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img- Krystal ApplicationMade to survive the Great Depression, the Krystal restaurant has certainly had a interesting little history. Hamburgers were once considered the poor man’s burger and with the era the United States was in the company was the jewel of the poor man in the South. The company was made to be a cheap decent meal that would survive the rocky economy. Get a Krystal application now.

Believing people would willingly come to a restaurant that was spotless, provided great service, had good burgers, and a low price the two men who created the first restaurant had opened their doors and were pleasantly surprised when a customer came in and bought 6 burgers and a cup of coffee for a whopping $0.35. 83 years later they are still growing strong.

With intentions of having a total of 500 restaurants by the end of 2016, the current owners are aggressively securing a bigger foothold in the fast food business. The current 300 locations are found the south. The original restaurant still resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you’re interested in one of the Krystal careers, look below in the applications link to find out how to apply for Krystal online.

Having its roots set in the Deep South the generations of people who have shared “stories” about their experiences. These customers have continued to send their “stories” to the corporate office. Those recognized as a devoted customer are inducted into the Krystal Lovers Hall of Fame and has their likeness on 1 million hamburger/cheeseburger boxes. Be part of an aggressively innovative restaurant; get a Krystal job application online today.

Krystal Careers

The team of workers that run the actual restaurant, from the manager to the front end cashier is the retail end of the restaurant community. These workers are the main artery of the restaurant. They supply the lifeblood to the company itself.  They are the individuals who continue to bring the quality products so many generations have loved. To apply for jobs at Krystal, apply online.

Corporate careers are the driving force bringing more and more restaurants to communities in the south east. Their aggressive tactics ensures there will be plenty of careers available to interested applicants. The marketing genius of the company’s “Kreed” draws the customers, the taste and service keeps them coming back for more. For a printable application for Krystal, go to Krystal jobs online while using the restaurants free Wi-Fi.

How old do you have to be to work at Krystal? You must be at least 16 years old or older to work  for this company. Although to comply with local, state, and federal laws the applicant may be limited to the positions due to equipment used. Get your Krystal application; pick up a printable application form from any of the 350+ current locations.

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Some of the benefits available to employees depends on whether your corporate, operations or crew members. These are flexible hours, promotion opportunities, food discounts, 401(k), paid vacation, comprehensive benefits and an excellent starting salary. The job opportunities alone are what makes Krystal jobs stand out from others in the industry. You could be working with an establishment that believes in hiring the best. Download application form for consideration of employment.

Hours of operation are from 6am to midnight, 7 days a week. This allows the scheduling of shifts to be easier and convenient to fill out a direct application for any of the Krystal jobs. Just fill it out and drop it off at your local restaurant. Get an application form; go online for a job description, read over the responsibilities before committing to one of the many Krystal careers.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Shift Leader – Is responsible for supervising floor operations during various shifts. May perform problem solving and making decisions in the absence of the assistant general manager or the general manager, provide support, direction and assistance to crew members when needed, also performs administrative functions and other duties as assigned. The average wage is $9.50/hour

Cook (Crew Member) – Is responsible for preparing foods to restaurant and federal quality guidelines. May be responsible for prep and achieving portion control to various holding standards to ensure quality, is responsible for upkeep of grill area and food prep stations, other duties as assigned. The average wage is $7.50/hour. Fill out an online application and find jobs in your area today.

Front End Counter Cashier – This position is the one that takes your order and mans the POS terminal. They are responsible for filling condiment trays, stocking take out glasses and filling the ice machine as well as provide excellent unsurpassed customer service. Responsible for keeping the tables and counters clean to company standards, other duties as assigned. Average wage is $7.50/hour.

General Manager – This position is responsible for managing the daily functions of the restaurant and staff. Include the execution of the systems, programs, policies, and procedures. General Manager ensures the achievement of all company guidelines as well as compliance of all laws and ethical practices. They are responsible for mentoring, training, and supporting crew members, assistants, and shift leaders.  Average salary is $43,000/year.

Krystal Interview Questions

Once you fill out a free application and submit it along with your resume, you may have an interview face to face.

Do you work well under pressure? Some people work really well under pressure. The more pressure they are under the more they perform. These types of questions are designed to evaluate your stress level in high stress situations. The inability to accomplish a goal within a certain time frame creates a higher level of stress and they perform above and beyond their normal ability for a certain amount of time.

How have you changed in the last five years? Here is where you can show how you’ve grown in responsibilities, developing a sense of customer service and management skills. Give brief anecdotes of these accomplishments. Although this isn’t the typical interview question it is asked occasionally to validate an applicant’s maturity and level of responsibility.

Are you a leader or a follower? And give an example. Whichever you choose has a place within the company. Leaders have a propensity to show strong skills that would drive their career forward and those around them. Followers on the other hand work better when they are told what to do. They feel uncomfortable bringing any attention to them and would rather go with the flow.

What are your life goals and how do you plan on achieving them? This is to see where your career is headed. By starting at the ground level jobs some take advantage of the career advancement programs most companies offer. This allows them to feel secure in offering you a job offer. 

Why did you leave your last position? This is to see if there were any numerous issues that may have been unresolved or if there were layoffs and RIF’s or downsizing which caused for the abandonment of former position. Do not get emotional over the question. In today’s workforce lapses in between employment are a common factor. Be honest.

Advice For Application Process

Dress for success.  Make sure you’re wearing business casual attire. Go in with a positive attitude. Smile. Make sure you are perfectly groomed to look like you stepped off of a professional model’s catwalk. Do not smoke prior to the interview. Do not chew gum – bubbles and smacking gum does not make a good impression. You’ve made it this far in process of securing a job.

Use the same tactics a salesman uses to sell the customer on. Only the product you are trying to sell the employer on is you. Research the company as thoroughly as time allows. Take time to look over your employment history as well. Have you found any ways you helped increase the bottom line or improve productivity or helped bring in more customers? Add a monetary value to it.

By implementing what you discovered about the business. By selling them on what you can do for them with what you have accomplished you’ve managed to capture the attention of the hiring manager. By asking the two hot questions – What do you see as the biggest challenge for this position? And “What qualities are most important to this position? You just need to shut up and listen to the interviewer.

By selling yourself based on the employer’s motivations and framing your answers to fit their concerns, you’ve changed the tables on the interviewer. Now to begin closing the deal, ask “When is our next meeting scheduled? Ask then, “Who decides the final hiring decision?”  Finally ask “When would you like me to start?” Although this sounds bold and a bit arrogant, it’s been a proven method used by successful businessmen.
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