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img- Steve Madden ApplicationSteve Madden is an iconic fashion brand in America, crafting and offering fashionable and trendy shoes, bags, and accessories. All uniquely designed by the founder himself and from talented designers helping in creating masterpieces that fashion-forward people will love. The business started in America and now the business has expanded to a lot of countries offering their masterpieces in the market.

Having only $1,100 in his bank account started to create designs in his factory based in Queens in 1990, and the Steve Madden brand was established.  He started selling his own-designed shoes out of the trunk of his car, and now the corporation is selling throughout the world.

Now the business has reached 100 retail stores all over United States. Merchandising primarily their products, they are handling three more subcategorized Steve Madden lines which are Madden Girl, STEVEN by Steve Madden and Freebird by Steven. The company is present all over 55 countries and has 185 retail stores and 180 concessions internationally.

Being in the industry for 20 years, the brand has won a lot of various honors and awards through the years. NASDAQ honored Steve Madden and 20 year Anniversary in June 2010, Footwear News Company of the year award in November 2011, Footwear News Best Performing Wholesaler Award in December 2011 and more. Offering world-class products, they’re also offering various careers for all aspirants. Just visit the link provided.

Steve Madden Careers

There are Steve Madden jobs that are open for hiring in various locations, offering aspirants their positive and engaging working environment plus you’ll get engaged to the fun and creative atmosphere of fashion. There are Steve Madden careers for retail positions such as, Sales Associate, Stock Associate, and Cashier. Management levels are also available to those who are adept in handling teams.

There are also available Steve Madden jobs that needs your creativity and unique style, such as Freelance Photographer, graphic designer, and handbag designer. Those who wanted to show-off their skills and unique creations can apply to any of these careers. Steve Madden application will be your passport to your employment in this energetic and creative fashion industry.

How old do you have to be to work at Steve Madden? If you want to apply for jobs at Steve Madden jobs, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old and you can apply to a job you want to pursue. However, before making applications make sure to check the job details because some age requirement may vary depending on the job position.

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To get you started, it’s a free application when you view Steve Madden jobs online. You can find the lists of available hiring positions in their website you can see the job descriptions and responsibilities of the jobs. Salary may not be indicated but benefits are stated. Printable application for Steve Madden is available, so you can make an online application, or download application form and make a direct application.

How to apply for Steve Madden online? Just go to their website, choose and peruse the job opportunities shown and click apply now. An application form may appear and you can fill it up immediately and submit to make a Steve Madden application, there’s a printable application form so you can have it printed.

Job Description & Salaries

Sales Associate – You are going to deal with Steve Madden patrons and make new customers come back for more. You will assist them with their product inquiries, you will give them recommendation and suggestion, help them find their size and their preferences. You need to make an upbeat atmosphere for the customers, make sure that the products are neat and organized. You will have an $8.16 per hour.

Cashier – You are in charge of accepting any types of payment terms to complete a transaction. You will make sure that every purchases are registered in the cash register, you’ll transact in a friendly and in your most polite way. You will need to have some cash handling skills, you will need to balance and count the money at the end of the shift to ensure that the amounts are correct.

Store Manager – As a store manager, you will handle a whole team inside a retail store, lead, coach, and train them to improve their performance and comply with management’s operational standards. Handle complaints and issues inside the store, and make an immediate solution and action, plus you will ensure an effective strategy for sales, and product promotions. You will have a $23 salary per hour.

Stock Associate – You are in charge of handling the stocks, you will control the stocks that is being put inside and outside the store. You will keep a record of what were sold or already gone, and the new delivered products in the store. Makes sure that the stocks are organized, listed and accurate to avoid conflicts. As an hourly salary, you will have $9.29 per hour.

Handbag Designer – If you love to style and design to make a new unique product, then this is the job for you. Design handbags to merchandise in the market, to provide for the fashion-forward people. You’ll be working with other designers and leaders from your department for approval and improvement, you shall be working with a team to make and to have some ideas for a better product.

Steve Madden Interview Questions

How would you define your style? (For Designers) – You are entering a fashion industry and you need to have a unique style and creativity. With this, you can show your portfolio, your sample designs to the interviewer and elaborate what you made, your design. A portfolio will be helpful for you to show them how you create things.

What is customer service? (For retail applicants) – You will be dealing with a lot of customers and what you are going to do is provide them service, and you must know what it is. Tell the interviewer what service is and how you are going to give that to the customers.

What do you enjoy about working in retail stores? – If you don’t have any experience yet with working in retail stores, you can tell the interviewer your insights with working in retail stores. And if you have experience, you can simply tell him what you enjoy working in such environment. Be enthusiastic and realistic with your answers.

Can you handle stressful situations well? – You will surely deal with stresses, sometimes because of the customers, with your work, and sometimes due to personal reasons, so you must know how you are going to handle it. The interviewer wants to know how you deal with such circumstances, because they want to an employee who won’t put stress to work.

Why do you think the company should hire you? – If you are determined to be in the company you have to answer this question with confidence and eagerness, show and tell how eager you are to be part of the team, and how talented you are that you would contribute to the company well.

Where do you see yourself in the next years? – They are looking for ambitious people who would want to grow professionally, because every employee is a company’s pride. State your goals, whether they’re long term or short term goals, they just wanted to know how you plan things.

Advice for Application Process

Working in a fashion industry can be really challenging, so if you want to pursue a career in this kind of business you must be ready and knowledgeable with all the circumstances that may occur, information, and norms, especially regarding with the company you are going to apply. So before you decide to apply online, you have to be well-informed with the job and the company you’re applying to.

Display a positive and buoyant attitude. If you have to show a positive attitude towards everything, even if your application is declined, you must still show gratitude and politeness towards the interviewer for being considered. A company like this may be meticulous, so be optimistic towards everything and it will give them an impression that you are positive in every way.

Prepare for the interview. Always prepare yourself when you’re going in an interview meeting. Have your papers with you, such as resume, other supporting documents, Ids, and application form. You will provide a contact information so any time after making an application, a hiring agent may contact you and invite you for an interview. Confirm the location and time of the interview and make some research and read to asses yourself.

Wear an impressive and appropriate attire for the interview meeting. You will be entering a fashion industry so you must be show them some style yet appropriate for the event, do not wear any revealing and offensive attire. Wear the appropriate outfit to show professionalism, which is really important since you are entering a big and prominent company.
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