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Hardee’s was named after its founder, in 1960. Opening up in Greenville, North Carolina with charco-broiled hamburgers, fast service and a drive thru window, gaining popularity the new restaurant chain grew rapidly to include 200 locations including the very first international store in Germany. Get a job with an international fast food industry leader. Just fill out a Hardee’s application today.

It is the 6th largest fast food restaurant chain in America. Having a varied history has allowed Hardees to try other niche areas such as fried chicken. The restaurant had tremendous growth due to its popular charbroiled burgers reaching over 4000 locations but in 1980’s due to new management team under the parent company of Imasco, the company saw the first loss of profits and downsized to 2000 restaurants.

In 1997, Hardees was sold to CKE Restaurants who also owned Carl’s Jr Restaurants. Some Hardee’s locations changed over to Carl’s Jr’s. The introduction of the Thickburger menu was added. To save money CKE dual branded the company with Red Burrito in a way to expand brands without new buildings and land mimicking Yum! Brands strategy concept. See how to apply for Hardee’s online by clicking on the applications link.

Hardee’s had changed owners in 1961 due to Lady Luck, the original owner lost a controlling share to two other store owners, selling the remainder of his holdings to the two men. The restaurant was known to have hexagonal shaped quarter pound hamburger patties. Restaurant had issues over adult based content in its advertisements of Thickburgers.  Apply for jobs at Hardee’s  today.

Hardee’s Careers

Retail jobs at Hardee’s are fun and fast paced and known to make the customers their top priority. These individuals strive to make the fast food experience a welcoming one. They believe giving the customer a great burger for a great price in welcoming surroundings which reminisce of the higher priced restaurants. The online application for Hardee’s jobs affords the applicant job opportunities that are dependent on experience and qualifications.

Corporate careers are as fast paced as their retail counterpart ensuring the company stays in the media spotlight, keeping financially sound, while giving back to the communities.  These individuals work behind the scenes to make sure the Hardee’s is profiting and gaining customer loyalty thru mass marketing techniques. When submitting an online application form for Hardee’s careers attach a copy of resume for faster response.

How old do you have to be to work at Hardee’s? Applicants must be at least 16 years old or older depending on the age requirements for specific jobs. Find Hardee’s jobs online along with job descriptions, responsibilities and average salary info. Get a Hardee’s application and land among the shooting stars of the fast food industry!

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Benefits are dependent on the position whether retail or corporate. These benefits include but not limited to holiday and vacation pay, paid sick days, comprehensive medical, dental and vision packages, part time medical insurance, employee discount, direct deposit/pay card, management training programs, flexible spending accounts and many more.  Download application form, fill out and return to local Hardee’s for direct application.

Hours of operation are from Monday – Saturday 5am to 10pm, Sundays 7am to 10pm. Come on in today and see what makes Hardee’s a fast food restaurant with a five star flair.  Get a printable application for Hardee’s. Join a team that believes in 5-STAR service!

Hardee’s Job Descriptions

Crew member – This position is trained through a 3 step process through learning, practice and evaluate. The crew member must model quality customer service at all times, have a desire to improve skills and knowledge, have some computer skills, and thrive in a fast paced environment.  This is the most common position. Must enjoy flexible scheduling, including but not limited to nights, weekends, and holidays. Average pay is $8/hour.

Shift Leader – This position manages the operations of a typical store during a shift. They have 10 to 15 employees who they manage. They have exceptional organizational and managerial skills, insure food safety procedures are implemented correctly, performs daily paperwork, physically oversees inventory, evaluates cash drawers and makes bank deposits. Average salary is $17,000/year.

Manager – This position has the responsibility of managerial and operational tasks such as counting inventory for every supply in the store, improving customer service, hiring and training personnel, expanding client relationships, must be able to cope with stress and think on feet while handling problems as they appear, filing daily reports and deposits, must have exceptional customer service and implement rigorous company safety procedures. Average salary is $29,000/year.

District Manager – This position requires important job functions including setting goals and proper leadership including encouraging team members in working together for the benefit of the company, uses organizational capacity to improve the overall handling of the company and its stores in the selected areas, may manage 10 to 15 restaurant managers within area, may inspect store environments and identify indicators of concern. Average salary is $64,000/year.

Hardee’s Interview Questions

What is QSC? And why is it important? It stands for Quality food, Service as in $6 service like what you’d find at a sit down restaurant, and Cleanliness. This is crucial to meeting and exceeding customer service in such a fast paced environment.  Hardee’s jobs are dependent on its customers.  To exceed customer service standards crew members must stay on top of the QSC initiative to strive for excellence.

What does STARS stand for? This question is an acronym for FRIENDLINESS, TEAMWORK, ENTHUSIASM, RELIABILITY, GUEST FOCUSED. This is the breakdown of the company’s creed to provide superior service.  Without it Hardees would just be another fast food restaurant. Hardee’s sets itself apart thru their $6 dollar service like the high quality restaurants guests frequent, they want to make it a welcoming experience.

Do you have reliable transportation? This question is common one. Be honest as the scheduling although flexible may or may not include the times you have access to either a vehicle or public transportation. You have to be able to reliably get to work somehow if called in. The last thing you want is to get the job and be unreliable you will find yourself looking for employment once more.

What would you do with an irate customer? This question is to evaluate how well you work under pressure, and how you deliver awesome customer service.  You should always get a manager to oversee everything. Simply smile, ask to discover exactly what the problem is, rectify it and apologize sincerely for any inconvenience if it was a possible overcharge or they didn’t get something they ordered.

Why do you want to work for this company? This question is asked on a regular basis to applicants. Do they love the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant; is this a first job or a last resort? Every applicant has their own reason for applying. Be honest but professional in your answer. Don’t say “Its cause my friends hang out here and I want to get them deals.”

Advice For Application Process

Whether you apply online or get a free application by walking in or a printable application form, you will engage in questions pertaining to hiring, this advice is to help you win the interview and gain employment in this fun fast paced restaurant.

Make sure you arrive at least 10 minutes early, arriving too close to the interview time doesn’t allow you to check yourself over prior to the interview, hanging out with your friends or parents prior to an interview is not advised, don’t slouch it makes you look slovenly and uninterested which will give you a bad first impression.

Make sure that you wear business casual clothes to give a great first impression, wear closed toed leather shoes and matching belt. Make sure nails are clean along with hair. Trim any facial hair, make sure that you have no body odor, teeth are brushed, common courtesies as far as hygiene is concerned. This will go a long way to promoting a positive image to the prospective employer.

When you first meet with the interviewer offer to shake hands just make sure to shake with a firm handshake, it implies confidence and no one wants a weak handshake. Smile, and look the interviewer in the eye. Eye contact is important, it makes you appear engaged and interested in what is going on. Ask if they have a business card you could have.

After the interview send out an email addressed to the interviewer whose card you asked for. Express your gratitude for the chance to have been selected for the interview. Thanking them for their time and highlighting any points that you feel may not have been addressed or that need to be clarified on. This small action keeps you at the forefront of the interviewers mind.
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