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Quiznos ApplicationQuiznos is a popular franchised restaurant chain known for its tasty, toasted sub sandwiches. With its diverse menu and dedication to quality, Quiznos differentiates itself with a unique, special approach to the time-tested sub. The offer is simple: great subs at a great price.

Serving its hungry patrons in locations spanning North America and the rest of the world, this restaurant’s brand expanded significantly from its origins in Denver, Colorado, where the idea for the Quiznos signature subs first hatched. See the Quiznos Job Application below to apply.

For three decades, this franchise earned a devoted following for its oven-baked sandwiches. Utilizing quality meats and bold recipes, they served countless orders of their distinguished sub to customers from around the world, from California to Dubai.

It is the proud attention to detail that makes Quiznos a fun and challenging place to work. For those hoping for a job both challenging and rewarding, this restaurant franchise delivers. Expect to wear many hats throughout the day as Quiznos requires team members to work with one another to crank out the famed lunch experience they are known for catering towards. Crew members work together to achieve their goals, meaning Quiznos jobs’ entail a playful and highly interactive experience.

Quiznos also highly values respect and individuality, fostering a fun and open work environment. The company enlists their employees and franchisees from a wide array of differing backgrounds. This strengthens their resolve to serving the best meals possible with dedicated and compassionate team members. A recent corporate restructuring ensures a new-found stability for Quiznos employees, making this restaurant-chain a smart choice for the future. Since each franchise has its unique traits.

If this strikes you as the kind of work environment you desire to be apart of, a place that rewards teamwork and a zest for a job well done, apply to Quiznos today and become a member of their team!

Quiznos Careers

At Quiznos, the position of restaurant crew member is an entry-level job. How old do you have to be to work at Quiznos? Well, all applicants must be of the age of 16 or higher but certain positions (such as delivery driver or manager) require you to be of 18 years or older. This sub sandwich restaurant looks for qualities of adaptability, outgoing friendliness, and an appreciation of a fast-paced environment.

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Managers are looking for employees who can prioritize their work and be a team-player, meaning works well with others. Traits such as ambition and goal-oriented resolve are useful anywhere and Quiznos is no exception. For franchise locations that offer delivery, the position of delivery driver is available to crew members of 18 years or older. Eligibility depends on the demonstrative ability to manage time efficiently and the possession of reliable transportation.

Managerial applicants must have prior experience in the food industry and have demonstrated superlative leadership skills. Prior management experience will always be a plus and potential applicants must too be of the age of at least 18. The wage for crew members range depending on the location. While wages for this entry-level position may start at minimum wage,  in accordance to the respective State, the average reported wage falls around $8.18 per hour with room to grow.

Managers may start at $10.00 per hour but there are many reported instances of yearly income for managerial positions rising above $35,000. As a Quiznos employee, you are privy to a number of benefits including free or discounted meals (dependent on location), complimentary uniforms, and paid training. The restaurant franchise offers benefits packages to full-time employees, subject to career or franchising status. These benefits typically extend to a 401(k), and medical, dental, and life insurance options.

Here are some additional facts about the toasted-sub sandwich restaurant chain, Quiznos, that may prove useful, either in the interview or application process or in general.

The first-ever iteration of the famed sandwich shop opened its doors in 1981 in Denver, Colorado by founder Jimmy Lambatos. He had much experience as a chef having founded restaurants in that area before. However, Quiznos had a special appeal with its unique toasted subs and soon developed a cult following. The restaurant soon launched its own chains.

By 1997, Quiznos became one of the largest sandwich chains in the world with well over 250 locations. Word of Quiznos rise to fame gripped the sandwich-consuming community. Quiznos became a staple, known for its commercials and remained popular as a relatively healthy lunch alternative. The 2000’s saw Quiznos further expand into new territories beyond North America. A recent restructuring allowed the company to move forward from the recession into a bold new space of sub-sandwich artistry.

Quiznos Job Descriptions

Since they do not offer an online application form, if you are interested in career opportunities at Quiznos, the best place to start is by contacting a local franchise near you. This is relevant for all aspiring crew members or managers. To find the closest locations within your proximity, you can use the company location tracker shown under the Application Link section below.

Quiznos seeks a fun and energetic staff to meet its cheery and fast-paced atmosphere. Potential employees must be comfortable with a shifting, dynamic environment. If this sounds like it would suit you, take a look at the positions and their job description below.


Restaurant Crew Member

This position entails a wealth of responsibility from food preparation, greeting and serving customers, and operating the register. For an amiable, hard-working recruit, this entry-level job registers as a perfect match. Potential workers must have the ability to lift heavy objects and maintain a cheerful and approachable disposition when interacting with customers and co-workers alike, while remaining professional at all times.

Delivery Driver

Many locations offer delivery services and the role of delivery driver is often assumed by team members, provided they meet or exceed the age requirement of 18-years-old. Aspiring delivery drivers must demonstrate effective time management and navigation skills. Drivers have the ability to collect tips but the availability and processes of these jobs depend on the franchise location.


Those who have demonstrated excellence and extraordinary leadership qualities in the food service industry before, and can prove as such on their resume, may qualify for a management position. Organizational and administrative prowess is a must.

Quiznos offers their managers a competitive payscale, starting at $10.00 per hour but exceeding, in some instances, over $35,000 per year. Responsibilities include hiring and training new employees, meeting the food prep and customer service demands, and striving to increase the restaurant’s profitability. If you feel up to the task, than you would be perfect for a managerial position.


If you wish, and are qualified, for a corporate position, you can apply online at their website, also shown at the link under the applicable section below. The availability of these jobs are limited and many have specific education and work-experience requirements depending on the position. You will have to complete the company site’s registration process before being granted access to the online application form.

Advice For Application Process

If you are interested in Quiznos jobs, the best way to begin is to get in touch. While corporate does not supply an online or printable application form for team members, contacting your local franchise is a great way to start to apply for jobs at Quiznos. Make a call or check your local listings to see who is hiring in your area. The adage proves true: you don’t know until you ask. To re-iterate, the company site offers a franchise locator. We have provided the link under the “Company Links” section.

Make sure your resume and CV is up-to-date and all the information is relevant. Being sociable and out-going during the interview process is a great way to display the desirable qualities required for the customer service portion. When filling out applications, do so in a neat and accurate manner.

For managerial positions, you should include opportunities you have had to demonstrate outstanding leadership skills as well as prior experience in the food industry. Any administrative or organizational responsibilities you may have had in your professional experience are also relevant.

For Quiznos Jobs Online, you have the ability to apply at the corporate website. We provide the link under the “Company Links” section below. These jobs might require a girth of academic and professional prerequisites depending on the position and relative job description. Working at Quiznos will expose you to other similar restaurants with similar aims. Far from having a stranglehold on the toasted sub market, several franchises wade through the fun and competitive industry of Grade-A sandwich making.

Subway is a well-known alternative that specializes in its own brand of New York style sub sandwiches, and Jason’s Deli has been serving up its own unique take on traditionally lunch cuisine for years. Subway is pervasive and offers each member the opportunity to be a “sandwich artist.” Jason’s Deli focuses on healthy options.
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