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Eat’n Park opened its first restaurant, a 13-stool drive-in, in 1949 in Pittsburgh. A second location opened just four months later, and the chain now has over 8,000 team members in 75 locations across 3 states. (Candidates looking for job opportunities should click the Eat’n Park application link below.)

Proudly family-owned, the company prides itself on upholding five core values that guide the way they do business: care for people; passion for food; openness to innovation; fiscal responsibility; and a culture of integrity, diversity, and accountability.

Following those five values means that Eat’n Park is committed to providing friendly service and quality food, while also supporting a growing number of community initiatives. Every year, almost half a million of the company’s iconic Smiley Cookies are donated for local events, and its annual fundraisers have generated more than $8 million for children’s hospitals.

The company is a great place to work for friendly and enthusiastic people who thrive in a fast-paced, energetic environment. To find out about jobs with Eat’n Park, to find out about requirements and benefits, to read advice on how to apply for jobs at Eat’n Park and for information on how to apply for Eat’n Park online, please see the links below.

Eat’n Park Careers

There are always opportunities at individual Eat’n Park restaurant locations, including jobs for every level of experience and skill. You can submit applications for more than one position and for more than one restaurant at a time. The Careers website includes a Submit Your Resume link, where applicants can view available positions for all departments.

The printable application for Eat’n Park is available at the link below and can be submitted by fax or in person. If you are unable to use the download application form or to complete the printable application form, you can also request a direct application form from the manager at your local Eat’n Park.

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The company takes great pride in its staff, and employment candidates wishing to join should demonstrate professional friendliness and enthusiasm, as well as dedication and a hard-working attitude. The nature of the restaurant industry also requires that staff be hygienic, capable of following procedures, and able to work as part of a team.

How old do you have to be to work at Eat’n Park? The minimum age for Eat’n Park jobs is 16, subject to state employment laws depending on store location and the particular responsibilities of the position. Some positions may require handling sensitive or complicated equipment (such as deep fryers or hand mixers) and so may have a minimum age requirement of 18.

Specific questions about any role can be discussed with the manager at your local restaurant location, as well as such information as available benefits, potential shift schedule and job duties. Hours of operation for local Eat’n Park stores can be found on the company website, though please note that employee schedules may extend beyond the hours open for customers.

For all employees, the company offers access to health and dental benefits, as well as the potential for 401(k) retirement plans, paid vacation time, and partial tuition reimbursements. The availability of benefits may depend on hours per week and total months worked but are open to employees of all levels of seniority.

Eat’n Park Job Descriptions & Salaries

Cashier – The cashier thrives in a fast-paced environment, multi-tasking by entering orders, knowing menu items and promotions, and processing cash and card payments, all while dealing with customers. Tasks also include cleaning procedures, store maintenance, and other assistance as needed. Speed, efficiency, accuracy and good customer service manner are a must. Compensation begins at minimum wage, with raises and additional benefits available with promotion and seniority.

Cook – Cooks must continuously fill customer orders as directed, as well as prepping food supplies, organizing inventory and maintaining kitchen readiness and cleanliness. This role requires long periods of standing, working near high temperatures, and frequent lifting of weights up to 50 lbs. Compensation is typically minimum wage for this position.

Shift Manager – The team leader must work with all store employees to maintain and improve restaurant function and performance. Responsibilities include supply and inventory management, employee training, customer complaint mediation, and quality assurance. Familiarity with other position duties is required, as the team leader assists the other team members in daily tasks and problem-solving.

Manager – The manager works together with all team members and with corporate management to ensure that the restaurant follows chain procedures and standards, as well as adapting to changing policies, promotions, and directions. Store hiring, scheduling, and payroll must be coordinated, as well as accounts, orders and distribution, and overall store performance.

Eat’n Park Interview Questions

View the link below to apply online. After the free application online has been completed, you may be called for an in-person interview. It is recommended to prepare in advance by practicing your answer to some common interview questions.

Why do you want to work for Eat’n Park? Demonstrate enthusiasm for the job you are applying for and be knowledgeable about the job description and the company, as this shows you can go the extra mile.

What is your related experience? Have a copy of your resume at hand and be ready to talk about any work you have done in similar jobs or fields. Every bit of experience you can claim makes you more of an asset to a hiring manager. If you do not have direct industry experience, talk about any skills that relate to your general abilities and potential as an employee.

What is your greatest strength? This question lets you take control of the conversation to sell yourself to the interviewer, but it also tells the interviewer more about your attitude as a person and how you will fit in with the company culture. Be confident about your qualities, but be honest as well.

Can you give an example of a time you had a problem at work? This question seems tricky, but it is not about a problem with you or your work. What the interviewer really wants to know is how you are able to deal with difficult situations and how you problem-solve. Think of an example in advance of a time you faced an obstacle and overcame it responsibly.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Be honest and realistic. Your answer to this question can show whether you are ambitions, open to new challenges, and eager for new tasks and responsibilities.

Advice for Application Process

When you are filling out an online application form with Eat’n Park Careers, be sure to read each question carefully and to double check your spelling and grammar. Take the time to make sure that everything is correct, because even small mistakes can indicate to an employer that you are careless about small details or unable to follow directions.

If you are called for an interview, be sure to read up on the company and on the responsibilities of the job by looking at the details on the Eat’n Park jobs online site, so that you know what the interviewer is looking for. Try to anticipate interview questions and practice your professional demeanour.

Wear appropriate and sensible clothing to your interview. For service jobs, make sure your clothing is clean and neat, not overly revealing, and suitable for all ages – t-shirts with explicit slogans are not a good idea, for example. For any entry-level or junior management position with a corporate office, stick to business casual clothing. For other management roles, business attire such as modest skirts and tops, and dress shirts and ties, are usually a good idea.

The interview might be short, only 10-20 minutes. Be on-time, be polite, and show a positive attitude. You can ask about salary, job responsibilities, available benefits, opportunities for advancement, and any other concerns you may have.
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