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Cumberland Farms ApplicationCumberland Farms is an evolving company. Beginning as a seller of milk in 1938, founders Vasilios Haseotes and Aphrodite Haseotes expanded on their success and opened a milk store.  Aiming towards a much bigger theme than dairy, in 1962 they became the first convenience store to open in the Northwest region.

Moving from milk to groceries, Cumberland Farms expanded even further to provide gas stations at their stores. They revolutionized the self-serve gas phenomenon, being one of the first to offer such a service. Gasoline became an important part of the company, one that shows through their dedication to provide the highest quality of gasoline by becoming a partner of Gulf Oil.

The Cumberland Farms Company began on a farm that was inhabited by one lonesome cow. That cow launched an entire business to arise and further develop into an all in one stop type of store. The first store, being labeled as only a dairy store then, opened its doors in 1958.

The stores are widespread now, with 8 states occupying around 600 of their stores.  They strive keep their 3000 plus employees happy, by providing benefit options not only to full-time associates, but part-time as well.  Cumberland Farms careers are a perfect option for students looking to pursue further education, as they provide assistance with the cost of school.

Cumberland Farms Careers

From customer service associate to multi-unit area sales manager, Cumberland Farms job opportunities provide you with the chance to advance in the retail setting. Management positions begin at manager-in-training, advancing to store manager, and then branching off to the multi-unit area sales manager. Customer service leader is an option to gain experience and readiness for a management role within the company.

Many jobs are also available on the corporate level. Some of these include drivers, vendor management assistant, distribution center supervisor, and marketing associate. You can view more Cumberland Farms jobs online through their website, which is included in the career section.

How old do you have to be to work at Cumberland Farms? In order to be considered for a job with Cumberland Farms, you must meet the age requirement of 18 years of age.  You must also possess a high school diploma or GED.  You can send your resume through their online application. Go to their website to view what they are hiring for.

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The company pushes the value that goes into their employees. They strive to maintain a good, clean, fast experience for their customers. Therefore, the employees are well taken care of. They start you off at an hourly rate above the minimum wage.  They provide good benefits including health insurance with dental and vision, 401K, school advancement opportunities, vacation time, worker’s compensation, and discounts for their full and part time employees. Full time employees are also given sick time, life insurance options, and bereavement days.

They are open Monday through Friday beginning at 10a.m. and closing at 9p.m. Saturdays they also open at 10a.m. but close at 8p.m. Sundays are a little later with the opening time being at 12pm. And closing at 6p.m.  Cumberland Farms applications can be accessed in your local store. You can find them through their website as well.

Cumberland Farms Job Descriptions

Customer Service Associate- Being a customer service associate at Cumberland Farms, you will be responsible for servicing the customers. You need to give them a nice, fast, and well-mannered interaction. Also, you will be refilling items, maintaining cleanliness of the store, answering questions, and any other tasks deemed appropriate by the store manager. For this job a starting wage of $9 is common.

Customer Service Leader- As a customer service leader, the responsibilities are similar to that of the customer service associate, in that you will also be providing speedy and friendly customer service, refilling items throughout the store, and maintaining the cleanliness. However, in the position you will be a big part in training new hires to do the job correctly. Working nights and weekends are an essential part of this role. You can expect to make $12 an hour.

Manager In Training- This is the first step in moving up to a management role. You will be working side by side with a specified training manager for three to four weeks, learning the skills needed to become a manager in one of the stores.  The hourly wage for this job is $12.52.

Store Manager- You will ensure that the staff is providing the customers the best experience while they are in your store. You will overlook the cleaning procedures and make sure they are done properly.  The store manager is responsible for hiring new team members and helping them through the training process. Also, you will make plans to market your store to bring more money in.  This is a salary position, with the rate being close to $54,000 yearly.

Cumberland Farms Interview Questions

To obtain an entry-level position at Cumberland Farms, you will need to be prepared for a series of questions that involve your interactions with people and how well you handle money.  Some questions that will most likely come up in the interview are listed below.

What is your past work experience?

Be as specific as you can here. They want to know what your skills can offer the company. Answer with the company you worked for, your position you held, and what your immediate responsibilities were.  Having experience in the retail industry is a plus and should be mentioned if applicable.

How would you handle conflict with a customer? 

This is a good time to describe a moment from a past job where you had to handle that rude customer that was unhappy no matter what you did. Tell you handled a conflicting situation with a pleasant manner and resolved the issue without further problems arising. If you don’t have this type of experience, describe what you would do in that situation.

Are you willing to work nights and weekends? 

This is a no brainer in the world of retail, as the most common peak times can be within the evening and weekend hours, thus more money for the store. Make sure you answer honestly, but try to answer this question positively.

Why should we hire you? 

Use this question to show you can speak confidently about yourself. Even if you don’t have any work experience, showing you speak intelligently about yourself goes a long way. This is the time where you are pitching yourself and your potential contributions towards the company.

What made you apply to Cumberland Farms? 

This is always a hard question for many people. It can be perceived as a question to again pitch yourself, but what you want to do here is show how you have researched and thought about how your abilities can help make the company better.

Advice For Application Process

Being prepared is the best thing to do in order to give you the best option for employment. Reading up on the company you are applying to can help you when putting in the application. There are many sites that have people who describe things like the application questions. Reverence these when filling out your Cumberland Farms job application online.

When you have been called in for an interview, this is the time to again do some research on the type of questions you will encounter from the interviewer. This is also a time when you should rehearse your answers. If you get nervous, your mind can go blank, leaving you with nothing to say. On the other hand if you rehearse certain answers, you will be prepared if that blank moment comes.

While being interviewed, remember to sit up as straight as you can. A slouched posture can come across as if you do not care whether you receive the job or not. You should present yourself in professional attire. Black pants and a button down shirt are great interview clothing. However, a pair of nicely ironed slacks and collared shirt would be suitable as well.
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