Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Application & Careers

img- Beef 'O' Brady's ApplicationBeef ‘O’ Brady’s is like a dream come true for its founder, Jim Mellody. He dreamed of putting up a family friendly restaurant, wherein family and friends could enjoy mouth-watering foods, good food, and all sorts of fun together. The business was established by Jim Mellody together with this wife in Florida the year of 1998, and now became the famous Beef ‘O’ Brady’s®.

The business Jim has put up emerged and became a success, good food and engaging atmosphere was provided by Mellody’s creation. Then in 1998, he sold most his interest to the Family Sports Concepts Inc. which was headed by Chuck Winship, but some interest was retained in 13 locations. But after his death the other interests left was bought out.

In year 2000, the restaurant developed and has reached up to 40 locations, then in 2002, sadly, Mellody died but the chain has grown up to 88 locations throughout US. Still providing what Jim pursued through the years. And as of 2009 his daughter continued to manage the original Brandon location.

The CEO, Chuck Winship decided to retire in April 2010 from Beef ‘O’ Brady’s and he was replaced by Chris Elliot, who used to be an executive of Cinnabon and Church’s Chicken. On 2011, the business franchise emerged to 215 locations in US. As the company emerges, it offers a lot of jobs opening for jobseekers and if you are interested in Beef ‘O’ Brady’s application just visit the link.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Careers

The growing company offers a lot of different careers for everyone across many branches and if you’re an interested applicant who wants to provide same goodness. There are hiring positions available for you, such as, host/hostess, bartender, server and/or counter server, and lead cook.

Management level positions are also available, such as, General Restaurant Manager and Assistant Restaurant Manager. Entry level positions are offered with competitive salary or hourly rate, and a fun and engaging working environment is expected for all those who want to join the team. You can visit their website and scan career section to see the job opportunities waiting for you and start to make a Beef ‘O’ Brady’s application.

How old do you have to be to work at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s? If you are interested in one of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s jobs, the qualified age is 18 years old. But it is recommended that you peruse the job details because age requirement may vary depending on the position you are applying.

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If you are interested in pursuing one of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s jobs, check them in the jobs listed. You will be able to see the job descriptions, responsibilities, and benefits you will have when you have a Beef ‘O’ Brady’s careers. Speaking of benefits, an employee may have, health and dental plans, accident insurance, performance bonuses, vacation days, paid time off, discounts on food and occasional free lunches and snacks.

How to apply for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s online? You can apply online by visiting their website and choose apply now. An application form may appear when you apply to a branch in a specific location, you may fill a printable application for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, it is a printable application form and you may download application form and fill it and have a direct application if you prefer.

Job Descriptions & Salaries

Server – As a server your main duty is to take customers’ orders and serve them. Serving the food in a professional way within a short period of time, food should be served at its best from the quality of the food to how it’s going to be presented. You have to make sure that their table is cleaned, take their orders and needs. You usually earn $10 per hour.

Host/Hostess – As a host/hostess, there are several things that you must remember while on duty. Your duties are to welcome guests and seat them, make them feel comfortable and entertain their requests, and you must keep the tables clean. You’ll also have other tasks to perform that the cashier and servers do. You must have some knowledge in cash handling and preparing balance sheets. You usually earn $10 per hour.

Lead Cook – You are responsible in managing the restaurant kitchen and follow standard operations. As a lead cook you are to assist when it comes to hiring and training of the new staff, ensure that the kitchen is replenished with stocks, equipment properly working, and teach and discipline staff if necessary, and makes sure that foods are of quality. You earn up to $12 per hour

Bartender – You are responsible in manning the bar area, keeping it tidy always and stocks refilled. You must comply and follow operational regulations the management has given. You are responsible in taking and serving customers’ orders, specifically drinks. Fills drinks and entertain the customers with their need or just amuse them while they’re at the bar. You got an hourly rate salaries, plus customers may give you tips.

General Restaurant Manager – You take charge of everything inside the restaurant. You are going to train the staff according to the management’s rule and standards, you will coach and lead them to improve, and you will make sure that things around in the restaurant are in order, making sure that the staffs are doing their duties, and you will also handle issues and take an immediate resolution and action.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Interview Questions

Getting ready for your employment? Here are some questions you must be prepared of to get you into the career you desire.

Tell something about yourself. This is one way of introducing yourself to them in a professional way, you can’t just describe yourself to them and say things like, ‘I love dogs’ they’re looking for your skills and characteristics that is relevant, needed and useful to your work. So state your skills and ability to provide customer service and how you can handle circumstances that may occur.

What is quality service? You will be entering a restaurant industry so this question will be asked often in the same industry to know if you are knowledgeable what you are going to provide, because it is the key duty, to provide service. So asses s yourself what quality service is, what do you have to do in able to exude a quality and effective quality service.

How will you handle an irate and impatient customer? There will be a lot of this when you enter an industry like this. You can answer the interviewer with what you can do and what you have to do to handle such customer. Or if you got the same experience in your previous work, you can say how you have handled it, and how it went.

How will you handle if there’s a commotion in the bar? (For Bartender) Commotions in the bar are inevitable, and if you want to pursue a position as a bartender, you must be able to handle when a commotion occur. If you had an experience the same as this, you can tell that to the interviewer, and you handled it.

Why should we hire you? This is the Icebreaker question, be confident in answering this question, the interviewer wants to see if you are genuinely interested in the company. The hiring manager wants to know how determined you are to be part of their team and what you can contribute to them and help their business.

Advice for Application Process

When you apply for jobs at Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, make sure you are knowledgeable with providing services and the norms. You are going to deal with customers so you must be aware of the circumstances that may occur and how are you going to deal with these things. Know the qualities one must have when applying in the industry is important. Assess and prepare yourself.

An online application is one easy way to have a chance for employment, and for days after making applications, the hiring manager may contact you and invite you for an interview, so be ready with everything. Confirm the location and the date of the interview to avoid confusion and no one’s time will be wasted. Be punctual when you are going to attend an interview, don’t be late.

Prepare. When attending an interview, you must have all your credentials with you, one is your most updated resume, identification number, and other supporting documents, make sure they are filled legibly and information are concise and accurate. Also wear a presentable and smart-looking attire during an interview meeting, do not wear any revealing or offensive attire.

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s jobs online are already provided with details, so before you make applications make sure you read and peruse all the things included, and don’t worry about applying online because it’s a free application. Make some research regarding with the company, read and understand their history, the key people, benefits and more. Because you will be asked questions about the company and you must be knowledgeable.
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