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img- Gold's Gym ApplicationIn 1965, a man named Joe Gold opened what would become the Mecca of bodybuilding in sunny Venice Beach, California. The original building is considered a sports landmark and on the top 100 sports sites by The world renowned Gold’s Gym has a colorful past with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities frequenting its doors. Apply online for Gold’s Gym application!

Gold’s Gym motto “When your committed, anything is possible. Due to the commitment of its members, the gym has surpassed over 3.5 million memberships to date.  Having gained fame from the movie Pumping Iron, the company has expanded exponentially to 700+ locations in 37 states including Washington, D.C. and 20 countries. Below is an applications link on how to apply for Gold’s Gym for current job opportunities today.

The bald headed weightlifter holding a barbell logo’s iconic design was created by Ric Drasin, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s weightlifting partner, in 1973. Gold’s Gym has licensed its world famous brand name on fitness equipment and clothing. Having an almost equal gender membership promotes the gym’s mission statement of helping people achieve their potential through fitness. A legacy of strength, a resilient legacy Gold’s Gym careers inspire in the members they motivate.

In 2004, the company partnered with the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure, being recognized as a National Strategic Partner – the ADA’s highest award and incorporated a national wellness program for large corporations.  Apply for jobs at Gold’s Gym via Gold’s Gym application available online or through a printable application form that you can fill out and drop off at any of their hiring local gyms.

Gold’s Gym Careers

Retail jobs in this field are plentiful. The need for personal trainers and group trainers are on the rise due to the current healthy lifestyle which has gripped the nation. Having front desk associates and fitness membership sales personnel  ensures the members and guests have the life changing experience you could only get at Gold’s Gym because when your committed, anything is possible. Find Gold’s Gym jobs online.

Corporate careers entail 4+ year college degrees, prior experience, high priced salaries and responsibilities that will either make or break the business. The financial analysts, controllers, National Fitness Educator, marketing, ad graphic artists that makes up the integral behind the scenes corporate officers. The printable application for Gold’s Gym and a polished resume are a necessary step to a rewarding career.

How old do you have to be to work at Gold’s Gym? Minimum age requirements to be employed are 18 years old at the youngest although some positions may require you to be older; this keeps those who apply for Gold’s Gym jobs on the cutting edge. You can download application form while checking out the job description for your preferred position and find out about salary requirements.

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After you submit an online application form with Gold’s Gym, you will have an interview where you will be given a chance to ask questions, before an offer of employment is made. Benefits begin the day you start. These include but are not limited to yearly open enrollment gym memberships, 401(k), COBRA and health and welfare plans.

Gold’s Gym hours of operation are from Monday – Friday 5am to 11pm, Saturday 7am to 7pm, and Sunday 8am to 7pm. This schedule allows its gym members and employees to have some time to rest and have a life outside of the gym. For free application, go to any of your neighborhood gym locations. Just fill out the application form today. To apply with a direct application make sure you write legibly.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Group Exercise Instructor – This position is responsible for leading a group of individuals in various stages of fitness and make sure they are properly led through a format of exercises and instructed on how to do the moves safely. They are also a resource to educate members on different parts of fitness training; must have various qualifications for employment. Average salary is $28.27/hour.

Front Desk Associate – This position is responsible for greeting you at the door with a smile, provides security and monitors system for delinquent accounts, register guests in according to proper procedure. Answer phone, hands out towels, keys and other materials as needed. If interested in working at one of the 400+ locations, Gold’s Gyms careers can help you muscle up and beat out the competition. Average wage is $8.90/hour.

Fitness Membership Sales – This position is responsible for promoting and selling new memberships and renewing and upgrading memberships. Generates sales through company and employee sponsored outreach and promotions. Maintains sales records, conducts phone inquiries and gym tours and follows up with prospects, must be goal oriented and sales driven. Average salary is around $ 42,000/yr.

Personal Trainer – This position is the foremost position to help people achieve their potential through fitness. Trainers are the one on one coach that instruct you in how to use equipment correctly, performs a body fat analysis and proper nutrition. Their responsibilities are to advise the members on ways to achieve their fitness goals. Motivates members and develops specific exercise plans consistent of member’s fitness. Average salary is around $19.88/hour.

Gold’s Gym Interview Questions

In the world of muscle and fitness, the qualities needed to provide the best customer service is different from any other industry.

What type of clients have you trained? This question is geared towards personal trainers to gauge their clientele potential.  To succeed you need to bring in so many members who pay for so many sessions. The popular personal trainers usually have a diverse clientele. Therefore those trainers have a higher session rate.

What do you know about Gold’s Gym?  This is a straight forward question; having researched prior to the interview will give you a better idea how to respond. Most people know about the brand, and the famous celebrities that have frequented the famous gym or seen it featured in a 1977 movie which essentially catapulted the world of bodybuilding and physique into the mainstream.

What are your plans in the next 5 years? This is due to the fact that most employers are looking for someone they can train into the perfect employee, hiring the one who seems to be more stable and reliable costing the employer considerably less from having to train multiple people which may or may not stay for at least a year.

Name 5 cardiovascular exercises you do not need a machine for. This is for the group instructor applicant. Having a proof of education in the specified knowledge of various exercises will help the candidate to answer the above question. Having experience that shows rather than tells you more than just naming five cardio exercises by explaining in regular English and not technical physiology jargon only those in the business understand.

Do you keep a healthy lifestyle?  Teaching others to live a healthy lifestyle is a moot point if you do not participate in such healthy choices as your suggesting to your client’s it is seen as hypocritical and the client loses trust and faith in their trainer. So even though you work out and look good if you are doing occasional recreational drugs and or any other precarious lifestyle choices.

Advice For Application Process

Dressing for success is an important step in succeeding in any stage of the interview process. Business casual attire is acceptable by most employers today. This allows for the greatest comfort and allows for the person who still wants to look professional. Classic or trendy tops, slacks, belt and polished leather shoes are typical wardrobe choices.

Having good grooming skills is a must. Make sure your hair is freshly washed and combed/brushed. Make sure you trim up any facial hair. Gold’s Gym employees must appear professional. Having pride in self says a lot about character. Make sure you do not smoke prior to interview. Nothing says immature than someone smacking bubbles while being interviewed. Make sure you don’t smell of body odor and or bad breath.

When interviewing for Gold’s Gym trainer position or a corporate position please make sure that you have all of your degrees/certificates available. This will help the process of verifying your training allowing you to be offered a position upon the end of interview if everything else goes right. Make sure you show confidence in self and in the ability to do the job.

When filling out any printable version of an application, make sure you write legibly and correctly. This is where online proves worth it due to the auto correct feature that tells you immediately if you have misspelled something. It also allows you to immediately upload both your application and your resume to the corporate office.
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