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img- Old Country Buffet ApplicationOld Country Buffet is owned by Ovation brands as a joint venture that includes Hometown Buffet, and Ryan’s brands. The Corporate headquarters is located in Greer, SC with a Corporate Support Center in Eagan, MN. They employ 17,000 team members and serve approximately a 100 million customers annually.  Get an Old Country Buffet application today and join our growing family.

Due to a company overhaul several years ago and the hiring of a turnaround CEO, the partner restaurants which make up the new Ovation brand, have increased sales and have been steadily growing. Employment is as easy as filling out an Old Country Buffet job application online. The application link is provided below.

Whether you apply for jobs at Old Country Buffet through direct application or through Old Country Buffet jobs online you’re opening up job opportunities in your career with a company which is destined to continue to experience an increased growth in the coming years.  Go online for information on Old Country Buffet careers including job descriptions and responsibilities.

Here are some fun facts about the company. The current CEO of Ovation brand was featured on a reality TV show called Undercover Boss. Old Country Buffet was not one of the stores the show was focused on however. They serve 85 million rolls, 52 million servings of mashed potatoes, 6 million pounds of steak and 47 million pounds of chicken a year.

Old Country Buffet Careers

Old Country Buffet careers are mostly provided by the team members that inhabit the restaurant. Their employees are what make the company great. Working for a fun, fast paced industry that sets the stage for other restaurant chains to follow is exciting. Look below on the application link on how to apply for Old Country Buffet online or download application form and drop it off at your local restaurant.

The restaurant’s corporate support jobs are a bit different from other Old Country Buffet jobs in the fact they are comprised of diverse, driven and capable team members. It’s imperative to the success of the company to make the corporate support team as strong as the operational teams. They meet daily to provide guests with everything and more.

How old do you have to be to work at Old Country Buffet? Due to management and company regulations the minimum age is 18. This allows the hiring manager to find the employees with the best customer service experience.  When online you can find an application form for Old Country Buffet jobs.  Applications are accepted at any location for your convenience as well.

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The most common benefits provided to employees are an employee discount, paid vacation if you can get more than 29 hours, flexible scheduling, opportunity for advancement and paid training. Apply online for Old Country Buffet jobs. If you prefer a printable application for Old Country Buffet, you can fill it out return it with a copy of your resume to one of several locations.

Hours of operation are varied; Monday thru Thursday is 11am to 8:30pm, Friday 11am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 9pm, Sunday 8am to 8:30pm. If you dream of working for an established company that is reinventing its image, and restructuring its commitment and giving a makeover to its many locations then grab an Old Country Buffet application. You can find a printable application form online.

Job Description & Salary

General Manager – Should be outstanding, customer service oriented, accustomed to a diverse environment. Candidates must have 4 years’ experience in restaurant operations. They are responsible for managing and supervising overall operation of store.  Grab a free application form and enjoy having a hand in a company which is reinventing itself and going forward into the future.  Average salary is $48,000 a year.

Cashier – The cashier needs to be good with math while incorporating company’s standards of excellent customer service.  The responsibilities are to man a POS terminal, taking customer orders, answer customer questions and memorizing everything on the menu and what each contains for those customers with food allergies. The average pay is $8 an hour.

Waitress/Waiter – Take orders and ensure customers are well accommodated. Make sure the company policies on food handling and food preparation are carried out. Should suggest or upsell customers on daily specials, dessert or beverages, etc… while providing 100% customer service satisfaction. Relay customer orders to kitchen efficiently so that every food order is processed in the order it was taken. The average pay is $7 and hour.

Food Bar Manager – Make sure the food bar is totally stocked throughout the shift. Food Bar is monitored and replenished to company’s food handling, safety, and food preparation for customers to help themselves except in areas which food is cooked on the spot to customers’ preference. The average pay is approximately $8 an hour.

Old Country Buffet Interview Questions

The questions asked during the interview are designed so employment can be offered to the right applicant who has shown they have what it takes to be a team member.

If a guest’s meal was wrong and the guest was upset, how would you handle it? This is one of those questions that require you to think prior to answering. The interviewer wants to see how you handle common customer service issues. By Old Country Buffet’s philosophy of “Walk the talk” applies here. Just because you lined your resume about providing great customer service, give anecdotes on your experience.

What does “hospitality” mean to you? They want honest answers here. Some people exude confidence with soft skills such as hospitality. Others, no matter how hard they try, just don’t have it. Explain what it means to you.  Hospitality is the core to any great restaurant. It is the basis for customer service.

Do you have any life goals? This is a question designed to find out what, if any aspirations the applicant has towards a future within the industry. Do they see themselves in a management position later on, if they are just starting out? Is this a temporary job till the applicant decides what it is they really want to do?

Why do you want to work here? What is it that draws you to work for this company? Be honest. Is it the training, the benefits, the recognition of being on board of a company which is reinventing itself and striving to exceed in customer service. This is a common interview question.

What is important to you? Money or working at Old Country Buffet.  This is where reality hits home. You’re pitted between reality (the need for money) and the basis for a possible career. Which do you choose? This is designed to see if it’s worth training you. They don’t want to invest in training you if you’re just in it for a few paychecks.

Advice For Application Process

Always dress for success. Business casual attire is acceptable for most interviews less it’s a corporate job you’re after. Dressing for success can increase your self-esteem which raises your confidence level. Go in thinking you already got the job. Smile, be enthusiastic. Nothing sells confidence like an enthusiastic person who smiles. It’s your best weapon in your arsenal.

Write legibly. When filling out the application, do not leave any spaces blank. If they are not applicable, write N/A instead of leaving it blank this creates a cohesive look to your employment application.  This shows you have read thru each question instead of ignoring those which don’t apply to your situation.

The Old Country Buffet interview is rather conversational in tone and candid. It’s very informal. It takes less than a half an hour. Having a resume prepared at the time of submitting an application helps the interviewer glance over your qualifications quickly. The chances of an offer of employment vary from immediately following the interview to a couple days after.

Go online and research Old Country Buffet prior to the interview if you can. This will help you understand what it is they are looking for in a potential candidate. With this knowledge you can show how your past experiences can help further both your goals and that of the company. By developing questions of your own you are showing essential leadership skills.
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