Cousins Subs Application & Careers

img- Cousins Subs ApplicationIn the 1972 Bill Specht had grown tired of the sandwich selection in his town and decided to take matters into his own hands.  Along with his cousin, their wives and a local baker they founded the first Cousins Subs restaurant.  Find the link to the Cousins Subs application form below.

What makes Cousins Subs different to other restaurants in the industry is that crucial addition of the local baker.  Because of this, the first store was able to deliver fresh and tasty bread to its customers several times daily and became the inspiration for the slogan they use to this day, “Better Bread. Better Subs.”

Cousins Subs opened more and more locations across Milwaukee and eventually decided to reorganize to include a more franchise friendly business model.  If you’re interested in opening your own franchise you can also use the links below to find out how.  You can’t apply online but you can download an e-brochure and find all the necessary contact information.

In addition to its high quality subs, most restaurants now offer a range of different menu items including soup, fries, cookies, Rice Krispie treats and even cheese curds.  You can enjoy this delicious range of food in many locations across the Midwest, not just in Wisconsin but also now in Arizona and Minnesota.

Cousins Subs Careers

There are many available Cousins Subs jobs in their restaurants.  The most common positions open are Crew Members, Shift Leaders and Restaurant Managers.  They like to promote from within so you could start at the bottom and work your way up within a few years.  There are ongoing training opportunities even at the managerial level to help your career advance.

You can also make applications for Cousins Subs careers for their corporate openings although keep in mind it is a smaller company so these are less common.  Their headquarters are located at Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.  You can find out how to apply for Cousins Subs online below.  Typical positions may include roles in Administration, IT, Marketing and more. 

How old do you have to be to work at Cousins Subs?  For some positions you can be 16 years old or over to apply for jobs at Cousins Subs but this will vary depending on the job description.  Bear in mind that you may be required to work early mornings and evenings as the restaurant hours are usually 7.30am to 9pm with reduced hours on Sundays.

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Cousins Subs jobs include the perks of flexible scheduling, helping you to maintain a good work/life balance and of course, a discount on food.  Many employees will also be entitled to health insurance plans as well as 401(k) retirement plans.  The benefits increase as you move up the management chain, but there are training opportunities available to help you get there.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Crew Member – The responsibilities for Crew Members will include serving customers and taking orders, cashiering, cleaning the restaurant and may involve some light kitchen duties.  There may be other tasks that come up from time to time.  This role requires good customer service skills.  The hourly pay is usually $8-9.

Sandwich Maker – As a Sandwich Maker you will need to make sure that the supplies are adequately stocked for the number of customers expected in the restaurant.  Sandwich Makers prepare all of the fresh ingredients for the subs.  The position will also involve some cleaning duties.  The pay is typically $8-9/hour.

Shift Leader – Shift Leaders are responsible for all aspects of running the restaurant from opening to closing.  You will manage some training and staff management.  The Shift Leader must make sure all members of staff are working well and delivering high quality service to the customers.  The pay is between $8-11 per hour.

General Manager – As a manager of the restaurant you will have oversight over everything from the front of the house and the back office.  You will be responsible for making the staff schedules and for recruitment and training.  Managers supervise all restaurant operations and may be responsible for more than one location.  The salary is between $35-40k a year.

Cousins Subs Interview Questions

Once you have submitted your Cousins Subs application, prepare for your interview by going over some answers to common interview questions.

Why do you want to work here? You will need to do a bit of research on the company and the position beforehand to talk about the positive aspects of the company that made you want to apply.  Even if you’re applying for lots of jobs you need to show enthusiasm for the company.

Do you have any customer service experience? It’s not essential that you have experience but if you do then describe it here.  If you don’t then talk about other situations when you’ve had to interact with lots of other people or had to solve problems for them.

How would you handle a difficult customer? Customers can often make strange requests and you will need to be able to handle situations like that calmly and professionally.  In your training you will be taught company policy but show that you can think on your feet and not get stressed.

For management roles, questions are more likely to focus on your leadership experience with questions like, “What is your management style?” or “What would you do if you saw a member of staff breaking company policy?”.  These questions are designed to see that you would fit in with the company culture and be an effective leader.  It’s a good idea to give examples from your past jobs.

Advice For Application Process

By searching for Cousins Subs jobs online you will find the link to download a printable application for Cousins Subs.  You can fill it in by hand or on the computer but you will need to make a direct application by taking it to whichever local restaurant you want to apply for.  The free application form is specifically for restaurant-based positions.

There isn’t a specific online application for corporate job opportunities so it’s best to contact the corporate office directly with your resume and a covering letter if you’re interested in working there, rather than trying to submit a Cousins Subs job application online.  You can ask that your resume is kept on file in case any suitable positions come up in the future.

Take care when filling in your application form and double check it before you hand it in to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes.  Remember that this is the first impression the hiring manager will get of you.  If you choose to write a covering letter, use it as an opportunity to give examples of your skills from your previous employment.

For the interview, make sure you are well presented.  You won’t have to wear a suit for an entry-level role but aim for business-casual.  It’s very important to smile and be friendly throughout.  Restaurant-based positions will involve a lot of customer interaction so you need to show off your interpersonal skills so that the interviewer knows you can handle the position.
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