are involved in different parts of engineering that include electrical, chemical, mechanical, textile, manufacturing building system. The applicant for this post should be well past in designing and also knowing about structural designing.

Accountant: The perfect person for this job must be good at bookkeeping, auditing, preparation and analysis of account. The person should be able to prepare annual reports, financial statement and also offer advice on tax laws and investment opportunities.

Data Entry Clerk: Data Entry Clerk duties are to maintain the database of a company by entering customers account information and also updating existing customers account. The job involves preparation of source data for the computer by sorting information and establishing priorities for the opening of data. It also includes verifying and detecting fake information in the database.

Business Analyst: The post involves analyzing data, evaluation, communication with the variety of people with Information technology knowledge. Working within an organization and helping them to manage, change and set goals for the future. You should also be able to analyze what your organization is lacking or need at a particular time.

Security Administrator: The post is responsible for managing all relating issues to security and safety within a company it includes coming up with policies and systems, as well as all safety procedures are implemented to ensure the company is safe and secure. The job also involves preventing and overseeing the complete workflow and maintenance of computers and hardware in the enterprise.

Customer service representatives: Their duty is to interact with clients in place of an organization. They give information about products and services, respond to customer complaints, take orders and gives returns. Customer service representatives work in customer centers.

Advantage Resourcing Applications

To apply for a post in this company you should check for their job listings after seeing your fitting job you should fill out and submit a request. Job listing can be found on different sites and also at their office around the US.

The online application is available, and also you can apply via store application. In filling your application, you should read instruction well before starting to fill the application as nothing is more deadly than a misleading information. Avoid negative answers and ensure you answer all question. When listing your work experience start with the most recent one.

You should format your resume wisely and make sure it is not ambiguous. Avoid typos and also ensure your resume doesn’t have any grammatical error. Be specific when you are mentioning your achievement and success. Do not leave out relevant information and also ensure you understands what the company wants and do not make a mistake your contact details have this may cause giving your job to another person.

Things to Know About Advantage Resourcing

Advantage Resourcing culture is that they believe the opportunity is created as opposed to the general view that opportunity comes knocking. They believe the best way to take your company forward is to hire the right people and they ensure this by making sure the staffs provided matches perfectly with the culture of your company.

Advantage Resourcing was listed as one of the top ten search firms according to Forbes. According to this list, the ranked number eight.

The company is recognized for its distinction in providing satisfying and remarkable service quality to their client and job seekers. They have proved this by earning the Best of Staffing Award in 2017 as well as the award for service excellence.

The company set its goal in reaching out to the social community by increasing their service base and also members of the company took action by volunteering at the food bank on May 5th.