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img- Chevron ApplicationIn 1876, once known as Star Oil, Chevron’s early predecessor, discovered oil at Pico Canyon, just north of Los Angeles. Producing a humble 25 barrels a day marked the discovery of the Newhall field, noted as the beginning of the modern oil industry by Marius Vassiliou. A company known as Union Matolle Company, had discovered oil there 11 years earlier. For a Chevron application see the applications link below.

Today, the company has become one of the 3 most successful oil companies in the world. It is the successor of Standard Oil, a company which became a household name by 1906, who had acquired Pacific Coast Oil Company, who had become California’s largest oil interest, which acquired the assets of Star Oil. A rival company known as Texas Fuel Company formed Caltex to drill and produce oil in Saudi Arabia.

The partnership by Texas Fuel Company, known later as Texaco, and Chevron were referred to as the “terrible twins” due to their cutthroat practices. The 2 rival companies become part of the Seven Sisters, the dominating world oil industry leaders of the 20th century. By 2000 the acquisition of Texaco under the company emblem cost 45 billion making it the 2nd largest oil company. Apply for Chevron jobs online today.

By 2005, the company was diversifying its portfolio with alternative energy forms such as geothermal energy and 2006 with the process of what later would be called fracking as a way to extract natural gas from shale rock, and deep water drilling in the oceans. With holdings in 180 countries and 62,000+ employees the company is human energy. Get a printable application for Chevron below in applications link.

Chevron Careers

Retail jobs are slowly flourishing again as the convenience stores which carry its main product, gasoline, directly to their customers. This along with natural gas which provides heat and electricity to many of U.S. homes is becoming the vastly retail positions of gas hauler, gas station attendant, customer service just to name a few. For job opportunities, job descriptions and locations of Chevron careers apply for jobs at Chevron today.

Corporate careers are both technical and advanced degree in helping be the spokesperson of one of the industry’s leaders where experience meets exploration. A career at this company is unlike working for any other company. Cutting edge technology and advancing industry standards and responsibilities by implementing techniques that will be used for future generations, today.  Go to the website to find out how to apply for Chevron online.

How old do you have to be to work at Chevron? You must be at least 18 years old for employment in their retail end of the corporation and in some of the laborer positions such as process operator. Chevron jobs are plentiful in today’s hiring market. New technologies and their advanced uses allows for a prospective employee to apply online via the application form and submit a polished resume.

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Some of the benefits given to employees include compensation, retirement and savings, welfare and health benefits, work and life programs, learning opportunities and recognition. Get a Chevron application today; apply online or use a printable application form and turn it into the nearest company gas station you find.

Hours of Operation for a service station are 7am to 7pm Monday – Friday. For a gas station hours are from 5am to 11pm 7 days a week or 24 hours depending on your local store. For operators out in the field its round the clock shifts with so many days on and so many days off.

Job Descriptions and Salaries

Gas Station Attendant – This position is one that monitors the gas pumps and manages the store while open. Must be able to open and close the store. Need to monitor customers. Run cash register and POS terminal. This is the most common personnel when one thinks of Chevron jobs. Get a free application and turn it into any company gas station and wait for an interview. Average wage is $8.72.

Process Operator – This position ensures environmental compliance, operating reliably, and producing the best product possible. This is where they refine the crude oil into gasoline and other products. They work in relation to maintenance and other departments. Average wage is $120,000. There are plenty of ways to apply just download application form, use the online application or do a direct application. Sorry but a generic application form is not accepted.

Pipeline Controllers – This position must have 2+ years’ experience, expertise in Navy Nuclear, gas plant operations, instrument technologist, or instrument engineer. It involves the transport of crude oil, refined petroleum products, CO2, natural gas and other chemicals, within the U.S.  Controllers must be able to balance a high level of surveillance on multiple systems. Obtain data with in-depth analysis of real time data. Average salary is $69,000

Drilling Engineer/Roughneck – This position is dubbed the roughneck for the individuals who work on the oil rigs themselves; they are the men and women who are responsible for drilling the earth and controlling the crude oil that gets piped throughout the country. They are the ones wielding heavy duty wrenches and work in environments less than advantageous, usually exposed for hours in some of the most severe elements. Average salary is $115,000.

Chevron Interview Questions

The company is leading the way in providing new sources of energy for today and future generations.

Are you willing to relocate? This question is a personal one and is designed to see if you have any qualms of being relocated around the country as the job permits. Those who can are looked at more thoroughly for consideration of employment. This is a common question for this type of company.

Tell me why you’d be a good fit for our team? This question you’re evaluated on how you answer as opposed to what you answer. If you can relate your strengths to that of the company’s needs through short anecdotes you will provide an opportunity for employer to envision you as an employee.

Why energy? Why Chevron? These questions are straightforward and simple. Be honest and explain your reasons for applying with them. Why do you want to work in the energy field? Do you want to find new ways to use the resources we have or do want to help contribute to new alternative energy sources?

Sell yourself. This question is designed to make you think outside of the typical interview box, what are you good at? What does the company need? How can you connect the dots and make the final sale? What do you have they want? Break it down just like a salesman would.

Would you be willing to relocate overseas? This again is another personal question designed to see if you have any issues with leaving everything you know to go work somewhere where you may have very little contact with others for days, weeks, and months at a time. Granted your coworkers will be with you. Can you assimilate well?

Advice For Application Process

Go in with your “A” game. Make sure you are dressed in business casual attire and groomed well. If you look all GQ you know you’re doing it right. Do not smoke or chew gum till after the interview. Make sure you do not have bad breath or body odor.

Remember the STAR method – Situation, Task, Action and Result. This is what the employers are looking for in your answers. Keep it brief and to the point. Cover each letter as you answer the questions. This will benefit you.  Take time to think through your answers. Remember to smile.

If you want the job remember what salesmen do to win over a customer. You are the product that you’re trying to sell. Thankfully you know everything about you. Research the company and what experiences you have at solving problems. Find you’re target’s “hot” buttons – “what is this positions greatest challenge?” And “what qualities are most important to this position?” then shut up and listen.

The employer will have told you everything you need to know to make the final sale. Begin by asking if there is going to be a 2nd interview, if so who will be conducting it and when can you schedule it? Ask to speak with whoever makes the final decision to hire. Be brave enough to insinuate that you got the job. Ask when should you report for work?
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