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img- Dillard's ApplicationDillard’s is a high-end upscale retail department store chain. Their biggest competition is with other chains like Macy’s and Bon-Ton. They sell designer clothes for at an upper moderate price range. The products are high quality fashions, accessories, jewelry, and housewares. For more information on how to apply at Dillard’s, follow the link below.

Founded in 1938 by William T. Dillard, it is currently headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Today there are around 330 stores located around 28 states in America. The original store was in Nashville, Arkansas and there are still members of the Dillard’s family on the board of executives and directors.

This is a company that is still growing. It has found much success in the retail industry. They currently have nearly 39,000 employees across 28 states in America. The net income of this company is around $180 million dollars. There is no sign of this company stopping any time soon.

If you have an eye for fashion, this could be a great place for you to work. They are looking for employees that are enthusiastic and hardworking. They want people that are great with customers and have an eye for detail. If this sounds like the right place for you, you should apply today.

Dillard’s Careers

Dillard’s provides their employees an excellent opportunity to excel in the retail industry. There is plenty of opportunity for people to find growth within this company. At the retail level, there are plenty of entry-level positions where people can grow their job into a Dillard’s career. Some of these positions are sales associate, sales support and store manager.

The corporate level also provides room for growth for employees. At this corporate level, the positions often are higher level positions that provide for more pay and benefits. These positions do require higher level of experience and education, even at the entry-level positions. Some of the positions found at the corporate level are merchandising, marketing, designing, and product development.

Different types of positions require a different set of education and experience to gain employment. How old do you have to be to work at Dillard’s? The minimum age of employment is 18 years of age. Positions like store management and much of the positions at the corporate office do require college education and previous retail experience.

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Employee benefit eligibility can be dependent on the job title and the hours worked weekly with the company. Dillard’s offers competitive benefits for their industry. Such benefits may include health insurance, dental insurance, and vision plans. They may also be eligible for paid time off, retirement plans, and a 401(k) plan.

The hours of operation can vary based on location and holidays. Some holidays can cause early closures and full day closures. During the holiday season, the hours may be lengthened to accommodate holiday shoppers. Generally, hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 9:00pm and Sunday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm.

Job Description & Salaries

Sales Associate- A sales associate is the primary point of contact for customers in the store. The sales associate will often be out on the store floor to assist customers. They should have excellent knowledge of the products so that they can properly answer any questions the customer may have. They will also handle customer transactions at the register, including handling returns and exchanges. A sales associate may earn around $10 hourly.

Beauty Advisor- A beauty advisor will work the makeup counter. They will help assist customers with picking out makeup products, as well as fragrances and other beauty products. They often will help customers sample products and will even give makeovers to customers to help sales. They are responsible for driving sales in the makeup department. A beauty advisor may earn around $13 per hour.

Assistant Store Manager- The assistant store manager will assist the store manager in running the daily operation of the store. They are responsible for training new employees. They will often fill in various departments when they are short staffed. They will also handle any customer service issue that may arise during their shifts. An assistant store manager may earn around $54,000 a year.

Buyer- A buyer will help process work orders, schedule manufacturing, order and purchase materials and equipment for manufacturing. They will also handing documentation work with each of the above fields. They will purchase items to be sold in their stores. They will determine sales to predict what will sell in their stores. A buyer may earn around $55,000.

Dillard’s Interview Questions

These are some questions that may be asked during your Dillard’s job interviews.

Why do you want to work at Dillard’s? This question is asked by the interviewer to see what you know about the company and their values. You should do your research before your interview. Discover what the company’s core values and ideals are and say why you would be a good fit for the company.

What would you wear to a business casual work party? Since Dillard’s sells fashion, they want employees that have an eye for fashion. They want to see what knowledge you have about proper attire to wear at events so you can properly assist customers. Answer honestly with what you would choose to wear in detail.

Why should we choose you over other candidates? The interviewer is looking for you to sell yourself as the right applicant for the job. Explain your strengths and how the company may benefit from them. Sell yourself without being too boastful.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This company offers plenty of opportunity for growth. They want to see if you want to be a part of the company for the long-term and not someone who is looking for temporary employment. Answer honestly with your career goals and if you can achieve them with this company.

How do you keep up with the current trends in fashion and beauty products? These items are the ones that are primarily sold within the store. They want to see how you keep up with the latest trends in those categories. Answer honestly with what magazines or television shows that you keep up with getting the latest news.

Advice for the Application Process

Wondering how to apply for a job at Dillard’s? You can apply at Dillard’s job online. There are no printable applications online, nor are there downloadable applications. You may also fill out an application form at your local Dillard’s. The easiest way to apply is directly online, but any method that works for you can be done.

The website has the job descriptions and responsibilities clearly stated on the website for job seekers to find the positions that are right for them. When you fill out your application, be sure to fill it out in accordance to the instructions provided. You should only apply for a position that you qualify for. When you submit your application, you should also submit an updated resume.

After submitting your job application, you should hear back from a hiring manager within a reasonable amount of time. If not, you can call to check the status of your application or see if they are still hiring for that position. You may also be able to find out when they will start doing interviews.

You should practice for your interview by asking potential questions and answering them out loud. This will help reduce your nerves to help you be more confident and more articulate during your interview. You should arrive on time or a few minutes early to your interview. You should remember to dress in a professional manner to give a good first impression. This can improve your chances to get the job.
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