Hometown Buffet Application & Careers

As the name suggests, Hometown Buffet is a chain of buffet-style restaurants aimed at bringing good quality food to your hometown.  The restaurants are owned by Ovation Brands.  To find out how to apply for Hometown Buffet online, follow the link at the bottom of the page to submit a Hometown Buffet application.

The original company was founded in 1989 by Roe Hatlen and C. Dennis Scott.  After a brief split the two came back together in 1996 to form Buffets, Inc.  Hometown Buffet is just one chain run by Ovation Brands.  In other places it is known as Old Country Buffet or Country Buffet in addition to the other chains, Ryan’s, Fire Mountain and Tahoe Joe’s Famous Steakhouse.

Hometown Buffet now has now has over 160 locations across the United States.  Each location is instantly recognizable by its mascot, the H. T. Bee that greets each and every customer as they come in.  The restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner with hearty meals that include pancakes, waffles, chicken, fish, fries, vegetables and a range of mouthwatering desserts.

The corporate headquarters of the entire company are located in Greer, South Carolina and Eagan, Minnesota.  Across the whole corporation there are over 17,000 employees working away in the various different restaurants.  But the company isn’t stopping there and is always looking for new opportunities to expand and open more locations.

Hometown Buffet Careers

There are many job opportunities for Hometown Buffet careers at the restaurant level.  Typical positions include Cashiers, Dishwashers, Servers, Cooks, Assistant Managers and Store Managers.  Many positions will not require much experience, however you will need to have leadership experience to be eligible for management positions.  But remember they like to promote from within, so there’s always a chance to work your way up.

You can make a direct application to Ovation Brands for corporate Hometown Buffet jobs.  There are many different careers in this part of the industry including in the departments of Accounting/Finance, Administration, Sales, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Marketing, Purchasing, Security, Risk Management and Tax.  Many of these jobs will require a degree in a related field.

How old do you have to be to work at Hometown Buffet?  You must be at least 16 years old to apply for jobs at Hometown Buffet.

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The restaurants usually open at 11am on weekdays and close at 8.30/9pm and are open from 8am until 8.30/9pm on weekends.

Starting at entry-level there are always many opportunities for restaurant staff to undertake further training and move up the management ladder.  For those with full-time Hometown Buffet jobs there are a number of benefits including a healthcare package, a 401(k) retirement plan and paid time off.  The exact benefits will vary depending on different locations and job roles.

Hometown Buffet Job Descriptions

Cashier – The responsibilities of a cashier involve greeting and serving customers and assisting with any last bits of their order such as drinks and other purchases.  You will be responsible for handling different types of transactions.  This job will require you to have good communication skills both in person and on the phone.  The salary for this job amounts to around $16k/year.

Server – Servers are the front line when it comes to customer relations so it is important that you have a friendly and helpful attitude when working.  Your duties will involve ensuring that the serving areas are always stocked and serving drinks.  There will also be other basic daily tasks around the restaurant.  The average hourly pay is $8.

Shift Manager – The job description of a Shift Manager requires that you supervise all of the daily operations of the restaurant during your shift.  You will help to train and manage staff to ensure that they are delivering top quality customer service and adhering to all other standards of hygiene and food safety.  The salary for this position can be up to $39k/year.

Restaurant Manager – As the manager of the whole restaurant you will have ultimate responsibility for the performance of the location.  This means managing staff and ensuring that all sales goals are met.  You will need to handle back office administrative duties including scheduling and payroll.  The expected salary starts at $40k/year and can go up to $80k/year.

Hometown Buffet Interview Questions

To give yourself the best chance of employment after you’ve made your Hometown Buffet application, practice some common interview questions and answers.

Why do you want to work here?  This is a very common first question in interviews so it’s a good idea to have an answer already prepared.  It helps to do some research on the company and say what specific things drew you to submit your application form in the first place. 

How would you handle an upset customer?  It’s very important that you are able to deliver good customer service even under stressful conditions so demonstrate to the hiring manager that you can remain calm and professional.

What are the most important parts of customer service?  Think of the best examples of customer service you can, preferably from your own working experience, or service that has been delivered to you, and say what made it great and how you can apply it in your own career.

What are you career goals?  They will be looking for people who they can invest in and who want to grow in the company.  Set out some realistic goals for yourself and describe what you plan to do to achieve them.

What are your greatest strengths?  You can show off a little bit here, but don’t get too cocky.  Also remember to pick strengths that are relevant to the job that you’re applying for.

Advice For Application Process

If you search for Hometown Buffet jobs online you can find all the different vacancies available at their restaurants and other positions for Ovation Brands and companies they manage.  To apply online select the position you want and fill in the online application with your resume.  Make sure you double-check everything in your application before you submit it in case you make any errors.

For restaurant-based positions you don’t have to submit a Hometown Buffet job application online.  Instead, you can head down to your local restaurant and request a free application.  You can also download a printable application for Hometown Buffet and take it along.  Sometimes they choose to interview on the spot if they have an opening so make sure you’re prepared for that.

Once you’ve handed in your form you can give them some time to sort through all of their applications, but if you haven’t heard from them in a while it’s a good idea to follow up.  You may get a phone interview initially and it’s always handy to have a copy of your resume in front of you to refer to in those situations.

For a face-to-face interview, make sure you turn up well presented and in smart-casual attire.  It’s very important to give off a good first impression as you want the interviewer picturing you being able to handle meeting new people on a regular basis.  Remember to smile and be polite and positive throughout.
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