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7-Eleven is a US based Japanese convenience store chain. The company’s base of operations is in Irving, Texas. They currently operate in 18 countries around the world.

John Jefferson Green, an employee of Southland Ice Company used some of the company’s store fronts to sell bread, milk, and eggs. He eventually earned enough money to buy the company, thus, starting the company’s great success.

In August 2017, 7-Eleven received the Alliance to Save Energy “Built Environment” award due to its efforts in saving energy. Over a course of 7 years, their electricity use has decreased by an estimated 21 percent.

The benefits that the company gives their employees are as follows, a health insurance which covers their family, 401K plan, and profit sharing. They also give life, death, and dismemberment insurance.

A good working environment that has a good management, it is what the 7-Eleven employees have to say about their experience working there. The employees and the management listen to each other which make working more manageable.

How old do you have to be to work at 7-Eleven?

The company accepts job applications from adults only. Currently, they do not accept applications from minors. Other than being at the working age group, job seekers must also possess the other requirements for the job they are applying for.

7-Eleven Careers

The company offers fulfilling careers for people with various skills. They have job openings for sales, customer service, and corporate work. These are some of the job opportunities with their descriptions.

Sales Representative: A sales representative’s duty is to find different ways in which the establishment can sell their products. Their duties include informing customers about products, providing help in finding certain products, and ensuring that they have a swift shopping experience. They must also possess good attitude and patience in talking and dealing with customers.

Maintenance Worker: A maintenance worker performs tasks that are part of the general maintenance in the store. They can clean the store, do electrical work, and paint. The nature of their job requires them to keep count of the store’s maintenance tools and equipment and to order supplies when necessary.

Shift Leader: A shift leader watches over the store’s operations when the manager or supervisor is not present. They can give orders to other employees to ensure the store’s swift operations. Their job requires them to have leadership skills and good customer service.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager’s job is to manage the convenience store. Leadership and organization skills are a must have for people with this job because they will have to direct employees and handle staff-related issues. Their responsibilities also include staffing, employee training, and providing customer service.

Cashier: A cashier handles the customers’ transactions by operating the cash register. They accept payment and return change. If the bagger is not available, the cashier assumes the bagging duties. At the end of the day, they need to make sure that the records match the amount of money in the cash register.

Human Resource Specialist: A human resource specialist is responsible for staff-related duties. Their job includes recruiting and screening applicants and keeping an eye on their job performance. Furthermore, they also handle employee relations, compensation, and making sure that the employees get their benefits.

Store Manager: A store manager makes sure that the establishment is operating efficiently. Their responsibilities are checking that the staff is working hard, checking product quality, regulating stocks, doing paperwork, staffing, and payroll. They need to have leadership skills and the ability to make business decisions. They also need customer service skills to provide assistance to the shoppers.

Field Consultant: A field consultant gives advice in their field of specialization for the benefit of the store. For example, field consultants that specialize in marketing can provide consultation on how the store can improve its marketing strategy to achieve their sales goals.

Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative’s job is to make sure that the customers have a hassle free shopping experience. They help customers locate products and provide information, assistance, and suggestions. If customers have any complaints against the store or its products, they are the ones who need to solve the problems.

Gas Attendant: A gas attendant performs many services. They collect payment, clean windshields, pump fuel, and check oil and tire pressure. Furthermore, they need to have a good knowledge of the roads near the establishment so they can provide directions for travelers.

7-Eleven Application

Applicants who are interested to apply for a job at the company will only have to submit a fully accomplished application to one of the company’s convenience stores.

For applicants who would rather not go to the store, they can opt for an online application by accessing the company’s official website, go to the careers section, and find a job that is best suited for them.

In filling up the application form, applicants are required to read the form first and to take their time filling it out. They also need to check it again once they are done to avoid any errors.

Job seekers who plan on submitting resumes should make sure that they choose the format that can best showcase their credentials. They must also keep the resume short and straight to the point.

For applicants who are invited for an interview, they must remember to wear proper clothing and to exhibit a professional attitude. They must also prepare for the questions by researching about job interview questions.

Facts About 7-Eleven

The company’s culture revolves around making life easier for customers. They adapt their business to the customer’s preferences so they can find convenience when they go to one of the company’s stores.

In 2017, the convenience store chain announced that they now offer demand-orderings which the customers can get via delivery or pick-up. The orders can be placed through their app, 7-ElevenNOW.

The company is known for selling goods for the customers’ convenience at almost anytime of the day. Their most prominent product is the Slurpee, which is famous for its taste and the sizes of the servings.

To give back to the community, the company has its corporate social responsibility. The company is exerting effort to reduce packaging and energy footprint by 20% by 2025.

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