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img- Kum And Go ApplicationIn light of recent news Kum & Go convenience stores have overhauled and rebranded their iconic name this time focusing on the quaint symbol that has become as iconic as the store name. The “&” icon is making a resurgence and exemplifying what the store’s core values are.  To do more than just a job get a Kum & Go application and discover what makes them so different.

What started out in 1959 has evolved into a driving force which is motivated to be the # 1 convenience retailer in the U.S. With more than 430 locations in 11 states, serves over 480,000 customers a day. The company is the largest retailer for the E85 fuel which lowers the emissions.  Use the applications link below to apply for jobs at Kum & Go.

Kum & Go is a privately owned, company operated convenience store chain that believes in doing more for its customers and giving back to its communities, donating 10% of its profits to area charities and local communities. This is why their new motto “Where & is more!” resonates with their customers. Find all Kum & Go careers online as well as the job descriptions and responsibilities.

With the new branding Kum & Go will surely be able to grow a stronger customer base and expand quickly. Bringing superior customer service and doing more than the customer expects creates loyalty. Grab a Kum & Go application, apply for any one of the Kum & Go jobs, and submit your resume with the application form at any of the locations near you.

Kum & Go Careers

Retail jobs are the base of the company without it the company would not have grown as much as it has. From cashiers and sales clerks to management Kum & Go is always looking for friendly smiles and people with a passion for retail. With competition at its highest for decent careers, set yourself apart, come to an open interview and bring your direct application for the position you want.

Corporate careers are the behind the scenes jobs known as the Store Support Center. If interested make sure you submit a resume to Kum & Go jobs online, or download application form and drop off at your local store. If you’re selected for a Store Support Center position please make sure you have submitted a resume with current contact info.

How old do you have to be to work at Kum & Go? The applicant must be at least 18 years old or older to be considered for employment. This helps the company provide the customer with more by reducing the costs of employee turnaround. It also guarantees the consumer will be given exceptional customer service due to the employee already having been trained in such a capacity.

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Benefits include medical/dental insurance, vision coverage, long and short term disability, military deployment pay, paid holidays, 401(k), flexible spending accounts, vacation/sick days and life insurance.  Not a bad employment package with a competitive salary. The company is always hiring, looking for only the best and brightest to deliver quality customer service. Get a printable application for Kum & Go and envision working in your chosen career in a growing industry.

Hours of Operation are round the clock. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This provides the privately owned convenience store chain ample opportunity to incorporate their new branding efforts focusing on the “&” icon to represent what their customers can expect more. Get a printable application form and fill it out legibly and drop off at your nearest neighborhood store.

Job Description and Salaries

Sales Associate – must have excellent customer service skills, friendly demeanor, ability to assess customer needs, operate machines, perform basic math, order inventory, stock and price products, lift 60 pounds or more, stand for long periods of time, bend repeatedly at the knees and walk quickly back and forth from back of store to front of store, and stare for long periods at a computer screen. Average wage is $8.76/hour.

Food Service Associate – provide fast and friendly customer service, assess customer needs, greet and interact with customers, adhere to food safety standards, prepare food according to standard procedures, face and front products, navigate small spaces, and stand for at least 8 hours per day. Assist in training of other Food Service Associates. Average wage is $8.50.

General Manager – responsibilities include but not limited to recruit, hire and train to develop the best personnel. Coach and develop a team which surpasses customer needs with excellent service.  Identify targets and trends to better the company. Assess store condition. Maximize store sales with merchandise programs and point of sale materials.  Average wage is $45,100/year.

Cashier – this position requires basic math skills, learning a computerized cash register. Reset pumps. Greet customers. Provide superior customer service and strive to go above customers’ expectations. Man a POS terminal, make change, and keep area around counter clean. Average wage is $8.50/hour. For information on how to apply for Kum and Go online go to the link below. To find job opportunities for Kum & Go jobs apply online.

Kum and Go Interview Questions

One line sentence

Can you handle being on your feet continuously for 8 hours straight or more? This question is a not usually a problem. Most of the people like to stay busy enough that if they stand all day it’s not such a chore because they had something to fill in their time with.

What is your greatest strength? This question has lots of possible answers. Just stay positive. Your good at problem solving, or a whiz at prioritizing, ability to focus on projects, your positive attitude, being great under pressure and ability to multitask these are all possible answers and you have many more.

What five words best describe you? This question is a tough one. Only 5 words that best describe you is hard to narrow down trustworthy, honest, positive, multitasker, leader,              goal-setter, stubborn, energetic team-player, tenacious, cut-throat are a few of the common description words people hear when being described. All these have applicable meanings in the world of business.

How do you assign priorities to jobs? This is a difficult question for some but after thinking about their process they can usually break it down as if they were watching it on TV in slow motion.  By doing this they can break apart the tasks they did and confidently explain how each portion was performed.

What are your salary requirements at Kum & Go? This is a loaded question here so tread wisely. Instead of insisting on what you want to be paid ask instead of what is the range of salaries for this position. It’s usually just unusual enough to stump the employer in their tracks for a moment and confess what the salary is and if there is a range at all so you can best approach the subject.

Advice For Application Process

Do not go in to an interview wearing any old thing just because it’s at a convenience store. Dress as if you would be to go to church as a precautionary measure. This way you look somewhat professional compared to your everyday wear. This will help you get a job by looking as if your determined to do what it takes to get the job.

When asked about your experience its ok to not have much or any aside from babysitting experience or doing a mail route. Especially, if this is your first job being eager and easy to train is sometimes what the employer prefers. They can train you the way they need to.

Make sure you answer every question on the application even if it does not apply to you. By writing the words “Not Applicable” or “NA” it will save you time and energy that being passed over because you left a section blank.  Writing legibly will help if you come to a part where you would prefer to speak to the hiring manager during the interview about certain questions, state that on the online application.

By practicing super hero pose and victory poses you can increase your confidence level by 20% prior to an interview. By putting your hands on your hips and your feet a shoulders length apart and standing like your favorite superhero or by doing the victory pose that was immortalized in the Rocky movies with your hands above your head and your feet a shoulders length apart.
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