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Shell ApplicationShell Oil Company is easily recognized throughout the United States. What is not so widely known, however, is that this franchise is actually a subsidiary of a multinational corporation that is amongst one of the largest oil suppliers in the entire world.

The U.S. operated Shell Oil Company is largely independent of its father company, which is Anglo-Dutch based. In 1984 the Netherlands operation moved to purchase remaining U.S. assets, which totaled about 30% of their shares. Though there was some initial opposition, their move was successful, but the Shell organization still operates largely independent.

Today, nearly 22,000 Shell workers are employed throughout the U.S. It is a market leader in oil and natural gas provisions, with over 25,000 Shell gas stations in the country alone. Their products range from oil and fuel to card services. They also delve into refinement of petroleum products. Their estimated revenue total during 2014 was $2.14 billion.

Boasting one of the most wide-scale operations on the planet, benefits for working with Shell Oil Company are too numerous to count. Experience, connections, and expanded working skills all come to mind. This company offers a vast expanse of job opportunities, as well as numerous chances for relocation. With such a widely recognized brand, benefits of employment are truly intriguing.

For those interested in Shell Oil Company jobs, continue reading this article. Plenty of helpful information is provided, all designed towards helping job seekers gain an upper hand during an application process. Links are given towards the bottom, designating both an online application and a printable application form for those looking to submit a direct application at a local store. If you are considering joining a worldwide franchise, now is your chance to start your Shell career.

Shell Careers

How old do you have to be to work at Shell Oil Company? In order to work their entry-level jobs, which typically means employment at their gas stations, applicants must be 18 years of older because of a presence of tobacco products.

Other than this general requirement, specific job requirements will vary by position. For jobs listed in this article’s previous section, a college degree in a related field is preferred. However, certain jobs listed may also value experience in a related field.

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As most locations are gas stations, operating hours will fluctuate wildly. Generally speaking, stations attempt 24 hour service, but some locations cannot achieve this, choosing to close around midnight. Contact your local Shell station to determine more specific hours of operation, and submit a free application while you’re at it!

Shell Job Descriptions

Shell Oil Company careers have seemed to blossom of late. This franchise is so overwhelming that there are literally hundreds of potential job titles available. All you must do is submit a Shell job application online to be immediately considered.

What follows are a variety of job postings available right now. Those who find a job description they feel qualified for should continue reading to find a printable application for Shell Oil Company.

Sector Marketing Manager

A higher-tier position, these employees work creatively toward developing company marketing strategies for the lubrication business. This includes assessing competitors, strategic pricing, as well as lead generation.

Intrigued individuals should consider themselves intellectual as well as creative. Marketing involves a knowledge of current popular trends, so applicants must demonstrate a finger on the community marketing pulse. They must then conform these trends towards promoting Shell business. These individuals will also be responsible for managing team members, so they must display adequate leadership capabilities.

Those capable of meeting these general responsibilities should follow this article’s provided links. Submit a Shell Oil Company job application online using our provided resources and you may very well have a career you can be proud of.

Offshore Electrician

As an oil company, this franchise owns and operates offshore drilling platforms. Understandably, a need frequently arises for employee maintenance on these platforms. That is where this position comes into play.

Offshore electricians should be experienced in their fields. They should be comfortable with responsibilities such as repairing motor control circuitry, alarm systems, switch-gear equipment, among many other general troubleshooting tasks. These individuals should be good with their hands, and familiar with circuitry. This position also entails reading electrical drawings, as well as troubleshooting any offshore platform problems that may arise.

Hiring managers will look for problem fixers with electrical pedigrees. If this fits your description you should apply online following links provided below. Job opportunities at Shell are plentiful, so starting employment in the oil industry may only be a click away.

Human Resources Account Manager

While maintenance of physical offshore equipment is surely required within an oil company, so too is maintenance of its employees. HR Account Managers aid in training employees, performance management, along with all employee relations.

When employees have issues they report to Human Resources Managers. This means individuals applying for this position should have strong communication skills. They should also boast strong grievance resolution qualities, meaning they can put an end to any strife that presents itself within an employee base.

In general, these employees are responsible for providing full Human Resources support for their respective company. This is a generalization because it entails a general job with a wide variety of responsibilities on its plate. Applicants should feel confident under pressure, as well as confident in their ability to deal with or manage other employees.

If this job description sounds appealing, continue reading for a download application form. From there you can find hiring locations nearby and immediately apply for jobs at Shell Oil Company.

Shell Interview Questions

If you are lucky, you’ll receive an interview request. For many first time workers, this is a particularly frightening step. Relax. All that matters is you come prepared. Dress your best, after all it leaves a more positive impression than showing up underdressed. Also, practice some interview questions beforehand.

Here are some included example questions:

  • What aspect of this company’s history inspires you?
  • What area would you like to work in and why?
  • How long would you work for us?
  • Can you work weekends or holidays?
  • Do you have any electrical or engineering experience?
  • What makes you the right fit for us?

Become comfortable answering questions about yourself. Answer in a self-assured, natural manner. You want them to know how sure you are this is a perfect fit. If you convey that notion, chances are they will believe it as well.

When everything has wound up, stick around for a few follow-up questions. Ask them when you may hear back from them, then type up a follow-up email when that date nears. This is a last chance to stick in their minds; give them another dose of personality. More often than not, this will give you some added oomph.

Advice For Application Process

Shell jobs can be easy pickings, especially if you know how to apply for Shell online. Anyone interested should continue reading this section for sound application advice, as well as explore provided links. Filling out an application should be simple. Make a point of being concise; avoid wordiness in your sections. Over-wordiness will only convey a need for over embellishment. You are applying for this job because you feel you deserve it, remember that.

Also, list any relevant past experience you can muster up. Sometimes even past experience you may not initially consider applicable can contain underlying applicable moments of learning. Search for such opportunities. Anything you can include may help boast your application.

As a final note before submitting an application, also attach a cover letter. The benefits of such an action are beyond measure. While an application is concise, a cover letter offers a chance for expanded communication. Tell them about yourself; convey your personality or why this job interests you. Do not include more than a full page, however.

Follow this advice for Shell jobs, or any jobs, and you’ll be employed in no time. Those looking for Shell Oil Company jobs online should follow provided links in the following section. Included are helpful videos along with Shell’s official page. Enjoy!
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