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Del Taco ApplicationDel Taco was founded by Ed Hackbarth with David Jameson. in 1964, Yenmo, California. Their firsts restaurant made $169 on its first day. Impressed by how this business was designed, DIck Then in 1976, Hackbarth and Jameson sold Del Taco to a group of investors which then sold this company to W. R. Grace & Company.

Today, there are currently 547 stores spread across 17 states within the US. This company’s current CEO is Paul Murphy. Its headquarters can be found at Lake Forest, California. Their slogan is “Watch The Del Taco Super Special Show!”

Del Taco has a secret menu with items such as a “Stoner Burrito” or a “Bun Taco”. Ed Hackbarth, one of the founders of Del Taco, still works at the Barstow location.

Del Taco Careers

Team Members must be able to stand for 8 hours and lift 30-50lbs. Team Members must be self-reliant while following through with assigned responsibilities from management staff. On-location, Team Members must follow company uniform and grooming policies so they can maintain a professional appearance. Potential employees must also have excellent communication skills , ensuring they effectively follow directions from management, fellow employees or customers. Employees that can travel to any assigned store will be preferred. While not required, a High School Diploma is heavily preferred.

Shift Leaders must have at least 1 year experience. While not required, experience in a managerial role at other restaurants is also heavily preferred, along with a ServSafe certification. Other requirements include a mastery of English (including proficiently speaking, reading and writing in English), performing basic business with math skills, can remain standing during an entire assigned shift (approximately 8 hours), can lift 50lbs, with a flexible availability schedule.

Team Leaders must be self-reliant while performing assigned duties from upper management staff. Similarly to Team Members, Team Leaders must also follow Del Taco’s uniform and grooming policy. Another requirement is possessing exceptional skills in communication. Travel to assigned locations is also required, along with standing or walking for the entirety of their work shift. While not necessary, High School Diplomas are highly preferred. Employees looking into being a Team Leaders should have knowledge in all work station functions.

General Managers must have a high school diploma or higher. Any employees submitting a Del Taco Application regarding a career as a manager must also have 3-5 years in a Quick Service Restaurant industry or full service experience.

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Assistant Managers must possess at least 2 years experience in restaurant management. Along with this, Assistant Managers should have great communication skills, remain self-motivated, goal-oriented, retain a professional attitude/appearance, while improving employee’s performance in times of crises. A flexible schedule of availability is also required from applicants.

How old do you have to be to work at Del Taco? MInimum age to submit a Del Taco application is 16 years or older.

Team Members get paid an average of $8.80 per hour.
Shift Leaders make, on average, $8.16 per hour.
Team Leaders get paid, on average, $8.24 per hour.
General Managers have an average salary of $41,857.
Assistant Managers get paid an average of $7.32 – $10.65 per hour.

Benefits for employees include a discount toward all food items. Managers however, are qualified for medical/dental/vision insurance, life insurance, a 401(k) savings plan, tuition reimbursement, paid-vacation, long-term disability, flexible spending accounts, and a performance bonus. Del Taco’s hours may change based upon location. However, on average, Del Taco is open 24/7.

Del Taco Job Descriptions

The most common Del Taco careers are: Team Member, Shift Leader, Team Leaders, General Managers and Assistant Managers.

Team Members make up the majority of Del Taco Jobs and are responsible with regards toward generating profits for each restaurant. Responsibilities include sanitizing their work place while following all directions from management.  Depending on what is needed during a specific time or on the location, employees may perform multiple duties. These duties can be broken down into being a PREP person, Walk-up Order Taker, Push-walk, Drive-Thru Order taker, Push-drive, Dining Room Host/Hostess, Assembly, Drinks, Taco Bar and Grill.

A Prep person’s responsibilities include preparing food items while setting up various work stations when available. If their location is not a 24 hour restaurant, then Prep employees serve early morning customers. Walk-up Order Takers take customer orders while being responsible for the cashier. Alternatively, Drive-Thru Ordertakers perform the same function as Walk-Up Order Takers, but are assigned to working with the menu board speaker system. Both jobs require extensive knowledge regarding their location’s menu (including each item’s ingredients).

Push-walk and Push-drive employee responsibilities include cashiering, customer service and delivering customers their food. Push-walk delivers food directly to customers eating at a location’s dining room. Push-drive employees work at a drive-through window.
Hosts clean areas customers eat at, while assembly employees must ensure all orders are correct. Assembly employees must be aware at which areas locations may need assistance (for example, if a cashier will fall behind because a large number of customers require service) then react accordingly. Taco Bar and Grill employees are responsible for preparation of product for customers.

Shift Leaders are responsible for ensuring work is performed the most efficient ways possible while remaining consistent with company policies. Shift Leaders are also expected to take on some duties Team Members perform. Specific responsibilities Shift Leaders perform are, ensuring every employee continues following company policies, ensuring their location satisfy all health/safety codes, coordinates themselves well with management team, maintain inventory levels (including stocking or unloading inventory), and coordinating actions within their location while overseeing or coordinating personnel.

Team Leaders are responsible for leading their teams within each job’s duties while ensuring work at their location is running as efficiently as possible. Most situations require Team Leaders perform similar duties as Team Members, however, they are tasked with supervising 2-5 Team Members as they work. Team Leaders must also complete all store paperwork (this includes supply orders, scheduling work hours, sales records among others).

General Managers are responsible for supervising entire teams at a specific location while driving toward results toward improving restaurant conditions. This includes areas regarding quality, customer service, costs, safety (OSHA), security, cleanliness and product preparation. General Managers must oversee employees while directing them toward where they are needed. Managers are responsible for hiring, training, and evaluating their employees. All managers must keep contact with corporate headquarters so each party can determine what business objectives should be reached while following recommendations regarding better improvements toward their location. Responsibilities also include promoting their store while implementing marketing strategies within local communities.

Assistant Managers must help everyday maintenance duties with a location’s upkeep. This primarily involves helping managers executing their strategies aimed toward increasing profits.

Del Taco Interview

During your interview, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Be personable. Remember you should show your future employers what you will be like in front of customers.

Advice For Application Process

To send a Del Taco job application online, prospective employees must first visit their official website. Once there, employees can use a location search to find Del Taco jobs that are hiring. Once a specific location or job opportunity has been found, prospective employees must create an account, then proceed to apply for jobs at Del Taco. Other websites such as Craigslist or can also list Del Taco jobs online. Relevant website links will be provided below with relevant job opportunities.

There’s no printable application for Del Taco or a place for one to download application form. However, submitting an online application doesn’t cost any money. Despite a lack of a printable application form, it’s far more preferable that employees apply online with any of their free applications provided from their website. Online application forms also have an advantage for creating a direct application toward a specific location that you seek employment at.

Before submitting an application for any Del Taco careers, double check your resume so that an emphasis is added on your skills in communication or ability to work efficiently on a team.

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