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img- Goody's ApplicationGoodys department store is the fairytale story of a phoenix rising up out of the ashes. What began in 1953 was originally called Goodys Family Clothing. In 1998, Goodys had earmarked 1 billion in sales. At its peak it acquired 500 stores in the South and Midwest parts of the United States and seemed to be going strong. To rise with this aggressive company get a Goodys application today.

With the U.S. economy in recession the company was unable to keep their doors open and on January 2nd, 2009 they issued the liquidation of their assets and filed for Chapter 7. By July of 2009, Stage Stores Inc. bought the Goodys name announcing plans to reopen the doors. By the beginning of 2010 Stage Stores had opened 17 new stores under the Goodys name. Make your career soar; apply for jobs at Goody’s.

The clothing retailer is continuing to open stores in small areas where customers know the name, helping the economy bounce back. The clothing retailer planned on opening another 30 stores by the end of 2010. The parent group Stage Stores is confident in the growing company. Get on board with this exciting opportunity and learn how to apply for Goodys online by clicking the applications link below.

The son of retailer M. Goodfriend began Athens Outlet Stores, in 1953 by selling closeout, irregular and previous year’s clothing.  In 1978 the store changed its name to Goodys and changed their entire focus from outlet to current fashions. This change allowed for the chain to grow rapidly. To apply online for Goodys jobs go to the company’s website or download application form, drop it off of many its locations.

Goodys Careers

Retail jobs are the core of Goodys. These men and women who tirelessly work; the managers, makeup, jewelry and perfume counter salespersons to the sales clerks and the cashiers who make the ordeal of clothes shopping a pleasant experience. Apply for one of many Goodys jobs online or get a printable application form and drop off at any local retailer.

Corporate careers are exciting in this prospering industry of an exclusive clothing retail chain, from buyers, to ad executives, to finance and customer support. Working in the high stakes fashion industry has its responsibilities that hinge on what the customers of a given area will be inclined to buy. Take a look at Goodys careers. Upon submittal of a printable application for Goodys make sure you include your resume.

How old do you got to be to work at Goody’s? You must be 18 years or older to work at any of Goodys growing locations. Whether you do a direct application in person or submit an online application working at one of numerous Goodys jobs helps you find your niche while in a retail career experience.

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Benefits with the company will be discussed in length with the human resource manager upon the first few days after acceptance of offer and commencement of 1st day of job. Following a Goodys application being processed and an interview granted, the applicant will be given a start date and any orientation will help answer any questions the applicant may have.

Hours of Operation are Monday – Wednesday 10am to 7pm, Thursday – Saturday 10am to 8pm, Sunday 12pm to 6pm. This allows the business the most beneficial hours for the smaller communities in which the store serves. For job opportunities in your local area Goodys jobs are posted online or the hiring ad will be posted in store window. Employment growth is up wherever there is a Goodys retail store.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Whether it’s a free application or an online application form, getting the job you desire is an acceptance of employment, job description and salary negotiations.

Beauty Advisor – This position’s objective is to maximize cosmetic and fragrance sales by developing customer relations. The primary job is stepping out of the cosmetics area demonstrating products, explaining the benefits and keeping the area as well as the testers clean and inviting. Maintain customer registry, rotate stock, maintenance of personal daily and weekly sales. Average wage is $8.00 – $11.00/hour.

Sales Associate – This position is required to meet and greet the customers as they come in the store. Drop whatever they are doing to greet, assist and answer the customer’s questions. Check on customers in fittings to see if they need extra assistance. Thank the customer by name and invite them to come back during the close of the sale. Average wage is $8.00 – $11.00/hour.

Supervisor – This position is vital in the step up from sales associate. They handle keys to various items in the store that are either locked down due to loss prevention or to override cash registers. They also take over when management is not available. They complete daily operational tasks and perform customer service practices. Average wage is $13.00/hour.

Manager – This position is responsible for maximizing sales, customer service, and presentation. They must know the sales goals the actual sales and the current trends and be able to communicate this info to the associates, delegate’s tasks, hire and train employees. Average salary options are $50,000 – $70,000.

Goodys Interview Questions

What amount of money do you think of would be considered stealing?  In short this is an easy question but it tells a lot about a person’s character. The answer is clearly if it does not belong to you it is stealing therefore a penny would be stealing. The interviewer is looking for honest, stand up people to work with.

What was the last book you read for fun? This is a personality question. Therefore there is no right or wrong answers less of course you admit to reading something that is not appropriate such as a taboo themed book. They want to see if you have a well-rounded lifestyle that will go with the company’s.

What are you looking for in a new position? Hint ideally what this position has to offer. Be specific. If you’re looking to be a beauty advisor you would hit on the specifics of that position such as while demonstrating the proper techniques which will improve the lines on the corner of the eyes and informing the customer of the benefits of the product.

If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? This is a personality question. Therefore there is no right or wrong answers. Evaluating the applicant as to which animal they chose and why. It tells more about the personality of the person and to evaluate their capacity with how they would get along with others or the company beliefs.

What is the name of our CEO? This is to see if you know anything about the company you are applying with. You need to research beyond more than the immediate display page or the about page of the company. This takes a bit of time with certain businesses since a lot of the important information may not be on the website itself or even the parent company’s site.

Advice For Application Process

Don’t slouch, heed mom’s advice. Bad posture sends off the body language that you are bored. This is a red flag to employers. Just sit up straight. It makes you look more inclined to be there and engaged in the prospect of getting a job. Slouching also makes the assumption that you don’t want to work there.

Keep good eye contact when speaking with the interviewer. It shows you’re interested in what he has to say. Too little contact can be construed as not interested, or worse. Or that you have poor people skills which is the main objective towards most jobs. It also makes the interviewer uncomfortable.

Practice makes perfect. After all you didn’t hit the ground running. You had to learn control of your muscles and crawl then stand before you could run. By practicing with friends and family first you may catch yourself in some bad habits you didn’t even realize you had which could distract the interviewer from seeing who you really are.

Stay positive while you’re looking for the jobs be confident in yourself if you don’t here are a few tricks that may help; make a playlist of your favorite songs when things are going just right. Listen to it while in the car on way to interview. Or take a brisk walk; watch a feel good movie before the interview. Talk to your favorite person or animal.
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