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img- Fuddruckers ApplicationFuddruckers is known as the home of the World’s Greatest Hamburger. This distinction didn’t come easy. It’s been 30 years and the result is a world class restaurant that has made a masterpiece out of the boring burger found elsewhere. Below you will find a link to a Fuddruckers application, so don’t hesitate, join today.

Looking for a fun, fast paced atmosphere? Grab a pen and download a printable application for Fuddruckers, then just drop it off at any of the restaurant’s nearly 200 locations spreading through 34 states and several international countries as well. Get a Fuddruckers application and experience a career that depends on great people like you!

There are several ways to apply to one of the hottest and fastest growing restaurants in the industry today. Picking up one of Fuddruckers careers is about as enticing as their burgers are tasty.  By accessing the website you can find job opportunities around the country and in your local neighborhood. You will find how to apply for Fuddruckers online, below in the application links.

With its humble beginnings as a burgers and beer joint just 35 yrs ago, Fuddruckers has taken the nation by storm offering the best tasting burger made with fresh buns and ground beef cooked to your preference and a selection of toppings for you to build the burger you crave. Why not stop in for a direct application at your local restaurant and see where Fuddruckers jobs can take you?

Fuddruckers Careers

Hourly Team Members are the restaurant equivalent of a retail associate in other industries. These are the men and women who cook the burgers to juicy perfection, wait on you during your stay, and clean the restaurant quietly behind the scenes to keep the costs low to bring you the World’s Greatest Burger.

Management & Office is the corporate version of the Fuddruckers careers. These individuals are the driving force that will expand the company through its franchise programs, fresh offerings on the menu, and advertising through several media sources including television and online platforms. Just take a few minutes to send a resume and begin building your career today.

How old do you have to be to work at Fuddruckers? The minimum age for anyone interested in working in one of Fuddruckers jobs is 16, although some positions may require you to be 18 due to the use of certain equipment to comply with local, state and federal laws.

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The company’s many benefits include but not limited to career growth, 401(k), free to half priced meals, biweekly checks, referral bonuses, paid training, paid vacations, and flexible schedules. If interested, you can find a Fuddruckers job application online.  Just apply online or download application form and drop it off at a hiring restaurant today.

Hours of operation are from Monday thru Sunday 11am to 9pm seven days a week.  Pick up a free application while you enjoy the best burger you have ever eaten. Apply for jobs at Fuddruckers, the jobs are in demand. Where else can you enjoy the “World’s Greatest Burger” and earn some extra cash in a fun, fast paced, growing environment?

Job Description and Salaries

Dishwasher – A fast paced job with a lot of responsibilities. It is the cornerstone of the restaurant. Keeping up with the amount of dishes, glassware, and silverware, as well as assorted pots and pans is a hectic environment. Having to put away the dishes to keep up with the demands of a busy restaurant is not for the faint of heart but one of the more rewarding careers seeing no dishes at the end of a night shift.  Average hourly wage is roughly $8.00.

Shift Leader – Of their many responsibilities the main one is customer service. They are also in charge of assigning people to cross train for several shifts to cover any inconsistencies in ensuring product goes out in the correct amount of time. They are the drill sergeants of the kitchen. Average hourly pay is $12.00.

Line Cook – A specialty cook set in position through the kitchen to prepare a specific food item as deemed by the menu. They work together with other cooks to get the product out the back and in front of the customer in a timely fashion.  Average hourly wage is $8.00.

Grill Cook – A grill cook is responsible for the burgers and any other menu item that needs a grill to prepare it. They work hand in hand with the line cooks and prep cooks to ensure your order is hot when it is set before you. Average hourly wage is $8.00.

Fuddruckers Interview Questions

After the applications and before the offer of employment is the interview, below are some of the questions you need to prepare for.

How would you benefit the company, if you were hired? This is a typical question to see what your knowledge of the company is and to see if your skills are a match for the restaurant.  By practicing your answers with brief anecdotes of what you can provide to the team as a member can help you here.

As a manager, what’s your biggest weakness? This is a question that may present itself in the midst of an interview.  Knowing your weaknesses is half the battle. Showing how you have successfully managed to compensate for an area that you lack in; in previous situations can help alleviate any concerns to the hiring manager.

What salary do you expect? This question is to see what you believe your worth to the company is. This is usually used with managers and office personnel since the crew in the restaurant is paid an hourly wage that is already set. Depending on the value of your skill set and experience you may have a bit of leeway with negotiation there.

Describe a bad experience. This is designed to see how you handle yourself in stressful situations. By having practiced your response to this question you will appear more confident when you answer. When you do, use brief stories to showcase how you overcame the bad experience and made it right.

How much experience do you have in customer service? This is for those applying for a front end position. They want to know how well you do with providing customer service since this is the majority of the job. The company wants to know how you will perform under stress since this is a main occurrence with a thriving restaurant.

Advice For Application Process

When applying for Fuddruckers jobs online fill out the application form and submit it electronically for the fastest response time.  Aside from the online application you can browse the web for information on a specific job description so you can formulate some questions to ask during the interview and to give you a better idea of what exactly you will be expected to do.

For the interview, you want to dress sensibly.  Business casual is appropriate for this type of environment.  Smile, it exudes confidence. Chances are if your 16, this is your first interview and a smile can help break the ice and calm your nerves a bit. The clothes and the smile only go so far. Don’t forget to be positive.

Less you are offered employment immediately following the interview; a thank you note can help you stay on the interviewer’s mind. This can help you tilt the scale in your favor especially if the interviewer is trying to choose between you and another applicant. These are just a few ideas to increase your chances of being chosen from a pile of similar applicants.
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