Wienerschnitzel Application & Careers

img- Wienerschnitzel ApplicationWhat’s uber good? Has a weiner wag, a mascot, and makes little kids giggle, and has been a large part of America since 1961? It’s WIENERSCHNITZEL! The name exudes fun! This fast growing hot dog loving restaurant, overtook the industry by storm, is known as “The World’s Largest Hot Dog Chain.” Join in on the fun, fast rising niche restaurant industry with a Wienerschnitzel application.

The company was founded by John Galardi, who began working for the founder of Taco Bell at the age of 19 for $0.50/hour. Galardi moved on to working for Bell yet again in his commissary for $150/week. As luck would have it John who worked 2 shifts managed to save $6,000. His boss was having financial troubles asked to borrow the $6,000 was to be repaid with 3 months.

Unable to repay the loan, his boss offered up the first taco bell restaurant for $12,000. Galardi borrowed from his parents, letting go of employees and worked to gather up the rest of the money, finally buying the little taco shop in Long Beach. If you’re as adventurous and advantageous, click on the applications link below to learn how to apply for Wienerschnitzel online.

A few years later he was offered a building next to his former boss’s new location. Agreeing to sell something aside from tacos, Galardi decided on hot dogs. Bell’s wife offered up the name after looking through a cookbook. Unbeknownst to Galardi the name stuck. Wienerschnitzel job application online is a convenient alternative to the direct application. Wienerschnitzel careers are fun. The company is the center of excitement.

Wienerschnitzel Careers

Retail careers are the demanding joy of satisfaction that has made the company such a dynamic restaurant to work in. Wienerschnitzel jobs are available thru online application or by stopping at one of the 350 locations and filling out an application form. The hiring manager will hopefully call for an interview.

Corporate careers require a resume when you apply for jobs at Wienerschnitzel. The corporate aspect of Wienerschnitzel jobs is high tech, and fast paced and applicants are encouraged to apply online to assure their submission is forwarded to the corporate office. Applicants should be college educated, with a couple years’ experience minimum, need to be well versed in a corporate structure have excellent communication skills.

How old do you have to be to work at Wienerschnitzel? You have to be at least 16 years old or older to apply. Due to the safety regulations, you may not be allowed to run a few pieces of equipment. Get a Wienerschnitzel job application online or download application form, drop it off at your local restaurant. Wienerschnitzel jobs equal memories and fun to last a lifetime.

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Benefits can include competitive pay, the ever favorite food discount, 401(k), flexible hours, health and life insurance, paid training, to name a few. Fill out a Wienerschnitzel application at Wienerschnitzel jobs online or get a free application and complete the printable application form and drop it off at any of the locations. Working with job opportunities where the experience is rewriting the employment rules.

Hours of operation are from 9 am to 12 midnight 7 days a week. This allows customers a broader range to handle their cravings no matter when the mood strikes. Teaming up with the Toyota/Yamaha JGRMX team to connect with the new generation of fans and promote the recruitment of jobs in an engaging environment that promotes teamwork.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Once the applicant submits a printable application for Wienerschnitzel, they usually want to know more about the job description, responsibilities and salaries they can expect to find.

Team member – This position cleans, washes dishes, attend customers, take orders and do billing. They are responsible for the overall operations behind the counter. They also are responsible for general maintenance and other duties as assigned both in front and back of the restaurant. Average wage is $6 – $8.

Cook – This position requires prior training and satisfactorily passing prior to being placed in the kitchen to uphold quality standards and managing the kitchen. They are also responsible for stocking and prepping for the shift. Engaging jobs allow for careers to blossom by going thru the ranks and learning the entire restaurant. Average wage is $10 – $12/hour.

Cashier – This position is the first and usually last stop to go the extra mile for customers in customer service. Allowing the cashier to engage with the customers upon arrival, make sure their order is correct to man the POS terminal and the cash register record sales and print receipts. Average wage is $10 – $12/hour.

Manager – This position manages the entire store, hires and trains entry level workers, orders food supplies, completes scheduling, supervise operations, performs financial and banking transactions and report to corporate office. Average salary is $25,000 – $60,000/year.

Wienerschnitzel Interview Questions

Are you willing to work holidays and weekends?  This question is an important one for employers as most of their business sales are conducted on the weekends. It is essential for any restaurant to have enough employees to be able to run efficiently during the peak rushes and or days that have the increased traffic to ensure sales goals and profits are met.

Why are you looking for a job? This is a valid question especially for applicants under 18 although it can apply to anyone.  This is to give a clue as to how long the employer will be able to keep them. A lot of minors want jobs to get a paycheck then do not come back in for work when they have attained their monetary goal whether for a car, a game or spending cash.

What gets you up in the morning?  Most teens will say an alarm clock or their parents not realizing the full understanding of the question. Of course you get up due to the constant ringing of an alarm or a nagging parent but getting up because you have a goal to meet for the day and plans that hinge even slightly on what happens throughout the day can influence how your long term goal is accomplished.

What are your career goals? This is applicable to anyone of any age. Maybe it’s a first job and you want to be a professional gourmet cook one day or you want to own your own business and need to learn how to better track sales and profits. This allows the manager to help guide you into a position that will give influence on your future and fulfill the company’s needs.

What are your hobbies? This question is for everyone but the examples are for kids in school due to their lack of worldly experience. Do you play team sports? Are you an academic loner? Do you participate in Martial Arts or MMA sports? Do you like to draw? Are you in a JROTC program at school?  Do you like to volunteer? Are you into BMX or other X games sports?

Advice For Application Process

Do not go into the interview with a dirty sweatshirt and ripped jeans, although it may make an impression for the manager to remember you by its not the one you want them to remember. This why job coaches make such a fuss over wearing business casual outfits. So make sure you wear interview appropriate outfits and footwear.

Come prepared. Make sure you have a copy of your resume available. This allows the interviewer a chance to discuss your experience.  Having practiced simple interview questions as demonstrated above can help you here. Your answers will be smoother than had you not practiced them. Make sure you bring up key points to show your experience in brief stories.

If you do get one of the strange questions that are routinely asked don’t worry just roll with it. The idea is to see how well you react to thinking on your feet and how you respond to unusual situations. Think about your question for a second though. You want to have a decent answer and a reason behind it.

Turn off your cell phone during the interview. The last thing you want to do is to have someone incessantly call you refusing to let you ignore the phone or end up with text notifications while at the interview. Do not respond to these calls and texts during the interview it shows a disinterest in the interview and the job itself.
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