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Adidas ApplicationAdidas is a company that provides different accessories for athletes. They have products ranging from clothes, footwear, socks, along with other sporting equipment. Among their products, their most famous products are their shoes. This corporation has been part of the shoe store industry for a very long time. Thus, they have already build a good reputation.

Their mission includes actions towards being a global leader.  These actions exhibits innovation, consumer focused, globally organized, dedicated, great performance, passion, integrity, and diversity.

They are a successful company because their set of strategy is excellent yet very simple. These strategies includes enhancing passion, strengthening products, improving competitiveness, as well as financial performance. The company’s primary goal is providing customers relevant preferred sport products.

1900, a thought of providing athletes with possibly the best equipment used in sports emerged. Years passed and their goal happened which started this company’s story. Year 1949 made this company official. They just have 47 employees. From just a dream, today it’s a worldwide success. For more than 80 years doing their passion, Adidas continues being a trusted and adored brand.

This company offers a unique, fun yet challenging work experience. It’s a great opportunity contributing to their proud legacy. Passion is a key ingredient in working with them. This passion drives worker into becoming motivated towards work.

They’re always in search for talented individuals who they can share their company’s dreams and aspirations. This company continues investing on people worthy of Adidas jobs. Use Adidas job application online for easier, more convenient way towards applying. Employees help each other towards success, pushing each other to go further, and challenging one another.

Adidas Careers

Bachelor’s Degree, Or High School Diploma, Or General Education Degree (GED), Several years experience, Eagerly innovating, Original thinker, Passionate about the future, Competitive, Knowledgeable regarding brand & products, Skillful, Good presentation skills, Excellent written & oral communication skills, Fluent in English (oral & written), Math skills – analysis & problem solving, Useful computer skills, Physically fit, Good at negotiation, And more depending on the job

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Whether an employee is full-time or part-time worker, they will receive generous compensations because this company believes that in order for a person to achieve his or her highest potential towards work, they should be receiving plenty benefits. More benefits will be offered if applicants render their services longer.

Compensation packages differs depending on jobs, whether entry level or advanced, but rest assured, they contain very generous offers ranging from basic or traditional benefits to unique benefits which they call “The Perks” only offered at this company.

Basic Benefits

Competitive Salary, Medical Plan, Dental Plan, Vision Plan, Prescription Drugs, Pension Plan, 401(k) Plan, Disability Plan, Life Plan, Accidental Plan, Paid Vacation, FlexiTime Programs, Training Courses, And More.

The Perks

Different work location will have different unique benefits. Employees will have access to the following list provided below.

Personal Trainers, Onsite Gyms, Sport Facilities, Company-wide Sporting Events, Discounted Travels, Adventure Weekends, World Sporting Ticket Events, Family Discounts, Free Language Courses, Company Cafes, Wellness Support, Daycare Program (selected locations), And More.

Because Adidas exhibits great performance in every aspect, they’ve been generously receiving awards. Their awards in connection with career areas includes:

Very Best of Recruitment Marketing, #18th World’s Most Attractive Employers, Distinguished Candidate Experience Award winner, ERE Recruiting Excellence Award in the Employer Brand Category, APOLLO Top Online Application, Top Career Website, #5 Most Admired Company from FORTUNE, 12th Consecutive Time Joining Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, Among 100 Most Sustainable Corporation Worldwide, And MORE

Adidas Job Descriptions

There are many jobs offered. These jobs are meant for those who have a unique individuality that can contribute into their company. Jobs are categorized into 10 which are listed below. Explore these categories, so that you may find what category you fit. Then contribute to their proud legacy.

Accounting & Finance

Accounting, Auditor, Controller, Junior or Mid-Level Analyst, Senior Level Analyst or Director, Strategists


Accessories Designer, Apparel Designer, Color Designer, Footwear Designer, Graphic Designer, Hardware Designer

Human Resources

Development & Training, Recruiting, Rewards, Human Resources

Information Technology

ABAP Director, Data Center, Infrastructure, Integration Architect, IT Analyst, Project Manager, Technical Architecture, Technical Support, SAP Consultant


Business Affairs, Corporate Relations, Intellectual Property


Account Marketing, Communications, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing, Retail Marketing, Marketing Operations, Public Relations, Sports Marketing

Product development

Materials Development, Product Costing, Product Development, Product Testing, Technical Development, Sample Development


Electo Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Sports Research


e-Commerce, Corporate Retail, Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Retail Field Management, Retail Sales, Retail Store Management, Retail Team Leader, Store Associate


Direct Sales, Field Sales, Key Account Management, Team Sales, Sales Management, Specialty Sales

These jobs are just among many more Adidas careers offered. Some of these might be not be open within some time, but most likely they are, depending on job availability. If you want this amazing Adidas careers, apply for jobs at Adidas now. Don’t miss this chance. A complete list as well as information, refer to their link provided below.

Advice For Application Process

Asking many simple things during application process is normal. Practicing yourself as well as letting yourself remember helpful things are good practices. Doubting is not a bad thing because you let yourself double check the facts and other important information. Here are a few answers to some questions you might ask yourself while or before applying.

How to apply for Adidas online? Before anyone can apply for jobs at Adidas, interested applicant must first have an account at Adidas Group. This account will be used to apply at different jobs.

Where is the printable application for Adidas? There is no available printable application form, but you can print the whole job description with its requirements, responsibilities along with other details.

Is there a payment for applying? They have a free application. Appling can be relatively easy if one is used with its process, but some people aren’t. Tips can help even in smallest ways to ensure employment. Tips ranges from simple to complex. Complex tips are those containing detailed ways to ensure a certain job while simple tips includes ways generally. These tips can be done by anybody plus, it’s very simple. Whatever range tips are, they are helpful in applying. So keep them in mind.

Regarding forms for applying, there’s no need for that. You don’t have to download application forms because they provide a fully online application, making it a faster way to process applications. If still preferred a direct application, just send your resume along with necessary documents to nearest desired local Adidas Company.

Creating an account is basically a first step in application process. You will provide personal information with or without attaching your resume or curriculum vitae. You can even update your profile. With this account will you access applying for a certain job under their company. Without this account, you cannot apply at any job.

If you’re not yet sure about applying for a certain job, still make an account. Having an account does not only mean applying, but it means that their company have access to your account. Even without applying, you might be considered for a job provided that your qualifications matches. So, just having a personal account is an advantage.

Browse through Adidas jobs online thoroughly. Completely read every detail in connection with preferred job. Do not skip any detail because no matter how simple it might be, it can help in your Adidas application process. In looking for a job, one of the most important part anyone should check is requirements and/or qualifications because through that alone, they’ll know whether you are match for that job or not. That’s how important requirement and/or qualifications are, not only towards employer but towards applicants too.

Applicants, like yourself, should always make sure that jobs applied for matches your qualification as much as possible. If not, do not bother or even risk it because your applications many have a high possibility of getting ignored.

Interview is an important step towards a successful application. You should be well prepared in this area. A useful way in preparing yourself in connection to interview is knowing or being aware of what question might be asked on that event. Knowing what question might be asked will help you form good answers.

These competitors are corporations within shoe industry as well. These companies provide more product choice and more career choice. Numerous companies are under this industry, thus, having more competition regarding different aspects, but listed companies below are some of top competitors of Adidas.

Among of this competitors includes Vans. This corporation was founded on the year 1966. It is very well known shoe store especially towards youth. Vans’ designs approach is unique, modern yet classic. It carries the culture of youth portraying themes of art, music, sports, and more. Vans also practice the principle of being environmentalist, meaning using environment friendly or environmental resources into their products.

Converse is another well-known company in shoe store industry. Just like Adidas, converse provides sport footwear, but focus more on basketball. But because other people, besides those playing basketball, also loves designs from Converse, they also wear it. When famous people like artist, singers, etc. wears them, other people started idolizing this brand. Converse lived by their uniqueness. They believe that their brand along with other things they have offered are unique.

Both of these companies have great products. Also, in a way, the mission, vision, as well as goals towards customers and products are similar, but that’s not only their similarities. They also provide great career opportunities. Vans, Converse, and Adidas provides numerous job opportunities that makes your career option even wider.
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