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Shoe Show ApplicationShoe Show is a North Carolina based shoe store with a strong commitment in ensuring each customer’s shoe needs are satisfactorily met during each visit. Established in 1960 by Robert B. Tucker, this company has a long history brimming with expertise on selling quality merchandises that customers have come to expect and appreciate. After almost 56 years of industry success along with well over 1100 locations within the United States under various names, this business has proven it’s unwavering stability within the footwear realm as well as its dedication with customer satisfaction within all facets within its business.

After approximately 26 years, this leader in footwear adopted Burlington Shoes as its own, which is saying a lot given the reputation that Burlington currently had. Over the next several years, they would have bought a few other shoe establishments as well, further enlarging their presence within the footwear spectrum.

A history in successful business can only mean this company takes great pride in not only offering quality merchandise to its valued consumers, but also with hiring a staff through job opportunities which ensure operational standards within these establishments is optimal in such a way that they have only expanded and grown tremendously over the past 55 years. Their online shopping option is also quite extensive and helpful.

Their commitments do not stop there. This company has also forged a strong presence within their communities. Their dedication toward supporting varying charities throughout the country has proven their passion for upholding their core beliefs and values which have kept them at the forefront of their industry. Their record is impressive and their staff is top notch. They are always seeking passionate, self-motivated individuals who will join their professional team. You can take a first step toward your Shoe Show career today by visiting a location (you can not apply online).

Shoe Show Careers

If you desire an opportunity to become a part of the team, there are a few requirements you must be aware of if you are to heighten your chances of being hired. There may be some who are asking how old do you have to be to work at Shoe Show. Currently, the minimum age required for employment is 16-years old.

There are hourly and salary positions available at this business. Hourly positions such as sales associates or assistant managers only require a high school diploma, which is perfect for high school or college individuals seeking a leg up on learning or honing skills within this field. Generally, more experience or education will aid with higher hourly wages or more responsibility. A hiring manager will be more capable in providing more information in this regard.

Salary positions such as store managers or upper management may require a degree, leadership experience, or other helpful characteristics. Before applying, thoroughly research any positions you’re applying for and obtain a solid idea of what is required from applicants.

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Since these conditions on the hiring process may vary by location, it is always recommended that you speak with a manager during an interview regarding any hiring requirements for which you are unsure. A good rule of thumb is that you should write up a resume detailing your previous experience, employers, education, salary requirements, along with a list of questions for the manager.

Average wages, salaries, along with the benefits will vary by location. However, there are some base salaries which should give you a general idea of what one could earn as an employee. Sales associates generally earn anywhere from $7.00 per hour or more. This wage may increase depending on the education and level of experience of each individual. A manager will be able to provide a more accurate figure.

Assistant managers at this establishment can earn anywhere from $9.00 to $11.00 or more depending on levels of education or leadership experience. Upper-management roles, such as store managers, earn a salary which can start at around $38,000. Interviewing managers will provide a more accurate figure.

Benefits are offered to eligible employees depending on their employment status. Store discounts, paid vacations, insurance, and more are just the beginning to the comprehensive benefit package offered by to this company’s hard-working and dedicated employees.

Why Employees Like Working Here

Competitive Wages, Comprehensive Benefit Package, Flexible Schedules, Friendly Staff, Company Stability, Advancement Opportunities, Insurance Plans, Store Discounts on Merchandise, Retirement Plans, Stock Purchase Programs

Hours of Operation

Those planning on visiting a store to submit an application form should keep store hours in mind. Performing a web search on local stores within your area will provide accurate store hours. Hours vary by location and are as follows:

Monday 10:00am – 9:00pm, Tuesday 10:00am – 9:00pm, Wednesday 10:00am – 9:00pm, Thursday 10:00am – 9:00pm, Friday 10:00am – 9:00pm, Saturday 10:00am – 9:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Shoe Show Job Descriptions

With so many different stores under different names, there are innumerable job titles with a specific job description as well as careers at these locations across the US which one may find suitable. Each store may vary regarding job titles and roles which are open or available. Thus, you should contact your local store for more information on open positions as well as their availability.

Some common titles are constant. They are as follows:

­Cashier/Sales Associate – responsibilities include ringing up customers’ purchases, receiving payments, in addition to providing correct change. Cashiers are also responsible for maintaining a clean work area as well as bagging customer purchases while ensuring guests feel welcomed. This position requires standing for long periods of time. Therefore, associates are should remain in a physical condition which does not inhibit work required for this position.

Store Manager – responsibilities include overseeing store operations, enforcing store policies, in addition to other store requirements. Conflict resolution, problem-solving, customer complaints, along with filling in for sales associates as needed during busy store hours, performing cycle count procedures, and assisting with ensuring that their store and staff reach company set goals.

Assistant Manager/Keyholder – responsibilities include assisting store manager with store operations, overseeing staff, or other assigned tasks. Assistant managers earn an hourly wage. Conflict resolution, problem-solving, customer complaints, along with filling in for sales associates as needed during busy store hours, performing cycle count procedures, and assisting with ensuring that their store and staff reach company set goals.

Warehouse Worker – responsibilities may include stocking merchandise, unloading truck shipments, or other assigned tasks.

There may or may not be other Shoe Show jobs available at different locations. Job titles may be contingent on experience or education and will vary by location. Therefore, it is recommended that you discuss requirements for openings with a manager upon submission of your application. If you possess leadership skills, degrees, certificates, or any other helpful training which will assist you in obtaining the position you seek, you should bring that documentation with you as it may assist in a higher wage or more responsibility at the workplace. More information can be found at the link/links below.

Shoe Show Interview

A direct application may be found inside the store. When visiting a store to submit your free application, be sure to dress in professional attire to increase your chances of receiving an on-spot interview with a manager. While it may be easier for some to complete this process online, keep in mind that there currently is no download application form, printable application form, or online application form for this chain of stores. Candidates must visit the location where work is desire in order to submit applications and request an interview rather than applying for Shoe Show jobs online.

Advice For Application Process

Applying for Shoe Show jobs or Shoe Show careers does require a bit of work, as they are quite strict on who they add onto their team. After so many years within this industry, they are certainly aware of what sort of additions to their team would continually be an asset to their success.

For those seeking information on how to apply for Shoe Show online, you may encounter a bit of a challenge in doing so. There currently is no Shoe Show job application online nor is there a printable application for Shoe Show. However, interested applicants are encouraged to visit a store local to them in order to obtain and submit a Shoe Show application.

Individuals may also perform a web search through third party websites where they may apply for jobs at Shoe Show online. For the best chances of receiving a possible interview immediately after submitting your application, it is recommended that one who desires to take the first step toward Shoe Show jobs or Shoe Show careers should visit a location and submit their Shoe Show application directly to the manager.

Every business has its share of competitors. This company is no exception. Two direct competitors of this footwear outlet would be Puma and Footlocker. While these competitors are well-established businesses within the footwear industry, just how good are they?

Puma is known for their name-brand shoes in an array of athletic styles. However, their prices are less than favorable. Additionally, Puma is limited by manufacturing and distributing only footwear displaying the Puma logo, which may be a downside for those in search of an array of styles and brands when it comes to shoes.

Footlocker is another well-established business within this field. However, their product selection is limited to athletic footwear as well. If a consumer is searching for heels or flat, casual shoes, they are out of luck. The prices at Footlocker are likewise just as “pretty” as the athletic footwear they sell, thus, rendering them just outside of the affordability consumers seek.
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