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img- A&W ApplicationRenowned for their draft root beer, and root beer floats, A&W are a chain of fast-food restaurants. Back in 1923, the franchises started opening in California, and the name of the company was taken from the surname initials of two partners, Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright. They became famous for keeping their mugs in the freezer before adding the root beer, known as ‘frosty mugs’. With franchise locations throughout a large proportion of the globe, it’s no wonder that so many people submit an A&W application for the chance employment with this industry leading company.

Nowadays, many of their franchise outlets still have drive-ins and carhops, reminiscent of the early ‘50s in America. Typical menu items include hamburgers, French fries and hot dogs, and of course their famous root beer. In 2013, A&W opened their first concept restaurant, A&W Burgers Chicken Floats. This new style encompasses fresh food made to order, and emphasis is on the satisfaction and service of the customer.

Their headquarters are located in Lexington, Kentucky. A&W restaurants in Canada are part of a separate and unaffiliated chain since 1972. Some of the more exotic locations include Japan, Malaysia and Philippines. Incredibly, what started as a simple root beer stand back in 1912 has grown to be a global success. When you apply for jobs at A&W you could be on your way to a great career.

A&W Careers

Many entry-level positions exist in this company, from service crewmembers, carhops, cashiers, kitchen helpers and food counter attendants. No qualifications or experience is necessary to submit an A&W application, however extra consideration will be given to those who want to establish an A&W career. A lot of these positions are part-time jobs, but there are some that are full-time. Opportunities exist for entry-level workers to train and develop skills to enable them to move into management roles.

A&W careers also include management roles and corporate positions. For these you will need qualifications and experience, and you could be working at the headquarters, or in one of the restaurants. Supervisory roles are based in the restaurants. Job opportunities can be searched online, and information on how to apply for A&W online can be found on their official website. They are regularly hiring for all varieties of A&W jobs.

How old do you have to be to work at A&W? You must 16 years old to apply for A&W jobs.

As well as competitive pay and salaries, there are several other benefits with A&W jobs. Fun and friendly working environments as well as flexible work schedules are available to all employees. Eligible staff can also receive paid vacation time, healthcare coverage and life insurance polities. Work benefits may vary at the different locations because of franchising, but a 401(k) retirement plan is available for qualified staff. The opening hours are Monday – Saturday from 12:00pm – 9:00pm, and they are closed on Sundays.

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Job Descriptions & Salaries

Cook – As expected, the main responsibilities of a cook are to prepare the meals quickly and freshly. This includes assembling sandwiches, grilling chicken and burgers, and the operation of fryers. The food must be prepared as per the customer’s request. Other duties include keeping work surfaces clean, and the ordering and receiving of kitchen supplies. The average salary is around $10.50 per hour.

Cashier – A computerized system is used by the cashier to enter all customer orders. Cash handling and payment processing must be done to complete each transaction. Cashiers must possess very good computer skills and the ability to efficiently handle cash. Some locations require the cashiers to work as carhops, and this involves serving the customers in their cars either on foot or roller skates. The pay rate usually starts at minimum wage, but can increase up to $12.00 per hour with experience.

Supervisor – A supervisor’s main responsibility is to make sure the customer is satisfied, and the employees comply with safety, health and service guidelines. This is a low-level management role, and supervisors can work their way up the management chain. The pay rates for a supervisor depend on their specific job title, but generally start at around $9.00 per hour.

General Manager – The main duties of the general manager are to ensure the restaurant is running smoothly and efficiently at all times. This includes delegating tasks to other staff, hiring and training new staff, customer satisfaction, resolving any conflict with staff or customers, and ordering merchandise. The average starting salary is around $31,000 per annum.

A&W Interview Questions

An interview can be a daunting experience, and often people will find their mind will go blank when asked questions, so studying possible questions will help you prepare your answers.

Why do you want to work for A&W? This is a commonly asked question. You should have some idea why, but you could research the company and come up with specific points about it that make you want to work there.

What can you tell us about A&W? This question is aimed at finding out whether you have a genuine interest in the company, or are just looking for any job. By researching the company, you should be able to give them some facts.

How would you deal with an upset customer? This could be a problem you come up against, so they are looking at your customer service skills. If you have no experience, explain that you are willing to learn what the company policy and procedure is for this.

Where do you see yourself in five years? There are opportunities to advance your career with A&W, so they want to know if you fall into that category or whether you are looking for a short-time role. Be honest when you answer.

Why should we hire you? Here is your chance to point out your attributes. You could tell them you are hard working, responsible, friendly, and eager to learn.

Advice For Application Process

You are not able to submit an A&W job application online through their official website. However, there is a download application form under their careers section, and this printable application form can be filled out and handed in to your local restaurant. The printable application for A&W must be filled in correctly and truthfully. This is a free application, and the advantages of a direct application are that you may receive an interview straight away. If you find an online application source, make sure it is an official form before you apply online.

To find A&W jobs online, you will need to use a search engine, as they are not listed on the website. Because you can hand your application in directly, be sure that you are well dressed, and clean and tidy when you do so in case you receive an immediate interview. The process will differ between different restaurants due to the franchising, and they may have different procedures for hiring staff.

During an interview, it is important to appear friendly and polite, and this should be extended to anyone you come into contact with regardless of their role in the restaurant. Make plenty of eye contact with the interviewer, and if you are seated, make sure you sit up straight. If you are standing, try not to fidget too much, and keep your hands out of your pockets. At the end of the interview, always thank the interviewer for their time and the opportunity.
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