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Speedway ApplicationSpeedway LLC owns gas stations and convenience stores across the Midwest and east coast of the US. On its east coast stores, it can be known under its Hess or WilcoHess brands. It was founded in 1959. This company’s first name was Speedway 79, before being bought in 1959 by the Ohio Oil Company (who would later change their company’s name into Marathon).  Once state governments legalized self-service gasoline stations, Marathon renamed their gasoline stations into Speedway.

During Marathon’s expansion, they acquired 10 different brands and rebranded them all as Speedway. Then in 1997 Marathon merged with Ashland Petroleum. As a result, Ashland’s SuperAmerica merged with Speedway, further expanding the chain. Then in 2011, Marathon separated its upstream and downstream operations. Pilot corporations soon merged with Speedway, who soon bought out Marathon’s interests. Once this company merged with Hess Corporation in 2014, they renamed locations into either Pilot Flying J or Speedway.

Today, Tony Kenney serves as this company’s president. It owns 2,822 locations and remains a subsidiary to Marathon Petroleum Company. Its Headquarters is in Enon, Ohio, United States. In 2014, Company President Toney Kenney, announced that they would be adding alternative fuels as options into their gas stops’ line up. This includes E85 Ethanol and Compressed Natural Gas. There are currently 221 stores that have E85 available.

Speedway has a free application for iPhones that shows where each location is located along with how much they charge for their gas. This app easily answers customer questions and is currently rated at 4.5 stars. Some locations have a “Speedy Café” concept. Customers can create their orders through a touch screen computer. Once orders have been submitted, customers have their receipts taken by cashiers while employees assemble their order behind the counter.Remember, stress that you can communicate with customers well during your interview.

Speedway Careers

Exceptional communication skills are recommended for all interested future employees submitting an application form. Customer Service Representatives must be capable of providing exceptional service with a happy attitude. Potential Employees must be able to stand for their entire work shift while also being able to lift 50 pounds maximum.

Food Service Specialists have similar requirements as a CSR in regards toward having amazing customer service skills with a positive attitude. They must also have flexible work shifts. Interested employees should be able to stand for the majority of their shift. Being capable of lifting 50 pounds is also required.

Shift Leader Trainee requirements include having a valid driver’s license with reliable transportation. These employees must have a flexible availability schedule, including weekends, evenings or holidays. They must also possess excellent customer service skills while maintaining a professional, happy attitude. While not required, previous experience performing as any supervisory role within a fast paced retail or food service industry location can provide an edge when seeking employment within management.

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Co-Manager Trainees should have a valid driver’s license with reliable transportation. Unlike submitting an application as a Shift Leader, potential employees interested in becoming a Co-Manager must have previous retail or management experience. Despite not being required, a college education remains preferred.

District Manager Trainee should have previous management experience within a service industry or retail location, or have a related college degree. Previous experience within a role managing multiple units is also preferred along with relevant experience in human relations, marketing, or auditing among other business related fields. Finally, it’s recommended that potential employees be self-motivated.

How old do you have to be to work at Speedway? You must be 18 years old or older to submit a Speedway application.

Customer Service Representatives make $8 – $9 per hour on average.
Food Service Specialists are paid on average $8 per hour.
Shift Leaders make on average $9.70 per hour.
Co-Managers have on average salary of $35,098 while making on average $11.68 an hour.
District Managers have on average salary $60,734.
Benefits for a CSR include a bonus potential pay of up to 7%, a retirement savings plan, up to $3,200 tuition reimbursement, health insurance, dental insurance and life insurance (only if full time) and other unlisted benefits.

Food Service Specialist benefits include having a bonus of up to 6% of their pay, retirement savings plan, up to $3200 tuition reimbursement, health/dental/life insurance, and other unlisted benefits.

Shift Leader Trainee benefits have a bonus pay of up to 7%, a retirement savings plan, $3,200, health/dental/life insurance, including other unlisted benefits.

Co-Manager Trainees gain a bonus potential pay for joining a management team, a 401k with company matching, $5,250 per year in tuition reimbursement, health/dental/life insurance among other benefits.

District Managers can earn a bonus of $3,000 per quarter based upon their store’s performance, 401k including company match, $5,250 per year tuition reimbursement, health/dental/life insurance, along with some unlisted benefits that can vary based upon location. District Managers also can have a company car provided for employee needs.

While this can vary based on location, a majority of locations are open 24 hours.

Speedway Job Descriptions

Common Speedway jobs are being a Customer Service Representative (CSR), Food Service Specialist, or joining its management teams as a Shift Leader Trainee, Co-Manager Trainee or District Manager Trainee.

Customer Service Representative responsibilities are primarily aimed toward helping customers make purchases while handling merchandise or assisting with fuel transactions. CSR responsibilities also include keeping their store clean, stocked, and enjoyable for customers. All CSR must ensure their store’s cleanliness remains consistent with company standards.

Food Service Specialists are responsible for Food Service program execution. This includes preparing and presenting food so customers can enjoy it. Just like CSR, these employees must greet customers, but should suggest items or offer free samples toward customers. These employees must also keep food areas clean.

Shift Leader Trainee is an entry level position for employees interested in becoming full time Shift Leaders among other jobs this company offers. Responsibilities include managing a store’s food service program. This entails training or leading new employees through service programs, and ensuring each customer leaves food areas satisfied with their experience.

Co-Manager Trainees must help oversee management regarding their assigned store. These responsibilities include hiring new employees, developing store employees, directing employees, cash handling, safety management, maintenance, merchandising, and ensuring all customers leave satisfied. Once employees complete a training program, they can begin work at an assigned store. There is room within this job for advancement into Store Manager, District Manager among other jobs.

District Manager Trainee is an entry level position for college graduates that wish experience toward becoming a retail professional District Managers must oversee 8-11 locations. Training is broken into two phases. Phase one involves learning how stores operate while being assigned operations at a store. Phase 2 involves working with personnel ranging from Field Management to Safety & Security. Responsibilities as a trainee include profit & loss management, training new employees, overseeing store operations, aiding full time Store Managers, implementing merchandise programs, motivating their teams, and ultimately providing a positive customer experience.

Advice For Application Process

To create a Speedway job application online, an interested future employee should first visit this company’s website. Once there, clicking on the careers tabs will take viewers toward a page that provides a list of all Speedway careers. From there, one can apply for jobs at Speedway through clicking a job title. While this website will list a majority of Speedway jobs online, it will not however list many job opportunities found within corporate offices. Speedway careers in corporate offices can be found on other job listing websites. All relevant links are listed below.

The best way an interested employee can submit a direct application toward a local station is to apply online. Because there is no printable application for Speedway, nor is there a place to find a download application form link, the only way is through submitting an online application. Despite the lack of a printable application form, their online process is very simple- a potential employee would first make an account and attach their resume to any application they submit.

Shell was founded in February 1907 through a merger of two rival companies. Its name is from the original Shell Transport & Trading company which was founded by Marcus Samuel together with his brother Samuel Samuel. During World War 1, it was the British Expeditionary Force’s primary supplier.  Today there are over 92,000 employees employed at Shell locations worldwide. Its Headquarters at The Hague, Netherlands. Its registered office can be found at London, United Kingdoms.

Chevron was founded in 1879 as Pacific Coast Oil Company. But in 1911, it was cut off from Standard Oil, its parent company as a result from a successful lawsuit. During this time, Pacific Coast Oil went through several name changes, before finally legally changing its name into the Chevron Corporation. Then in October 15, 2000, they had acquired Texaco, resulting in a large expansion. Today there are 64,600 employees currently hired at Chevron. Chevron locations can currently be found worldwide. Chevron’s CEO is John S. Watson. This company’s Headquarters can be found at San Ramon, California.
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