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img- Pilot Flying J ApplicationPilot Flying J is a chain of truck stops located in the United States and Canada. It was initially founded as Pilot Travel Centers in 1993, but in 2009 the Pilot company bought all the Flying J truck stops and the two companies merged to form Pilot Flying J. How to apply for Pilot Flying J online: a link to a printable application for Pilot Flying J can be found at the bottom, which will show you how to apply for jobs at Pilot Flying J.

Pilot Flying J is the largest purveyor of over-the-road diesel fuel in the United States. It is also known as the largest Travel Center chain in the country with over 550 locations under the Pilot and Flying J brands. It is also the third largest franchiser of fast food services in the U.S. Most of the company’s restaurants do not utilize full-service dining, although a select few do so.

Pilot Flying J’s main restaurants include Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Denny’s, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Cinnabon. It has also recently added Huddle House and Moe’s Southwest Grill to its locations. A combination of these restaurants are located at its various truck stop locations.

The organization now has over 650 stores across the United States Canada, employing over 40,000 people. Its stores offer a variety of trucking and restaurant services. If you value ensuring that customers have excellent service, and are interested in working in either the restaurant or trucking industry, fill out your Pilot Flying J application for employment.

Pilot Flying J Careers

Many employees have found that the company is a great place to work because they offer all sorts of benefits. Employees receive typical benefits like medical/dental insurance, paid time off and 401k plans. There are many job opportunities available online, to find them just look through positions found in the career section of its website. Some jobs are: Restaurant Server, Cashier, Coffe Host, and Line Cook.

The company has many management positions available nationwide. Management employees receive full packages of employee benefits up to industry standards. Some Pilot Flying J careers are: Assistant Manager, Restaurant Manager, and General Manager. To apply to Pilot Flying J jobs online, follow the links below to download application form and fill out the direct application. 

How old do you have to be to work at Pilot Flying J? Most positions require that employees be at least 16 years old, although you must be 18 for some of them. Its hours of operation vary with the local store and are not constant, so check the website to find them. To get started on Pilot Flying J applications, find the online application or printable application form below and then apply online and submit your resume.

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Job Descriptions & Salaries

Restaurant Server – Servers typically are the ones who wait tables, take customer food requests and provide excellent customer service. They must have extremely outgoing and carefree personalities, as they must ensure that customers have a good time. Supervisors typically earn about 8-10$ per hour. 

Retail/Restaurant Cashier – Retail and restaurant cashiers are responsible for providing customers with fast and friendly service at either the sales counter or at restaurants. Other responsibilities are to manage shelves and inventory, operate cash registers, and maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the store. Cashiers usually make around 8$ – 9$ per hour.

Managing Partner – Managing partners must be able to fit all of the pieces of the restaurant puzzle together. They must lead the overall operations of the restaurant and be experts in all dimensions. Managing Partners ensure a personalized experience is provided to each customer, each time. They also make sure the team environment is healthy and all customers have a positive experience. Typically they earn a salary of about 45,000$ to 50,000$ per year.

Retail General Manager – The responsibilities of a Retail General Manager are to ensure that customer expectations are met, to conduct meetings with subordinate employees, and to maintain effective vendor relationships. Their job description also includes guiding their staff, organizing payroll, and making sure the areas they oversee are always in great condition. Managers usually make anywhere between 55,000$ and 60,000$ per year.

Pilot Flying J Interview Questions

Here are some of the interview questions you should prepare for after filling out a free application:

Why do you want to work for Pilot Flying J? This is a usual question that you should be prepared for at any position of employment. You should make sure to do research about the local store you are applying to and make sure you know exactly what it is they do and sell.

“What would you do to go above and beyond in providing customer service in order to encourage patrons to revisit your location? Highlight your relevant work experience. If you apply as a manager, make sure to highlight your past management experience. Make sure to describe a specific example in the past where you went above and beyond. 

Are you available to work varied shifts? The company gives higher value to employees whose schedules are flexible and easily adjustable.

What is your best quality? The company asks questions like these to figure out a candidate’s strengths. They are not looking for bragging, they want an applicant’s honest assessment of his/her own strengths.

Applicants for management positions usually see questions like these: “Can you describe how you would deal with a problem that needs immediate attention?” and “Tell me about yourself.” Questions like these are attempting to find out how well you would take the initiative as a manager to improve the store and ensure better sales.

Advice For Application Process

Candidates for jobs may submit hiring requests both online and in-person at a local travel center. Recruiters will usually call candidates to schedule initial interviews. Promising candidates will attend either one-on-one interviews or panel interviews with multiple managers. The process will usually last from one to four weeks, depending on the position. Most beginning job hopefuls usually go through a single interview and spend less than a week through the procedure.

Some candidates receive job offers after the first meeting. Managerial candidates typically go through a longer hiring process, beginning with phone screening and then having two or three meetings with upper management. Occasionally, potential managers spend a day shadowing current managers to get a feel for daily tasks and responsibilities.

Applicants who display an ability to maintain a customer-focused culture are more likely to be hired by the company. Job seekers who display an aptitude for self-motivation, team-oriented work and excellent customer service will stand apart from other applicants. Make sure to wear professional clothing to all interviews.

Always attempt to maintain eye contact with every interviewer, and make sure to answer each question while showing any knowledge of the industry you may have. Although most job hopefuls will get a job offer at the end of an interview, make sure to follow up with a manager a few days after to confirm job status.
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