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Ryan's ApplicationRyan’s is a well-established family-style buffet offering an array of food choices for nearly every member of your family. A subsidiary of Ovation Brands, Inc. (formerly Buffets Inc.) this famous eatery is known by their comfortable environment, friendly staff, as well as affordable prices.

Founded in 1977 by Alvin McCall, this buffet chain is an industry leader, topping performances relating to sales growth in August 2013, dubbing them with “best annual same store comp sales performance in eight years”! This proves an unfaltering stability with this franchise along with their commitment in guest satisfaction.

This fine diner has a very strong online presence which helps their loyal customers remain informed about business functions, specials, discounts, events, etc. Gift cards are also available as gifts or personal treats. Each week, on Monday, this restaurant hosts an appreciation geared toward those who serve in our nation’s military. What better way can they show our soldiers that they care than through an affordable all-you-can-eat buffet?

Do you enjoy games or contests? This restaurant always has online, in-store games, plus contests for its guests to participate in. Their prizes include flat screen televisions, paid vacations at theme parks, etc. Entering is as easy as visiting their official website, then entering your information. You may also ‘like’ their Facebook page or follow them on LinkedIn to remain abreast of company functions in addition to participating in exclusive contests.

Ovation Brands, Inc. also governs other buffet chains including Old Country Buffet, HomeTown Buffet, Fire Mountain, and Country Buffet which are generally located within the Midwestern and southern part of this country. They welcome large groups while also encouraging regulars to sign up for their Crave Club where they will receive coupons through text message or e-mail. Visiting their website using any links below will provide more detailed information.

Ryan’s jobs or Ryan’s careers provide an opening for entry-level as well as experienced individuals alike to grow within the culinary industry. As an equal opportunity employer, Ovation Brands, Inc. hires candidates from many different walks of life. This diversity creates a melting pot of friendly staff who are able to relate with nearly each guest who visits, making each individual experience memorable. Curious about how to apply for jobs at Ryan’s? You can begin by using links below to submit an online application.

Ryan’s Careers

Hiring requirements will obviously vary by location for those seeking employment or possess a desire for working in this industry. However, there are a few basic conditions potential candidates must keep in mind when inquiring about applying. Just how old do you have to be to work at Ryan’s? Applicants must be at least 16 years or older. Entry-level opportunities are available to candidates with little to no experience who possess a strong desire to learn and grow within the food industry. Entry-level positions generally require a high school diploma. Experience is helpful with possibly negotiating a higher wage. High school students are encouraged in applying for these positions.

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Some positions require guest interaction while others do not. Servers, bar attendants, and cashiers generally interact very often with visiting guests. These positions are ideal for those who enjoy providing customer service and do not mind talking to strangers on a regular basis. Cooks and manager positions require less customer engagement and are ideal for those who prefer to work behind the scenes.

Whether you have experience or not, there are opportunities available where nearly anyone can fit in comfortably. Before applying make note of any requirements or conditions which need to be met before you apply as a precaution.

Wages/Salaries and benefits vary by location and differ by job title within this company. Experience and education, or lack thereof, also play a vital role in pay rates and benefit packages offered to eligible employees. More accurate wage or benefit information can be learned through a manager during an interview. A general idea of wages/salaries are as follows:

Cashier – $8.00 – $15.00 per hour

Cook/Baker – $8.00 – $10.00 per hour

Food Bar Attendant – $8.00 – $10.00 per hour

Server – $2.00 – $5.00 per hour (gratuities make up a great deal of a server’s income which means the better your customer service skills, the more guests will tip)

Management – managers generally earn an annual salary of anywhere from $38,000 and $55,000

Keep in mind that hiring requirements vary by location. Contacting the store is an ideal way of learning what hiring conditions entail. If you possess a degree, certification, or training which may assist a manager with considering your application, be sure you bring that documentation along with you upon submitting your free application or when completing your Ryan’s application online.

Ryan’s Job Descriptions

Job titles, along with their job descriptions, vary by location within this industry. However, as far as job opportunities, one may apply for crew member, management, or corporate Ryan’s jobs/Ryan’s careers by visiting their official website which will provide more information on how to apply for Ryan’s online.

Common job titles include hourly positions within these following areas:

Cashier – cashier responsibilities include greeting guests upon entering, delivering their “6 Steps of Cashier Hospitality” (taught during training), collecting payments, providing change, as well as maintaining cleanliness of their area.

Cook/Baker – cook responsibilities include preparing and cooking food/baked goods which guests consume in their dining area. Other tasks may include maintaining a clean and sanitary work area.

Dishwasher/Utility – dishwashers are responsible for cleansing and sanitizing flatware, silverware, and pans that food is kept in as well as equipment. Dishwashers/Utility are held responsible for overall cleanliness and aesthetics of this diner.

Food Bar/Attendant – food bar/attendant responsibilities include ensuring all bar/buffet items remain fully stocked along with their area being kept clean for guests. These attendants are also responsible with addressing of inquiries from guests.

Food Preparation – food preps are responsible with putting together salads along with their accompanying dressings, spices, and sides. Responsibilities for cleanliness are also a vital part of this job description.

Server – servers are the proverbial meat and potatoes of this restaurant. Responsibilities include greeting guests in a friendly manner, making yourself available for questions or concerns, cleaning tables/floors, and deliver the all-important “3 Steps of Server Hospitality” (taught during training). Restocking of the server area is also a vital part of this job description.

If you find yourself interested in joining this dedicated yet passionate team of professionals, begin by submitting your Ryan’s application today.

Advice For Application Process

When you are ready to submit your Ryan’s job application online or direct application, the process is fairly straightforward about how you can apply online. Visiting their official website is a wise first step where you may view Ryan’s jobs online. Be sure that you bear in mind specific qualifications each position requires (i.e. more education, sales experience, customer service experience, a degree, etc.). If your skillset matches with a specific position, submitting an application within that job title in mind is wise.

Upon visiting their official website, click the “People & Careers” link toward the top of this page. This will redirect you and you will be able to view open positions and job descriptions. You will notice that current employees have an opportunity to apply for different positions within the company. Simply click the radial button next to the statement which applies and click “Apply Now!” While there is no printable application for Ryan’s, the next few pages which will populate are designed to guide applicants through the application process with ease.

Though there is no printable application form or download application form, you may always visit a local restaurant where you can receive, fill out, and submit an application in-person. This will enable you to meet with a manager and will give you an advantage as you will be able to build a quick relationship with the manager while possibly requesting an on-the-spot interview. Dressing in business professional attire is mandatory when submitting an application in person as well as bringing along your resume along with any other helpful documentation you can provide. Managers generally review all applications that are submitted but may not be able capable of reviewing them all. So, if you submit your application online, you can call the store so a manager can pull up your application and may schedule an interview if your skills match what they are looking for.

Following these simple tips will help you submit an application successfully, dress appropriately, communicate effectively, and land the job you seek. To begin, follow the link below and start your application now!

Every company has its own competitors. This buffet is not any different within that aspect. Two competitors within the same industry as this restaurant are Shoney’s and Sweet Tomato. Though both of these chains are buffets as well, how do they fair when compared to an industry leader?

Shoney’s is a private buffet chain founded by Alex Schoenbaum in 1947 West Virginia. While their food may be fairly good, there are not as many locations throughout the country. When referencing things such as customer service, there is a reason why Shoney’s has not earned the title of “industry leader”.

Sweet Tomato is a soup/salad/bakery buffet specializing in those 3 choices. Established in 1978, this Souplantation subsidiary has made quite a name for itself. However, when it comes to good, hometown cooking, salads nor soups will cut it. Those in search of salads, soups, as well as some soulful cooking wouldn’t be very satisfied at Sweet Tomato when they can have all of that plus more at Ryan’s.

Though many companies would boast about being an “industry leader” none were awarded that title for consistent store performance lasting more than seven years except for Ryan’s. This company’s resiliency is impressive, their dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled, their commitment to fresh, hand-crafted entrees is unmatched. They set the standard for buffet-style dining across the country.
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