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img- Stripes ApplicationStripes is a chain of more than 565 convenience store in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. It is one of the largest non-refining operators of Convenience store in the US. It was founded by Sam Susser with his wife Minna in 1938, it was first operated as a service stations inherited in Corpus Christi, Texas. Then in 1960 their two son, Sam J. and Jerry Susser joined the family business.

The company began to license dozens of convenience stores in Texas and Oklahoma by the 7-Eleven and Circle K Banners, to expand the company’s retail presence in 1988 by Sam L. Susser, Sam Susser’s grandson. The first world’s pay-at-the-pump system along the way was actually invented by the Susser brothers. Many locations offer Chevron, Conco, Exxon, Phillips, Shell and more other unbranded gasoline are offered by the business.

The company issued in 2006 a new and unique brand for the retail business: Stripes® Convenience Stores. The Stripes brand in the present is now serving value and quality service and convenience for all busy customers, who doesn’t want to waste money and time. Also later that year, the company presented its exclusive restaurant service brand: Laredo Taco Company®, serving quality foods on the go.

The business is acquired and its parent company by Energy Transfer Partners L.P. and by that the Stripes is now part of the Sunoco LP (SUN) limited partnership that distributes fuel to more than 3,300 convenience stores. With the company emerging, the business is offering Stripes careers for all aspirants, visit the link provided to find a career for you.

Stripes Careers

There are various Stripes jobs in their career section of their website offering aspirants job opportunities that will suit you. There are restaurant manager, assistant store manager and store manager hiring positions. You can make Stripes application when you found your desired position.  There are also jobs for entry-level, such as team member, warehouse associate and fuel technician.

Both entry-level and management level job positions offers reasonable salary and advantageous benefits to compensate the employees hard work. In this kind of industry, an employee will enjoy the fun and interactive working environment, making friends to all valued customers, and endorsing quality products. You can make an online application and scan through the jobs opening.

How old do you have to be to work at Stripes? Many jobs will require an applicable age for you to be able to work in their firm, and in Stripes you must be at least 18 years old and over to be able to have your employment depending on Stripes jobs, so make sure to check and read the job descriptions before making applications.

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You can be in the position you want by making an application with Stripes jobs online, there you will be able to see the job descriptions as well as the responsibilities you will have with that particular career. You can fill a printable application for Stripes on a current job posting or download application form if you prefer direct application, you can go to a local store.

It is easy and simple to apply for jobs at Stripes but, how to apply for Stripes online? First is to visit their website, choose and check for the jobs available for hiring, click apply now or apply online, then a printable application form will be available for you to fill and then submit, it is a free application, so you won’t be charge on anything.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Store Manager – A manager has to manage and ensure the general condition of the store, making sure that company standards, including cleanliness, food service, and customer service are well-implemented. You will coach and lead team members to excel, improve performance, and make that they comply with their duties. You will administer product sales promotions and marketing campaigns. You will analyze and ensure financial data.

Restaurant Associate – As a restaurant associate, your job is to make sure that the products, specifically foods and beverages are prepared according to the management’s standards: Laredo Taco Company, make sure that they are of quality, stocks are replenished, ensuring the products’ freshness. A restaurant associate has an hourly rate of $8 an hour.

Team Member – As a team member, you are the one to make everything in effect, from the store and product quality, to effective customer service. You are responsible in serving customers, recording sales, stocking and pricing. You have to keep the store clean and organized, also you have to provide courteous customer service, making sure that customers have what they need. You will have an hourly rate between $8 and $9.

Accountant – You are responsible in the accounting processes and analysis. Keeping journal entries and account reconciliation, you have to make sure that all data are accurate and matched the records and filings. You prepare and review actual results, forecasted results, and plans/budgets, you document and report findings to different parties, including auditors.

Stripes Interview Questions

For your head start, here are some few interview questions to get you prepared.

In your opinion what is a quality service? – In the industry you are applying for, service needs to be provided to the customers, so it is important that you know what quality and effective customer service is. Portray and visualize yourself as a customer, then answer your interviewer with what kind of service you want to receive.

Why do you think the company should hire you? What can you contribute to the business? – Efficiency and your abilities are being tested in this question. Be positive, state what you can do and what you can contribute to the company. By contribute, that doesn’t mean you have to give the company something like in monetary, but with the way you will work as an employee that could help them.

You saw a team member stealing from the register? How are you going to handle that? – Cases like this are nothing new everywhere, whatever the industry is, there’s always stealing, so what if you caught someone in the act? And what if that person is a friend of yours? Would you turn him in? Be honest, and direct with you answer in this question.

How do you handle pressure? – Many people can’t handle pressure, and in this kind of industry it is important that you know and you practice grace under pressure, because if you can’t it may affect your performance and your service to the customers, and that will have an impact to the company you’re working with.

What are the characteristics of a team member must possessed to provide an effective customer service? – You have stated what kind of quality service is, here you must tell the characteristics, the attitude of an employee. One must always be patient and courteous, your work might be tiring, but you can’t show that you’re tired and irksome to a customer. You have to forget all about the negativity while on duty.

Advice for Application Process

Displaying pleasant and appropriate attitude is important when you are making a Stripes application, who will hire someone who is snooty and disrespectful right? Hiring managers or the company itself are looking for employees who are courteous and has a pleasing personality, especially in this kind of industry. So you must always show politeness and smile. Smile is the best key, because that shows positivity.

When you are being ask in an interview, be brief and don’t forget to elaborate some things, always be clear and don’t be vague. It is important that you are accurate with your answers, do not give the hiring manager tentative answers, that results to uncertainty, and they may think that you are not sure with what you are applying for, you can add some of your work experience if necessary.

When you are making an application, make sure that all your credentials are neatly prepared, plus you must also be presentable with your attire. You cannot wear tattered jeans nor tank tops. Prepare yourself, make sure that your resume, application form and other supporting papers are neat and legibly filled. When it comes to your attire, make sure that it is smart-looking and presentable to give them a positive impression.

Be prompt when you are called in for an interview, prepare your things ahead of time so you won’t be late when you are invited to meet the hiring manager for assessment. You are being considered when you get invited for an interview, so you must show your best, commit and show interest. Also, do some research about the company, history and culture, to show them how interested you are.
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