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img- Sweet Tomatoes ApplicationSweet Tomatoes is owned by the Garden Fresh Corporation, which was established by acquiring all Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants in 1983. These are leading restaurants in the hospitality industry for fresh ingredients. If you are interested in employment with a company whose menu you can trust, information about the Sweet Tomatoes application process is located below.

The very first Souplantation opened its San Diego doors in 1978 and the name has since grown to reach over 300 million guests served at 128 locations in 15 states. After the Garden Fresh Corporation was founded, they decided to expand the business past the limits of Southern California. For this they established the name “Sweet Tomatoes.”

A driving force behind the undeniable success of this company is the value they place on fresh ingredients. Within 24 hours after produce is removed from the ground it is on its way to a local restaurant to be served to the waiting patrons. Management continuously strives to create a unique dining experience in which each guest can create a meal perfectly designed for their culinary needs and desires.

Working for Sweet Tomatoes allows you to be an employee for the company who is number one for fresh produce and salads, homemade soups, hot pastas, freshly baked breads and muffins, and fresh fruits. Along with cultivating a great place to eat, the owners of the Garden Fresh Corporation are committed to making all Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes locations great places to work.

Your coworkers at this company are guaranteed to be individuals with integrity, respect, and pride. They follow the values of passion, accountability, innovation, and ethics when embarking upon any task. This company is a leading restaurant chain. Anyone would be proud to apply for jobs at Sweet Tomatoes.

Sweet Tomatoes Careers

Positions are available in the corporate office, management for each store location, and for crew members.  Whether you are an experienced hospitality worker or you’re looking for a part time job, there are numerous Sweet Tomatoes careers that fit your needs. Restaurants are open from 9:00AM – 11:00PM Monday – Saturday and from 9:00AM – 9:00PM on Sundays allowing for a wide range of available shifts for each employee.

Garden Fresh Corporation prides itself if on a 40-hour work week for all managers, something that is incredibly rare in the hospitality industry. They also have a plethora of openings for college students or recent college graduates who are looking for a way to successfully break in to the industry and put their education to use. Many of the corporate positons would be excellent for someone with a degree. For example: a position in Accounting or Marketing would be fitting for someone with a matching education. All of these positions are available through an online application.

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How old do you have to be to work at Sweet Tomatoes? Due to the fact that Sweet Tomatoes restaurants are open in numerous states the minimum age requirement may vary. You must meet the minimum age to work in whichever state you live. Typically this age is 16 years old.

All Sweet Tomatoes jobs offer competitive salaries through the company’s compensation system. This system allows management to establish and maintain a pay level that will bring in only high-caliber employees. Upper management also enjoys benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid vacation time that increases for every 4 years they are employed, and paid relocation opportunities.

Job Description and Salaries

Dining Room Attendant: Responsibilities for this position include maintaining a clean environment for guests to enjoy their meals. These employees are expected to bus tables, pick up trash, and assist guests whenever necessary. The average hourly pay for dining room attendants is $8.00.

Cashiers: Due to the fact that these are buffet style restaurants the cashiers are incredibly vital to the success of the establishment. These workers must be quick and efficient with the cash registers while keeping a positive attitude and handling guest’s questions or concerns for an hourly rate of $9.00.

Service Manager: Service Managers are expected to handle crew recruitment and training. They also oversee each shift and keep track of inventory and employees. The annual salary for this position is about $36,000.

Production Manager: As the next step on the Garden Fresh Corporation ladder, a Production Manager’s responsibilities include monitoring inventory, ordering products, ensuring recipe and menu compliance, and overseeing food prep. These individuals should also be able to motivate their team throughout each shift. Typically a Production Manager’s salary is around $39,000 per year.

General Manager: The General Manager of any hospitality establishment is expected to oversee the entire operation. This includes the restaurant’s daily tasks, the company’s policies, production and profits, and all employees. As the highest non-corporate position these employees make $45,000 annually.

Sweet Tomatoes Interview Questions

After searching for Sweet Tomatoes jobs online and filling out your free application, it’s time to begin preparing for your interview:

How did you like your previous job?  When asked this question try to avoid trash talking your past employers. No potential employer wants to hear someone bash a past employer when they are considering hiring you. Be honest with your answer, but also professional. It’s important to say at least one positive thing about your past employer.

Why do you think we should hire you? As a hospitality based company, Sweet Tomatoes managers look for people who will bring a positive energy to the restaurant. This question is best answered by revealing your upbeat attitude and hard-working nature. It would also be a good idea to talk about any past customer service experience.

How long do you intend to stay with the company if hired? All your interviewer wants to know with this question is whether or not you will be a reliable employee. No one wants to hire someone who intends to leave after only a few shifts. Don’t be afraid to be honest, but try to avoid answering this question with any time frame less than a solid few months.

Are you familiar with the current menu? Due to the fact that this is a restaurant, the best way to answer this question is by eating at a Sweet Tomatoes before your interview. Simply take a friend and go have lunch one afternoon so you will have an accurate idea of the food served.

Do you have experience working in a restaurant? This may seem like a simple yes or no question, but be prepared for your answer to inspire follow up questions. Some of these may include “What was your favorite thing about it?” and “What did you dislike about it?” Having answers to these questions ready could be beneficial to your success in the interview.

Advice for Application Process

Whether you’re looking for a direct application, printable application form, or a way to download application form, the links below are helpful in explaining how to apply for Sweet Tomatoes online. Before completing a Sweet Tomatoes application it is important to find which position is the best fit for you. This will ensure you are filling out applications for the correct position.  There is a printable application for Sweet Tomatoes available with the links below that will allow you take a hard copy application in to your local restaurant, but if you are able you should take the opportunity to apply online.

When preparing for your interview make sure you present yourself professionally. If you have one available, print out a copy of your resume. Try to reveal your best qualities while remaining humble. If you are interviewing for an entry level position at one of the many restaurants around the country, show your interviewer your friendly manner. It’s important to smile and shake hands so they know you’ll present yourself well to their patrons.

If your desired position is one that requires some level of experience in upper management or a degree of some sort be sure you articulate to your interviewer what aspects of your past jobs and education make you a good candidate. Let them see your experience and knowledge.  Job opportunities are plentiful with this company, it’s just about proving you are deserving of one.

Most importantly, remember to thank your interviewer for the opportunity. Also, have a few questions to ask such as: “When can I expect a decision?” and “What are you looking for in an employee?” This will show your initiative and desire for employment.
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