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Taco Cabana ApplicationTaco Cabana (TC) is subsidiary of Fiesta Restaurant Group, along with another famous ethnic eatery, Pollo Tropical. Contrary to what one may think, their menus consists of much more than simply tacos. There is an extensive menu which includes nearly every ethnic-themed culinary dish including tacos, nachos, burritos, enchiladas, fajitas, and much more.

These restaurants range in locations between Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and even in Central as well as parts of south America. While dishes served at this eatery are delicious and rich in flavor, there are also healthy choices for those who are looking for meals with a lower caloric value. Luckily, this restaurant has some healthy alternatives for those individuals which certainly ensures there is something on their menu which nearly everyone can partake of.

This popular restaurant also has a very prominent social media presence. With their e-club, members receive great discounts on food, including a free fajita taco just for registering. There is a simple form one must complete so they may receive special e-mails containing discounts as well as information on everything going on with this taco chain. It is admirable that they would offer their loyal customers a way to enjoy their food whenever the mood strikes while receiving discounts on their already affordable entrees.

Connecting with this establishment is easier than ever with their Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel. Through these three avenues, one may keep up with the inner-machinations of business, new dishes, discounts, and much more. Liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter, and subscribing to their YouTube channels are ways in which one may keep in the know on all of their activities. There is also a contact form where one may ask questions, give feedback, or submit a general inquiry. They are always looking to serve their customers more efficiently which is a reason this form is so handy.

As if that wasn’t enough, this restaurant also caters events. With their ever-expanding menu of traditional ethnic dishes, it’s no surprise that they are more than happy to cater special and not so special occasions alike. Food is prepared fresh for guests in an array of recipes suitable for just about any discerning taste. Having a party and aren’t up to cooking? Let them do all prepping, cooking, and serving with any combination of their sumptuous dishes.

Looking for Taco Cabana jobs? Look no further. Submitting a Taco Cabana application is a fairly simple process. By following the link below, you will happen upon a Taco Cabana careers page. Once there, simply click their blue “Apply Now” button and search Taco Cabana jobs. On the following page, simply type in your zip code, which will populate a map on the right side of this page containing a list of restaurants near you. Simply locate a store local to your general surrounding area. Then, click on “Apply For a Job Online”. With this action, your page will be redirected, providing a choice of store which you desire a position with. Application instructions are very user-friendly which give direction on how you can submit your Taco Cabana job application online.

If questions should arise during your application process, simply click their Contact Us link located at the bottom of their home page which will enable you an opportunity with obtaining assistance. A printable application for Taco Cabana is not available online. If you do not have access to a computer, you may visit a location nearest you to request a direct application. A mobile Taco Cabana application is also available for individuals who prefer conducting business on their mobile devices. With all of these different technological methods of applying, there is truly no excuse if one truly desires spicing up their life with careers at this restaurant.

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Taco Cabana Careers

You may find yourself wondering how old do you have to be to work at Taco Cabana. Applicants who desire employment with this eatery must be at least 18 years of age while possessing legal working rights. Entry-level applicants are welcomed with open arms. Orientation, once hired, would consist of training the newly hired employee on store policies and operations. Lack of experience is acceptable and individuals are expected to be enthusiastic and energetic as these positions require standing for long periods of time. Abilities for learning and retaining information easily is a huge plus.

Individuals applying for management positions may be required to possess higher education or leadership experience. If you believe you are a good fit for a management position, be sure you provide proof of your experience and education as well as your resume along with any certifications you may have. Including all paperwork necessary in facilitating your consideration with employment is a vital step in your application process. Omitting any required documentation could delay this process.

TC is consistently searching out motivated, passionate, customer service-oriented individuals who will operate their restaurants in a way which attracts customers from all ethnicities that will indulge in their delectable entrees for lunch and dinner.

Wages for this particular establishment vary by location. Base salary for team member positions can be anywhere from $8.00 per hour or above. Store managers who conduct interviews will be better suited to answer specific wage or salary inquiries. You may also utilize the contact form on the official website to submit questions.

Comprehensive benefit packages are open to eligible employees and include retirement plans, insurance plans, paid sick/vacation days, etc. Details regarding benefit packages, wages, and salaries can be discussed with a hiring manager during the interview process. For consideration, submit your application today.

Why People Like Working Here

Advancement Opportunities, Competitive Salary/Hourly Wage, Fast-Paced Environment, Discounts/Free Meals, Training/Development Opportunities, Fun Atmosphere, Friendly Staff, Authentic Foods, Challenging Tasks, Regular Performance Reviews, Job Security

Taco Cabana Job Descriptions

There are currently only hourly team member positions open or available at this restaurant chain. Roles may vary by location as well as job descriptions. Employees within an hourly team member role’s responsibilities include taking guest orders, receiving payment, providing accurate change, as well as cooking, preparing food, maintaining a clean work environment, or perform various other tasks as assigned by upper-management.

Taco Cabana careers include all management roles within their restaurant, including restaurant manager, assistant manager, in addition to general managers. Employees within the salary team member role’s responsibilities include general store operations, cash handling, inventory, overseeing employee activities, enforcing store policies, handling customer complaints, etc. This position may or may not require a degree, leadership experience, or higher education. If you find yourself having questions regarding the hiring process or requirements, follow the link below to submit your inquiry via the contact form on the official website.

Advice For Application Process

Ready to apply for jobs at Taco Cabana? The process on how to apply for Taco Cabana online or submit an online application is fairly easy. Upon visiting their official website, simply type in your location information along with the distance (in miles) from the area you desire the search to be performed within. You may also simply click the “Browse Openings” button for openings within their corporate office.

A list of local restaurant locations will populate in addition to the job openings at each location. Simply click the job opportunities you desire to apply for. Once the next page appears, read over their qualifications, duties, and information regarding this position. If your skills, education, and experience match, simply click “Apply Now” to complete and submit your applications. You may also paste your resume along with your personal information.

There are many ways to submit a Taco Cabana job application online. Unfortunately, there is no printable application for Taco Cabana currently. However, one may perform a web search to view and apply for Taco Cabana jobs online. You may also visit one of their many locations to receive a direct application. Upon submission of your free application, you may feel free to request an on-the-spot interview. If a manager is available, and your skills align with what they are seeking, you may be granted an opportunity to interview right away. Thus, you should dress in professional attire and bring along your resume for review.

If you have questions regarding the application process, requirements, salary, download application form, printable application form, or inquiries in general, you may use the “Contact Us” link on their official website or simply ask a manager during your interview. Following these tips will help improve your chances of consideration for the job you seek. Apply online today!

Every company has its share of competitors within its respective industry. Two direct competitors for this Mexican diner are Del Taco and Taco Bell. Though these competing chains also sell tacos, there are quite a few differences which sets TC apart from them.

Del Taco is known for their various versions of tacos. On their menu you will find fish tacos, nachos, burritos, even burgers inside of a kids meal. However, they do not carry traditional ethnic dishes such as fajitas, enchiladas, or quesadillas. While they are popular among young crowds or traditional Latin communities, they do not offer freshly prepared ethnic entrees which can be quite a letdown for those seeking the familiarity of a home-cooked meal.

Taco Bell is yet another famous purveyor of tacos and other Latin dishes. Their prices are quite affordable for local neighborhood but their menu selection, however, is not as expansive as one would hope. If you’re hankering for rice, beans, or fajitas, Taco Bell, unfortunately, won’t cut it.

These competitors are quite successful within their markets but cannot compare to the freshly prepared Mexican cuisine one will find at TC. Customers and employees alike compliment this eatery on quality food, easygoing atmosphere, authentic décor, and much more.
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