Famous Dave’s Application & Careers

img- Famous Dave's ApplicationFamous Dave’s has been famous and been serving the country of US since 1994 in Hayward Wisconsin, where the first Famous Dave’s was established by no other than Dave Anderson. It is restaurant serving pork ribs, chicken, beef brisket, and several flavors of sauce which are all made and specialized by the founder himself.

An Ojibwe, he became the head of the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs from 2004-2005. He started the first Famous Dave’s restaurant in October 1994, and it expanded throughout the Midwestern United States. And now, as of December 2012 it has reached up to 200 locations in 34 US states and Canadian province.

But a tragedy occurred in one of Famous Dave’s restaurant, on the morning of November 3 last 2014, the first restaurant was caught and destroyed by fire. The people who are now behind and still pursuing the success of the business are Ed Rensi, CEO of the Company and Diana Purcell, the CFO.

If you want to be a part of the industry, wanted to manage and run your own Famous Dave’s restaurant, you can find the franchise details included in their website, you can visit the link provided and see for more information.

Famous Dave’s Careers

Famous Dave’s has a lot of job opportunities open for all aspirants, these hiring jobs are based on the establishment’s locations. These are the available Famous Dave’s careers in entry-level that might interest you: Server, Host/Hostess, Counter Server, and Bartender. The company, offers competitive salary for entry-level positions, plus they will enjoy benefits the jobs cover.

Not only that, to those who are looking for more advanced job and who are adept in handling teams and more complex works, management-level positions are available too, such as General Restaurant Manager and Assistant Restaurant Manager. The firm offers a designed standard operation and engaging working environment. Employees will also love the health and life insurance, performance bonuses, 401k retirement plan, vacation and sick leave, and meal discounts.

How old do you have to be to work at Famous Dave’s? If you are fascinated with the Famous Dave’s jobs, the minimum age that is required for applications is 18 years old. Though, age requirement may vary on the position you are applying for so better check Famous Dave’s jobs online for more information.

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Application process is easy, you can make a direct application, just download application form and fill the necessary fields and go to a local Famous Dave’s restaurant and submit. You can see the listed Famous Dave’s jobs in the careers section, read the job description, responsibilities and things you need to comply for your employment.

Another way of making Famous Dave’s Application is by an online application. How to apply Famous Dave’s online? When you go to their website and seen the job you wanted to apply to, click apply now, then a printable application for Famous Dave’s will appear for you to fill in with your information. It is a free application so anyone who meets the requirements are free to apply.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Host/Hostess – If you are to be a host/hostess you needed to pleasing and welcoming to the customers/guest. You have to ensure the cleanliness and availability of the tables to seat and accommodate customers. You are in charge of the table arrangements and the dining hall, you have to entertain the guests/customers in their needs and requests. Also, in accordance with your duties, you have to follow the management’s policies.

Server – As a server your main duties are to take orders and serve the customer’s food according to the business’s standards. You will also help in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the whole restaurant. You have to ensure that the customers’ needs are given and satisfied, you also need to have cash handling skills for you will accept transactions from billing.

Bartender – If you love to serve and make drinks for the customers, this is the job for you. Your main duties are to serve and make drinks for the customers, maintain an upbeat and fun atmosphere in the bar, entertain customers and maintain camaraderie to make the guests feel welcome and comfortable. You will need to keep the bar stocked and cleaned.

General Restaurant Manager – You will be handling and doing complex tasks and duties. You will lead an entire team inside the restaurant you will assign team members accordingly to their duties, you will do some coaching for improvement for the employee and establishment’s performance. You will manage records, monitor and deal with audits. And also, you are the one who will deal with issues and give an immediate solution and action.

Dishwasher – You will be in charge of a specific duty, you will have to keep the dishes, pots, glasses and silverwares cleaned and organized in the kitchen, following standard operation all the time. You will also help inside the kitchen if necessary, by cleaning up and helping out with putting away equipment.

Famous Dave’s Interview Questions

If you have apply for jobs at Famous Dave’s, then here are some questions you must anticipate and assess yourself with.

What made you want to apply to Famous Dave’s? – You must have researched about the company when you are asked this question. The hiring manager wants to know if you are well-knowledgeable with their company. Read about them, and tell something about their culture, benefits, work environment and the company’s perceptions that interest you and made you want to be part of their company.

How can you handle pressure? – The establishment you are about to enter can give you a lot of pressure, so it is important that you know how to handle one without affecting your work performance and dealing with the customers. You can state an experience you’ve gone through that Is related to this and how you overcame it. This will help you build up your qualification.

How will you handle a rude and irate customer? – You’ll never know when a rude and irate customer will come in your way, so you must know how you are going to deal with them. The interviewer wants to know if you can handle such situations with your answer because they know for a fact that you’ll be dealing with customers who will give you a hard time.

Where do you see yourself in the coming years? – The interviewer wants to know your long-term goals, and how committed you are with their company. They want ambitious people, they want to see their employees grow and improve professionally with them as their company emerges, because it’s their pride that they have made such effective employee under their management.

What can you contribute in the company? – This is asked often, why? Because they are looking for people who could help them expand and improve. So you can say here your skills and abilities that would help their business, they want effective people who could help them develop their firm and provide goodness to their patrons, say what you can do and will do to help them.

Why should the company have you? – You need to be confident in answering this question, they want to know your capabilities, and your genuine interest in their firm, they want to know if you really are determined and confident that you can comply and be an effective employee to their company.

Advice for Application Process

Establishing positive attitude and candid interest towards the company is essential to have an edge among the other applicants. It will be an advantage for you because the hiring manager will see how you really want to be part of their team and exudes that you will be an effective employee. Always express gratitude that you are considered. Also, dress properly and appropriately to show professionalism.

When you apply online, make sure to have a copy of the printable application form just to be sure and ready, in case someone from the company has called to invite you for an interview. Always prepare ahead of time, resume, application form and other supporting documents and important IDs. Confirm the location and the time of the interview meeting to save one’s time and to avoid confusion, and be punctual.

Assess yourself, like what would the questions likely to be asked and prepare yourself, always speak in conversational and smart tone, avoid shouting and stuttering, relaxing and understanding first the question  will help you answer and arrange your thoughts. Plus be confident in answering, don’t give the interviewer tentative answers, that could give them an impression of uncertainty with your application and with the company/position you want to be in.

Receiving an invitation for interview is a sign that you are considered, so after confirming the time and location, get yourself ready. Read and understand, make a research of their company, brief history, the key people who are behind the company, the culture, benefits, and the job description and responsibilities of the position you are applying for. You must be knowledgeable of these before going to an interview.
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