Adidas Application & Careers

Adidas is a German multinational company that produces clothing, shoes, and accessories. It is the second biggest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Under the company are Reebok, Taylormade, Runtastic, and Bayern Munich.

The company was founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924. He and his elder brother, Rudolf Dassler, then started the Brothers Shoe Factory. The two later split up, with Adolf retaining Adidas and Rudolf creating Puma.

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Adidas has racked up a lot of awards and immense recognition. It currently has more than 60,000 employees. Its factories are scattered around the world, and its products are sold in most sportswear outlets.

Being an employee of the company, you are privileged to have a 50% discount on all Adidas — and other brands under it — products. It also comes with a 401(k), health insurance, maternity/paternity leaves, and vacation/paid leaves.

The workplaces of the company support employee diversity. Coworkers are also friendly and treat you like family. On top of the warm work atmosphere, people in the company are competent, highly reliable, and professional.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Adidas?

You can start working in the company once you reach 18 years of age. Its hours of operation are usually 10AM to 9PM during weekdays and Saturdays and 10AM to 6PM on Sundays.

Adidas Careers

There is a multitude of jobs and positions in this company. Depending on the skills, experience, and education you have, you can get a job in retail, design, or corporate. When it comes to entry-level positions, the company usually has a lot available, especially in its retail stores.

Retail Team Leader: You will spearhead your team of associates to ensure good sales results. Your presence must always be felt in the store. You must also be ready to perform regular store operations-related tasks.

Retail Store Associate: Your main role is to boost sales in the store you work in. You must establish rapport with customers to reinforce positive branding and encourage sales. It is a must that you have in-depth knowledge on all products in the store.

Retail Stock Associate: You must ensure that the sales area never runs out of stock. You will keep track of the store’s inventory. You will also be in charge of maintaining and cleaning the stockroom.

Retail Cash Wrap Supervisor: You will be primarily handling a store’s cash register. You must ensure that you perform and adhere to cash protection procedures. You must be also a brand ambassador and be capable of handling the demands of all customers.

Retail General Manager: You will have control over all the store’s processes and be responsible for the store, its items, and its employees. You must ensure that the location you are in is performing well and the company policies are enforced.

Retail Assistant Manager: You will handle and organize all resources within the store. You will also supervise transactions and ensure that the store is a safe and pleasant place to shop in. Also, you must analyze and keep track of all data relevant to the store.

Site Merchandiser: This position requires you to work with different departments within the company. You are expected to provide the best experience to customers shopping online. You are to collaborate with CRM teams, marketing, buyers, and other teams dedicated to enriching the company’s e-commerce stores.

Design Apprentice: The job is more or less like paid training or internship. Being an apprentice gives you the opportunity to closely work with the company’s leading designers. This is one-year program that is an excellent platform for recent design graduates to gain experience.

Apparel Designer: You will work with the company’s design teams all over the world to produce the best and most creative apparel designs. It is required that you have a degree in design and at least three years’ worth of experience as a designer.

Senior Designer: As a senior designer, you are tasked with leading and establishing a team of designers. Your category and direction depends on the senior design director. It is imperative that you incorporate the company’s corporate identity, trends, innovation, and application in your work.

Adidas Application

To apply in the company, it is recommended that you go through its careers page, which can be found in the Adidas group website. Do note to filter the location of the listings since the vacancies listed are all over the world.

Getting into this company is mostly an online and automated process. The application may take from a week to half a year, depending on the position you are applying for.

It is best that you fill up the online application form with as many details as possible. Since the initial process is automated, the details you will input will provide you with a higher chance of advancing to the next stage.

Be honest and make sure to provide relevant information in your resume. Also, focus on the creative side of things. If you have worked for an employer and your work pushed you to be creative, bank on that experience.

When it comes to the interview, make sure to be patient and keep your cool. The company is known for its rude, unpleasant, and unprofessional recruiters.

Things To Know About Adidas

The company focuses on making sure that its workforce is diverse. It’s also one of the best companies to work in if you are part of the LGBT community. The company culture also thrives in its 3Cs: creativity, confidence, and collaboration.

Currently, the company is set on expanding its operations. It continues to collaborate with high-profile stars and designers, like Kanye West and Stella McCartney respectively, to have an edge against its competitors.

The company is well-known for its sportswear. It is one of the biggest rivals of other juggernaut sports brands such as Nike, Puma, and Under Armour.

It is now pouring all of its efforts to support human rights. It considers human rights as one of its responsibilities and social obligations as a corporate entity. The possible cause for this movement is its multiple involvement in sweatshop scandals in Asia.

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