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img- Smokey Bones ApplicationThe Smokey Bones Bar and Fire Grill rose up from the ashes of its once former Darden Restaurants owners and emerged unscathed with Barbeque Integrated, Inc.  The Orlando based umbrella, Sun Capital Partners has been smoldering; acquiring the 66 stores in 17 Eastern states. Rebranding it and attracting a new customer base. It’s quickly becoming the coolest place to work. Grab a Smokey Bones application today and ignite your future.

Smokey Bones isn’t just a typical bar/restaurant job. Smokey Bones careers are unlike any other experience.  It’s more than just working for a paycheck.  If you believe in the same core values by being bold, having guts, embrace excitement rather than run from it, being nothing but yourself, owning what you do all the while with integrity and respect. Then click the link below to apply for jobs at Smokey Bones.

Who doesn’t like a bonfire? Smokey Bones is setting the bar/restaurant industry on fire with their innovative employment tactics. Their employees spark the energy in people that ignite the bonfire for success. If you’re ready to light a match and get one of the blazing hot careers, applications are always accepted. Find Smokey Bones jobs online and submit an application form.

Smokey Bones jobs are an innovating experience that comes along once in a lifetime for some, but not you. Ignite your passion for great food and great fun. Stop by one of the local restaurants for a direct application, or apply online, just download application form if you want to drop it off and check out the job description that sounds to your liking.

Smokey Bones Careers

At Smokey Bones, there are the “Firestarters” who take passion and enthusiasm to the job and create an environment that is fun, fast paced and enjoyable for customers as well as other “Firestarters.” They serve up some of the best drinks and cook the food to juicy perfection.  They are the center of the party and provide the best customer service possible.

There is no such thing as corporate within Smokey Bones careers, just restaurant support center positions. These men and women are the ones who keep the finances, marketing, training and systems running like a well-oiled machine so that the managers and Firestarters’ can focus on the most important aspect – guests.

How old do you have to be to work at Smokey Bones? Minimum age requirements are 18 due to the required responsibilities of a “Firestarter”.  The company is hiring individuals who own what they do and ignite the spark that fuels the passion that encourages enthusiasm. Get a printable application for Smokey Bones. Fill it out completely and drop it off next time you’re in the neighborhood.

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Smokey Bones benefits include vacation time that accrues the longer you work for the company, leave of absence, holidays, tuition reimbursement, a 25% meal discount, manager referral. Health saving account, vision and dental plan, individual and dependent life insurance, and short or long term disability insurance.  Grab a Smokey Bones application at any of the 60+ locations throughout the current 17 states.

Hours of Operation are every day from 11am to 1pm. Stop in for a bite off the fire grill, stay for a round of drinks and enjoy the exciting atmosphere only Smokey Bones can offer.  Think about a career with blazing job opportunities. Below you will find how to apply for Smokey Bones online.

Job Description and Salaries

Cook – a position that is in high demand. From culinary artists to grill masters these “Firestarters” are in the midst of the fire.  The kitchen is where the fire begins and by infusing energy and excitement into every dish prepared. They focus on quality meals which guarantee a great guest experience which will leave a burning desire to come back for more.  Average hourly pay is $12 – $15.

Bartender – an ability to be fast on your feet and mix tasty concoctions are just some of the qualifications you need to work behind a bar.  Being able to keep bar area stocked, comply with beverage and alcohol standards, and follow company’s responsible service of alcohol policy. The average salary is an hourly wage of up to $8 + tips.

Server – is probably the most energetic of all positions. Without the servers’ energetic display, taking orders and delivering them per company standards and customers preferences, while providing the great guest experience customers have come to expect you just can’t capture on a job description. Average hourly wage is $7 – $8 + tips.

Busser – a person who is in charge of maintaining the dining area. Making sure enough stock of glassware, dishware,  and stocking restaurant. Make sure polished silverware is available at all times. Clears off tables, cleans up spills, changes table linens, and carries bus tubs filled with dirty dishes back to dishwasher. Average hourly wage is $7 – $8.

Smokey Bones Interview Questions

After you apply online for one of Smokey Bones jobs and submit it with your resume, you will be scheduled for an interview where a manager from Smokey Bones goes over your experience and you ask pertinent questions about available jobs.

How would you describe yourself?  Be yourself. Don’t go into anything personal; keep it on a business professional level. Instead of articulating that you’re a team player show it by brief anecdotes. This question is designed to evaluate the applicant’s personality to see if it matches the overall fit of the company.

Do you have any food allergies? There is nothing worse than having hives and or going into anaphylaxis shock cause you are working with something that you’re allergic to. Depending on your sensitivity this can be a deal breaker if the company works with the very food your allergic to.

What made you apply here compared to other restaurants? This is another version of “Why do you want to work here?” Maybe you’re an avid customer and want to enjoy where you work, maybe they offer better benefits. Whatever the reason is, own up to it. Be honest, be yourself. This was a personal choice to apply here.

Do you have any tricks you use to help remember orders? Because of the busy atmosphere servers, bartenders and cooks alike tend to make up easy to remember devices to remember either what the customer ordered or what’s in the order itself. This helps reduce the stress of a busy environment when there is a lot of activity going on.

Have you dined at our establishment before? This is to see if you’re familiar with the environment, the company and the menu. It’s less of a jolt if you’re expecting a high, intense environment. If your timid this is not going to be a successful experience for you as the employees are expected to be outgoing, fun and deliver the ultimate guest service possible to surpass the guest’s expectations.

Advice For Application Process

In this case, be who you are, not who you think you should be. Your enigmatic personality should prevail this once. The hiring manager is looking for some genuine characters that exude enthusiasm. Their social ability helps ensure the customers go home wanting to come back another time; due to the food, customer service and fun attitude of the staff.

Get a printable application form online and fill out the free application in a legible manner. Make sure you address any and all questions. Then practice for the interview by using questions similar to the ones above to adjust to the reaction and response you have. Then dress in a business casual manner. The interview should take under a half an hour.

Take initiative, practice great morale boosting energy and enthusiasm. Be a team player; treat everyone with the company’s core values. Be bold in your endeavors, have guts to try something new, embrace excitement by implementing new skills and being around new people. Be who you are. Own what you do especially if you mess up; treat all with respect and integrity.

Practice various mnemonic devices to help you with your memorization skills as this will come in handy for such a fast paced environment. The repetitious world of restaurants is hectic and ever changing. Anything that helps you to retain information quickly is a blessing. When you reflect back on your first few days of the job you will understand how useful it was to learn.
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